This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Treatment, and the King of Ginseng

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Ling Huang could see for himself how aggressive Lin Sheng’s attacks were. Lin Sheng was way more potent than those so-called “Masters” that he had seen before.

His team of hired bodyguards was considered elite, many of whom were veterans who had retired from the army. However, they could not hold a candle to Lin Sheng’s fighting abilities.

Even an outsider like him who knew next to nothing about the way or the warrior could tell how remarkable Lin Sheng’s fearsome attacks were.

However, he still lost to Lu Xuan. The difference in strength was apparent, even to the untrained eye.

Going a step further, Lin Sheng even said that Lu Xuan’s strength was comparable to his master.

While others may not know who Lin Sheng’s master was, Ling Huang couldn’t be more clear. A man who had accumulated wealth to become an ultra-rich at this level would know a thing or two that most ordinary men would not.

Long renowned, the teacher of Lin Sheng’s master was extremely famous and highly respected in the Warriors’ circle. He was even one of the palace consecrates, in charge of the safety of the inner palace.

He was a martial powerhouse who had quite a few connections within the government.

Lin Sheng’s master had achieved the level of Baodan Grandmaster for many years now. People said that he was almost at the rumored level of becoming a martial arts legend.

The moment where Lin Sheng’s Master step into the stage of becoming a martial arts legend, he would indeed be omnipotent and unstoppable!

With that in mind, they said that Lu Xuan, a man so young, could measure up to Lin Sheng’s master?

That would imply a prowess so horrifying that it was impossible to fathom!

Lin Sheng returned to stand behind Ling Huang and slipped back to his meditating old monk stoic-ness. Very quickly, he had digested the disappointment brought by his utter defeat moments earlier.

“You have opened my eyes to a whole new world, Mr. Lu! I never imagined that someone could be so immensely powerful!”

Lu Xuan returned him a slight smile but said nothing more. Such strength was nothing as compared to the impending seismic change that Earth was about to undergo.

“Have you eaten, Mr. Lu? If not, why not join us for a meal? We could start after everyone’s fed!” Ling Huang offered.

Lu Xuan shook his head and declined, “I’ve eaten. Since we are here to treat a patient, let us not waste any more time!”

“All right then. Mr. Lu, this way, please!”

Ling Huang quickly said and walked in front to lead the way. He brought Lu Xuan to a bedroom. A young boy was reading a book quietly in the room. It was Ling Yu, whom Lu Xuan had seen before.

“Xiao-yu, this is the Big brother Lu that you keep talking about! Come over quickly and say hi!” Ling Fei said.

“Hello, Big brother Lu!”

The eyes of the young boy lit up as he hopped off the bed. He quickly came up to Lu Xuan and greeted him.

Ling Fei made a small but beautiful smile. “We have told him all about you. Xiao-yu looked up to heroes ever since he was very young, and so he really idolizes you!”

Lu Xuan ruffled the young boy’s hair and said, “Xiao-yu listens to people well. Would you let big brother treat you later?”

“Yes, okay!”

Ling Yu nodded forcefully, his face still filled with excitement.

Lu Xuan laid the young boy on the bed and began to execute a series of eye-dazzling, mind-boggling acupuncture treatment techniques. One by one, he pushed needles materialized from Spirit Qi around the area of Ling Yu’s heart.

Ling Huang and Ling Fei—the father-and-daughter—were extremely nervous as they worried about the treatment’s effectiveness.

However, behind Ling Huang, Lin Sheng had widened his eyes in shock. The methods that Lu Xuan displayed took his breath away.

Materializing needles from Spirit Qi!

It was a skill that existed only in the legends!

The passing of time would only serve to exacerbate the changes in heaven and earth. While stages such as MingJin (discernable strength), AnJin (hidden strength), and HuaJin (resolved strength) were initially strengths related only to the physical body, practitioners had begun to observe the formation of Spiritual Qi within their body.

It was like the powers possessed by the heroes of martial arts novels.

However, for one to make practical use of Spiritual Qi, one must at least be a Baodan Grandmaster. His master was one of such Baodan Grandmasters, and so he knew a bit more than the others.

But even his master was not that adept with the use and control of Spiritual Qi. He could easily use it when fighting his enemies, but it was impossible to materialize his Spiritual Qi into needles.

Let alone the fact that he would need to maintain the form of the Spiritual Qi, as to prevent it from dispersing after it left his body!

With such skills, even a martial arts legend could not do better!

The higher the cultivation level, the more they understood just how awe-inspiring Lu Xuan’s skills were.

Be it his daunting cultivation level, or his control over Spiritual Qi, Lu Xuan’s abilities were enough to shock the world.

After long, Lu Xuan finally stopped. The Spiritual Qi needles on top of Ling Yu’s heart disappeared at once and entered Ling Yu’s body as a stream of spiritual energy.

“How was it, Xiao-yu!”

Ling Fei quickly went up and asked, concern apparent on her pretty face.

“It’s comfortable! My heart’s all warm and fuzzy!”

Ling Yu answered.

Ling Huang and Ling Fei finally heaved a sigh of relief at his answer.

“Mr. Lu, how was Xiao-yu’s condition?” Ling Huang turned and asked Lu Xuan.

Lu Xuan paused to ponder, before continuing, “Xiao-yu’s condition is quite serious. It is, after all, congenital heart disease. That’s why…”

Ling Huang and Ling Fei’s hearts leaped to their throats at once. However, Lu Xuan said right after, “That’s why there’s no way to cure him in one session. It will take around a month, once a week. His heart should return to the condition of that of a normal person’s after a month!”

Upon hearing his words, Ling Huang and Ling Fei were finally relieved. Ling Fei couldn’t help but throw him a charismatic eye roll. Who told him to halt midway while talking?

Lu Xuan simply returned her a mild smile. Playing a small prank was nice sometimes.

In his previous life, he was vengeful and miserable. However, things had changed ever since he reincarnated. His parents, family, and everyone he treasured were still alive, which significantly improved his mentality.

That’s right. This life, he would never let the tragedies of his past life repeat themselves. Not even one!

“Thank you, Mr. Lu, thank you, Mr. Lu!” Ling Huang thanked him profusely. Even if he had gone through all sorts of trials and ordeals in his life, he could not help but become agitated at this point.

Ling Yu was his only son and the only hope of their family. Ling Yu’s heart condition had always weighed heavily on his heart. Now that Lu Xuan could heal Ling Yu, it was equivalent to him saving the future of the Lu family. How could he not be thankful?

“Wait for me, Mr. Lu!”

Ling Huang said as he left the room. Moments later, he came back with a bright red wooden box. Passing it to Lu Xuan, he explained, “You have saved my children twice, Mr. Lu. I have nothing much that I can use to repay you, and I know that you might not be interested in worldly things. This is a 300-year-old King of Ginseng that I won on an auction two years ago. I was saving it as a final life-saving measure, but I think that it would be much more useful for cultivators like you, Mr. Lu!”

Lu Xuan opened the wooden box, revealing a root of ginseng that had almost grown into the shape of a human.

Lin Sheng, who remained calm and collected behind Ling Huang all this while, felt his breath hitch at the sight of that ginseng.

He knew too well about the rarity of a 300-year King of Ginseng. It could cost upwards of eight to ten million in the auction houses.

It was one of the highest grade ginsengs one could find in the market. As for the thousand-year ginseng, they would be national treasures even if they existed. One could only find then in the inner palace, or within reputable and longstanding families with unparalleled histories and legacies.

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