This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: A Hundred Thousand, Per Day

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One should know that even a typical hundred-year ginseng root would cost above three to five million. A 300-year-old ginseng root would be even rarer.

To ordinary folks, ginseng was, of course, a life-saving medicine. Many a time, it could even prolong the life of someone on their deathbed.

That was also why many moguls desired wild ginseng that had grown for a substantial number of years.

To warriors, a King of Ginseng like this is also a treasure that could not be easily bought with money alone. The surging medicinal effects could help them in their breakthrough.

Lin Sheng thought that if he could have a root of the King of Ginseng like that, and reduce it into a bowl of medicine using his sect’s secret recipe, he was confident that he could go a step further and break into the level of a Baodan Grandmaster.

After all, a warrior’s cultivation was reliant, mainly because of the practitioner’s robustness and vigor, especially in the earlier stages. As the saying goes, the fist-fighter fears the young and brawny. Even a fist master with decades of experience may succumb under a ruthless beating by a hardy young man.

Therefore, the higher warrior levels one broke through, the brighter their future in terms of strength progression.

Especially so when he heard from his master that the world was undergoing a drastic change. To them warriors, it was the arrival of a golden age no one had ever seen.

Before the earth began to change, they could not detect any spiritual energy particles roaming between heaven and earth. For every breakthrough they achieved, they would need to sacrifice their very own vigor.

Therefore, it was not uncommon to find martial artists riddled by unseen internal injuries. Those who did not learn under reputable sects would not know how to heal these hidden injuries promptly, and so they often died middle-aged when at their prime.

After the earth finished changing, the warrior would receive massive benefits. He could already sense the spiritual energy particles roaming between heaven and earth subtly changing his physique, healing his hidden internal wounds.

The golden age of warriors would soon arrive. If he could achieve the level of Baodan Grandmaster before 30, there would be endless possibilities for his future. He might even stand a chance at becoming a martial arts legend.

Mind you, and there were only a few verifiable practitioners who reached martial arts legends or higher. They were Lv Dongbin, Shaolin Dharma, WuTang Zhang Sanfeng, and a couple of others.

Every single one of them was a genius loved by the heavens, having left their lasting marks in the history books. Their brilliance would shine forever upon the long river of history.

This 300-year King of Ginseng was precisely what could help him take that final step.

Even a person like him of such composure and mindset was tempted to seize the King of Ginseng.

However, he immediately drove away such dangerous thoughts. He stole a glance at Lu Xuan and gulped without realizing it. Seizing anything in front of that Mister would be a death wish.

When they sparred, Lu Xuan managed to block all of his ferocious attacks. He felts as if he was facing his master. In fact, Lu Xuan might be scarier than his master.

At least his master could not have endured all of his quick and swift attacks this easily.

If he dared to make any move to seize it, he was worried that he might be beaten to death right then and there.

Besides, he was not a desperate scum. He could never do anything like that.

Lu Xuan was also slightly surprised. If it was him in his past life where he was already a Celestial Lord, he might not spare a glance at the 300-year-old ginseng; however, based on the current situation, this gift was indeed worthy of being used as hefty repayment.

However, Lu Xuan accepted the ginseng very calmly. By thoroughly treating Ling Yu of his disease, he had saved his life as well as the Ling family. It was a gift that he could receive without any burden, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it.

This was not in conflict with his refusal to accept the million-dollar cheque earlier that day. A gentleman should always make money the right way, and this was Lu Xuan’s way.

He needed money, but he could easily earn a fortune with his abilities. It was, therefore, only natural that he scoffed at the underhanded ways that some used to make money.

Back then, his only goal was to save them, and the thought of gaining benefits never crossed his mind. However, the situation’s different this time around. Now that he knew of the statuses of the Lings, he thought that he could earn his keep by charging them.

The four aspects of cultivation are Wealth, Partner, Skill, and Land. Out of which, Wealth would mean fortune and financial power. Every resource necessary for a cultivator to cultivate demanded money. Without money, one could only grit their teeth and push through, thereby losing the chance to skyrocket in their strength.

Even a strict ascetic monk would not refuse the money; what they refused was enjoyment. Money could by a lot of resources that could aid their cultivation.

That was especially the case for Lu Xuan. As a powerful Celestial Lord who had been there and done that in his previous life, he long understood that calling money the source of all evil was a fallacy. Money is sinless, for those who sin are always human.

“In that case, I will accept it!”

Lu Xuan nodded and accepted the King of Ginseng in the wooden box.

A 300-year King of Ginseng was indeed quite precious to the current him. So long that he uses it well, he could increase and strengthen his spiritual foundation with it, entering level six a little earlier than planned.

Ling Huang heaved a sigh of relief. While a 300-year King of Ginseng was extremely precious, it was worth it if he could pull a matchless powerhouse like Lu Xuan to his side.

Like Lin Sheng’s master, a character like that could freely roam the inner palace. Even a man as wealthy as he was, he could not speak to him easily. He had pulled a lot of connections to hire Lin Sheng.

A person like Lu Xuan was a peerless master. One needed an extraordinary turn of fate even to meet one.

“Aside from treating my son, I have another favor to ask, Mr. Lu!” Ling Huang spoke up.

“Go on!”

Lu Xuan said.

“I hope that you can protect my daughter for some time, Mr. Lu!” Ling Huang finally asked, a bit embarrassed.

It was a thought that he had since a while back. The kidnap of his two children was a huge scare, for his couple of children were his successors and the future hope of the Ling family.

If anything happened to them, it would be a significant blow to him. Some people might even usurp the Ling family’s businesses.

However, they were at the most heated and crucial phase of competition with a particular financial group overseas. This project was deeply intertwined with the survival of their Group, and so he could not take a single step back.

The other party was shameless in their underhanded methods. A project worth over ten billion dollars was enough to push people in a killing spree.

Other than hiring Lin Sheng as his bodyguard, he had wanted to hire a bodyguard for his daughter Ling Fei. As his son was still young, it was still all right to keep him at home for the time being.

However, his daughter was all grown up. She could not possibly hide from everyone else.

That was why he turned his eyes to Lu Xuan. Before they met, he had sent someone to investigate him. Lu Xuan’s family background was clean and straightforward, and he was a man of enormous evilness. Judging from how he was willing to save Ling Fei and Ling Yu, one could tell that he still had some kindness in his heart.

He didn’t think much of it at first. Before he met Lu Xuan, he assumed that he would at most be on par with Lin Sheng and that he could easily hire him with money.

However, their meeting had shattered that belief. Lu Xuan being on par with Lin Sheng? The joke’s on him for it would be more accurate to call Lu Xuan on par with Lin Sheng’s master. He never imagined that he would be so close to a martial arts legend, one of the top league Grandmasters of the nation.

The difficulty of convincing such as person to be his daughter’s bodyguard shot up. The other party may even take his offer as a humiliation.

“Of course, if you agree to this, Mr. Lu, you can list out any conditions that you’d like us to fulfill.” Ling Huang quickly added in haste.

Lu Xuan paused for a moment, before saying his condition, word by word:

“A hundred thousand!”

“Per day!”

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