This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: The Good-looking Could Do Whatever They Want

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A peaceful and uneventful night. The second morning, Ling Fei arrived in the Xing Chen Bay Residence, knocking on Lu Xuan’s door.

“Come on in!” Lu Xuan opened the door of his house. He had been cultivating all through the night before, and only had three hours of sleep. However, he was alert and energetic, not at all tired.

That was because he had accomplished a small stage in cultivation. As his cultivation strength began to climb, he would eventually be able to do without sleep at all. At higher stages of cultivation, he could replenish his mental strength via other means.

However, that would be after he attained a very high level of cultivation in the future. At his current level, some sleep was still very much necessary and required.

Ling Fei stepped into the house with her long, toned legs. She glanced around and said, “Strange. Why do I feel suddenly refreshed upon entering your house? It feels a little like our home, but the feeling is much more apparent at your place.”

Up until yesterday, Ling Fei would not have thought of such things. Even if a Fengshui Master furnished the Ling mansion, deep down, she was skeptical.

Rather than accrediting the benefits to the study of Fengshui, she believed that a comfortable environment would lead to better moods, which in turn would improve one’s physical condition. In the field of medicine, this was what people referred to as psychological therapy.

A positive mood would naturally invoke the body’s inherent potential, improving their immune system against all sorts of illnesses.

However, what Lu Xuan showed her the day before had wholly shattered her belief system. Not only that, but he also built a new one atop the ruins.

After she drove Lu Xuan home, Ling Fei returned to her house and learned about all sorts of things that she used to be unaware of.

While Ling Huang’s reputation had taken a notch down from when he was at his prime, all in all, he was still part of the line up of the city’s ultra-wealthy.

Therefore, he often knew about many things hidden from the general public, such as some things regarding the mysterious Martial Arts realm. Not only that, but he also knew a few secrets about the cultivation realm. That was even more mystifying.

If Ling Huang had told her all that in the past, she would most probably not have believed him. However, the superhuman powers that Lu Xuan displayed had forced her to see the existence of a magical world beyond her own.

That is the other face of the world. Or maybe Ling Fei should put it another way. What she saw might be the real face of the world, one that was hidden away.

She even heard from Lin Sheng that the world was currently undergoing a drastic change. If what he said was true, those bizarre superhuman feats and strange incidents on the internet might all be facts instead of pranks.

She felt a little unwell from all that information overload within a night.

It took some time, but she finally digested everything this morning!

That was why she could deduce that Lu Xuan’s house might have been laid out in a unique Fengshui array, like what they did with their mansion; however, she could not tell how Lu Xuan had laid the formation.

If it could gather the energy particles that Lin Sheng said to roam the heaven and earth, to the degree that even she, an ordinary human, could feel it, how plenished must the concentration energy be in this house!

If one could live in such a place, they would benefit more than being healthy and sick-free. They might even awaken with some superpowers, just like those people on the internet and news.

Only then did she recall what Lu Xuan said back at her house. To the layout laid by one of the Top three Fengshui Masters in the nation, Master Jin, Lu Xuan did not give much comment except for saying that it was not bad.

Ling Fei didn’t understand him at all back then. However, she now knew how much confidence one must have to make such an evaluation. Lu Xuan did not say that because he was an arrogant and ignorant prick. Quite the contrary, he was able to say that because he had absolute confidence in himself.

“It’s all right. Just some little tactics and a very rough arrangement!”

Lu Xuan answered, and that wasn’t him being humble either. This Spirit Gathering Formation was laid by the simple use of unusual furniture arrangements, and it was far from useful. Even if he were to recreate the same formation, the effectiveness of using the world’s treasures as compared to using random furniture would be worlds apart.

Ling Fei took a quick look around the house and said, “Did you just renovate your house only recently? It’s not bad, just that it doesn’t look lived in!”

Lu Xuan smiled. He has long become a cultivator and was different from ordinary men. While they may not look that different on the surface, as time went by, he would slowly be unable to live like other regular humans.

“Where are you headed for today?” Lu Xuan asked.

Ling Fei turned around. “I plan to go back to my school. I’ll be in your care, Mr. Lu!”

“You’re still a student?” Lu Xuan was a little surprised.

Ling Fei pouted. “Why? Don’t I look like one? I’m a true blue Gen Z, born after 2000. I’m in the third year of university this year! As I was helping my father to take care of his businesses, I had to dress more maturely to be taken seriously!”

That was when Lu Xuan noticed that Ling Fei’s outfit was much simpler and refreshing than the day before. A white T-shirt, a pair of jeans and white shoes, she was dressed like a typical girl-next-door.

“Let’s go then!” Lu Xuan wasted no words and left the house with Ling Fei.

Not only did Ling Fei dress simple today, but the car she drove was also less extravagant than one she drove the previous day. This time, she drove a BMW Mini.

After they both got into the car, they quickly drove into the distance.

“That owner’s a real winner. Two consecutive days of being driven around by beautiful ladies? He’s really made it in life!”

Many owners in the Residence who saw them together can’t help but gather around, giving their opinions.

Of them, the jealousy and enviousness among male owners were palpable.

“So what if he’s good-looking? He’s just a tad more handsome, with eyes that are a tad bit nicer! Can they do whatever they want simply because they are good-looking?”

Lu Xuan’s features were already very delicate in the first place, and his aura only became more regal the more he cultivated. He was now someone entirely excluded from the subset of ugly, ordinary men.

“I’m sorry, but being good-looking in itself is a pretty big thing in itself! The good-looking could, of course, do whatever they want!” A girl at the side sedately nodded.

An ordinary ugly man almost wanted to cry. I hate this world, where everyone only cares about one’s appearance! he thought.

Half an hour later, the BMW Mini stopped outside the Fu City University Town.

“This is my school. I major in Philosophy in the University of Fu City!”

Ling Fei said as she pointed at the campus some distance away.

The appearance of Ling Fei quickly garnered quite a commotion. Lu Xuan, who was by her side, attracted even more attention.

An article accompanied by a picture of Lu Xuan and Ling Fei walking together soon made its rounds in various social media and group chats.

“Suspected romance of the goddess of Fu University!”

Such news quickly alarmed many, especially the boys who wailed in distress.

“What?! How could my goddess possibly have a boyfriend!”

“Didn’t goddess grow up drinking dew? Why would she need a boyfriend!”

“Who’s that guy?! My 40-meter long saber is ready. I will challenge him to a death match!”

“The young man beside Ling Fei is so good-looking! I’m almost drooling over his handsomeness!” Very quickly, more girls began to take part in the discussion.

“There is a certain air about him. He’s making me weak at the knees!”

“While he’s not strikingly handsome at first glance, why is it that the longer I stare at him, the suaver he gets? I’m a goner. I’m a goner! I need all information about him within three minutes!”

“I want to ask for his WeChat number!”

The discussions quickly became heated, and people even formed their pairings within this short time.

“Don’t you think that they look good together?”

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