This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Old Man, You’re the Worst!

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Three Vajra Amulets would be worth 1.5 million in total, and he could even flip its price two or three times if he sold them to someone else. Plenty of the death-fearing wealthy would be interested in getting one.

Even a warrior like him would bite the bullet and buy a couple, even if it would burn a hole in his pocket. Money may be necessary, but his life was worth much more.

Ling Huang readily gave him three pieces like a truly generous man. While Lin Sheng knew that he did it partly to buy his favor, it was not a gift that he could easily turn down.

After all, that was 1.5 million worth of cold hard cash, which could very well be worth even more.

Ling Huang nodded, pleased. As a man of status, it was almost his second nature to buy the hearts of those who were useful to him.

What he admired the most about Lu Xuan was his attitude. While Lu Xuan needed money, he had his way of doing things and was unafraid to adhere to it.

While he didn’t know if it was a prevailing attitude among Grandmasters, but speaking from his experience, Lu Xuan was equipped with the quality of a man set out to accomplish great things.

Lu Xuan saw money only as a tool. To him, money was only data—data that could help him better achieve his goals.

On the other end, Ling Fei’s Ferrari quickly pulled up in front of Lu Xuan’s neighborhood—the Xing Chen Bay Residence.

“Mr. Lu, I will be here to fetch you tomorrow. My safety will be in your hands. Please take care of me!”

Ling Fei stretched out her snow-white hand. Lu Xuan gently took it as they shook hands. It was warm.

“Got it. Just pick me up around this area tomorrow!” Lu Xuan nodded.

“Thank you for saving my brother today, Mr. Lu. Also, I haven’t got the chance to thank you for saving my brother and me back then!”

Gratitude was apparent in Ling Fei’s eyes.

The man in front of her had saved her once and her brother twice. It was equivalent to saving the Ling family twice. Also, he was capable, but all they found from their investigations were some very mediocre records.

As if he possessed these abilities overnight.

All these mysteries made her a little curious.

“Don’t worry about it. Your family has given me a gift in return. We simply took what we need from each other!”

Lu Xuan pointed at the red wooden box.

“No matter what, those material gifts could not possibly express how grateful I am. Thank you!” Ling Fei thanked him solemnly.

To that, Lu Xuan simply nodded and smiled, “Bring some of the ten Vajra Amulets I sold President Ling on you. They might come in handy!”

“I will!”

Ling Fei thought about his words and also felt that it was necessary. Although Lu Xuan was powerful and mysterious, that overseas organization might use firearms, heavy or light, if they decided to strike again. It was always better to be safe than sorry.

Lu Xuan stepped out of the vehicle and watched Ling Fei leave. Then, he strode into the Residence alone.

However, he felt that the way the guards looked at him was a little strange. The security guards stationed at the entrance looked at him with eyes of awe, but at the same time, with a tinge of jealousy and resentment.

He was bewildered.

Lu Xuan did not know that the guards had thought up of an unprecedented and phenomenal love-triangle in their minds. As the ultimate gigolo of their dreams, Lu Xuan had made it to the pinnacle of life.

Upon seeing how he had beautiful girls chauffeuring him around, they could not help but feel deeply impressed.

As he walked through the garden within the neighborhood, a sudden ringing cut through the air. He pulled out his phone and read the caller ID. It was Mother Empress.

“Hello? Brat, how was the blind date? Don’t you dare mess this up with your tricks again! Your mother sacrificed her dignity to find you a chance like this!” The first thing Liu Wanrong did was to threaten Lu Xuan, lest he returns to his old ways of stirring trouble just to avoid these arranged dates.

In the past, he would either find an excuse not to go or pretend to be a mommy’s boy or a scumbag to scare the girl away.

“How could I ever, Mom? Didn’t I listen to you well and went for the blind date this time? I even added her on WeChat. We are taking our time to chat, taking our time!”

Lu Xuan let out an indulging smile without realizing it. Who would have thought of him as the icy and aloof Mr. Lu at the Ling’s just now?

The familiar faces of his past life would most definitely be astounded if they saw that the high and mighty cold-faced Celestial Lord had this side to him.

However, Lu Xuan cared about none of that. The kinship that he had lost and recovered was something that the current him cherished the most. No matter how young or old, if he was an ordinary being or the high and mighty unrivaled Celestial Lord, at this moment, he was just a son.

“You’ve added her on Wechat? Not bad! What did I say, my son will be just fine! Your dad kept saying that the girl would not be even slightly interested. Look, what a slap on his face!” Liu Wanrong’s triumphant voice came from the other side of the line.

“Being friends on WeChat doesn’t mean that she’s interested in your son. That girl is like a fairy; having her WeChat is good enough. Geez, you should be more practical. Look at our background. We should find someone who’s from an ordinary household!” The voice of a middle-aged man suddenly came through from the phone.

Lu Xuan’s eyes moistened at that voice. It was a voice that he had not heard for a very long time. It was none other than his father, Lu Tianxiang.

“Blegh, old man, you’re the worst! How is my son not good enough for their daughter? Good looks, good height, good qualifications. How is he not good enough for her?” On the other side of the line, Liu Wanrong began to scold her husband like a fiercely protective mother hen. “I was such a beauty back then, but didn’t I marry you too? Have I ever complained that you were poor?”

“Well, you seem quite blind to have chosen me. We’ve spent all our money treating your eyes!” Lu Tianxiang retorted weakly over the phone.


Lu Xuan quickly hung up before Liu Wangrong exploded, and then heaved a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, a plump young boy appeared in front of him. In his elementary school uniform and a Pleasant Goat schoolbag on his back, he looked up at Lu Xuan.

“Xiao-yuan, did you just end school?” Lu Xuan looked at the little chubby boy standing before him. He looked a little similar to Lin Fang, though not a surprise as he was Lin Yuan, Lin Fang’s brother.

They looked a lot like each other. One was a big chubby boy, and the other was a small chubby boy.

“Yup. Brother Lu, may I ask for your help with something?” The little chubby boy stared dolefully at Lu Xuan.

“With what?” Lu Xuan asked.

“Attend the parent-teacher conference instead of my Mom and Dad!” said the plump little boy.

“Aren’t your parents around? Ah, did you get into trouble again? Worried that your teacher might complain to your parents? Get your brother then!” Lu Xuan realized why this little chubby boy was looking for him.

“Brother Lu, you know how big a tattletale my big brother is! If he knows, my parents would too in no time!” The plump little boy looked worried with his hands on his back.

“Our class mentor’s really pretty, and she just broke up with her boyfriend!” the little chubby boy looked at Lu Xuan and tried to convince him in all seriousness. “Aren’t you still single, Brother Lu? You’ve been single since birth! Even I have two girlfriends. You got to buck up!”

Lu Xuan didn’t know if he should laugh or cry at his remarks. What’s up with these Gen Alphas? He can’t believe that a Gen A kid had just mocked him.

“You’re just a kid, what would you know!”

Lu Xuan pinched that chubby kid’s cheeks.

The chubby boy struggled free from Lu Xuan’s big hands and continued to advise seriously, “What would I not know! Right, remember to come in late by 20 minutes!”

Lu Xuan was amused. “Why should I arrive twenty minutes late?”

“You’re so silly! If you’re late, you could use it as an excuse to ask her about the things that you missed, conveniently add her on WeChat, and then ask her out on a date! Need I teach you all that?” The little chubby boy paced around with his hands on his back. “Look at yourself! You’re not getting any younger. Stop making Auntie Liu worry and tidy yourself up. As the saying goes, gold makes the Buddhist statue just as clothes make the man!”

Lu Xuan was even more amused and done with the kid. He pinched his little chubby cheeks hard and said, “I’m afraid I can’t help you with this one. Find your brother instead!”

With that, Lu Xuan turned and left. The little chubby boy’s urgent plea came from behind.

“Brother Lu, Brother Lu, you can’t leave me to die! Why don’t I give you one of my girlfriends? We can talk!”

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