This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Martial Grandmaster

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“To think that I would bump into a kidnapping this deep in the forest!”

A clear voice resounded, after which, Lu Xuan emerged leisurely from the shadows. In his hands was a branch that he just snapped off from a random tree.

“Looks like someone’s courting death!” That tall, muscular middle-aged man glared at Lu Xuan with a pair of intense, bell-like eyes. Then, he broke into a cruel smile. “Speak of the devil much? You came along right when we decided to kill anyone unlucky enough to pass by!”

When put side to side with the tall, hulk-ish man, the seemingly skinny Lu Xuan looked unthreatening.

This sentiment was not shared by the ordinary-build young man beside him, however. A wary glare flashed past his eyes as he ordered, “Trying to save the damsel in distress? You’re too naive! Kill him. Be quick!”

Upon hearing his words, the bulky middle-aged man threw out a fist as he lunged at Lu Xuan at a speed inconceivably fast judging by his physique.

Lu Xuan did not even spare him a side glance; he simply flicked the branch as he would with a whip.

The whip-like branch cracked, sounding like a mini-explosion. It landed on the fist of the middle-aged man.


The middle-aged man let out an agonizing scream. It was like his fist was sliced by a sharp sword, severing his fingers.

The next second, Lu Xuan appeared beside him and landed a kick on his body.


Lu Xuan had sent the large middle-aged man flying. He fell onto the ground with a hard thud, kicking up waves of dust when he landed. He laid there immobile and unresponsive. He had died from the kick.

Lu Xuan ignored him completely. With his current cultivation, though he had just managed to complete the stage of core foundation, his body was nothing like before. Reshaped and remolded, he could easily kick an ordinary non-cultivating human to death.

“The Awakened? To hell with the Awakened!” The ordinary-build young man scowled ferociously the moment he saw how Lu Xuan killed his companion with a single kick. He had realized that Lu Xuan could very well be an Awakened like his boss, and was quickly overcome by fear and anger. He immediately pulled out his gun and shot several times at Lu Xuan.




Three consecutive shots were aimed at Lu Xuan’s vital spots every time he pulled the trigger. It was clear that he was not some harmless pushover.

However, his eyes instantly widened in shock. He realized that Lu Xuan had dodged all bullets by moving his body slightly.

“What kind of monster is he?!”

Before the ordinary-build man could even yell out his doubts, Lu Xuan had arrived in front of him and gave him the same kick.


The ordinary-build man fell onto the ground with a harsh thud and stopped moving. Blood began to ooze out of the seven orifices of his head, such as his eyes and his ears.

Lu Xuan had shattered his internal organs with a single kick. That man would, of course, be deader than dead.

While it may sound like a lengthy affair, but in reality, it took no more than two seconds. Just like that, those two violent bandits had lost their lives to Xu Que.

The woman tied to the chair on the side froze in terrified shock. What she experienced in the last two days was not like anything she has ever undergone in her life.

First, she was kidnapped, and then she witnessed a scene straight out of a martial arts movie. She can’t believe that someone managed to dodge the bullets so easily!

She would never have believed it if not for her seeing it happen with her own two eyes.

Lu Xuan walked over to that woman and gave the rope an easy tug, which quickly snapped. He then walked to the young boy and snapped his cable with a pull as well. He then laid the young boy on the floor.

That ethereal beauty hastily took out the cloth stuffed in her mouth. “What are you trying to do?!”

Lu Xuan eyeballed her and answered, “Saving a life!”

The ethereal beauty quickly added, “My brother is suffering from heart disease. He needs special medicine for this!”

Lu Xuan stopped whatever he was doing and stated matter-of-factly, “There is still a long way to go before we reach the bottom of the mountain. Your brother will be long dead if we have to wait until then to get the medicine!”

The ethereal beauty was stumped. She turned to Lu Xuan again, only to see him holding onto a long gaseous needle in between his thumb and index finger. He then pushed the long needle into the young boy’s chest.

“Spiritual Qi? Inner Martial Art?” asked the ethereal beauty. She knew for sure that they would never make timely rescue for her brother even if they rushed down the mountain right now. The only person she could trust was this man who had appeared out of nowhere.

Or perhaps she was impressed by Lu Xuan’s extraordinary performance. She felt hopeful at what he could do and completely quietened down.

After a while, in surprise, she observed that her brother’s breathing had stabilized. The redness in his cheeks had also subsided, evidence of the relief from his heart disease.

The ethereal beauty was amazed and thrilled. She quickly asked, “Is my brother okay now?”

Lu Xuan nodded, “He’s saved, for the time being. If we were any later, even I would be powerless to do anything for him!”

This sort of congenital heart disease might be a prickly disease to tackle for others. But to Lu Xuan, it was but a small illness, a piece of cake.

In his previous life, he was known not only for his jaw-dropping cultivation but also for his unrivaled mastery in medicine. It would be impossible for any cultivator who managed to get that far in their cultivation to be a horrible doctor.

All sorts of conflicts often break out on the way of cultivating, and injuries were unavoidable. If they knew nothing of medicine or had little understanding of their bodies, they would have died a long time ago.

“However, what I did was just a quick fix, not a complete cure.” Lu Xuan stated, “I simply alleviated him of the symptoms, granting him temporary relief. It will still be quite difficult to treat him fully.”

Curing a disease like this would be nothing for his previous incarnation. However, the current him had no such powers, and so he could not wholly heal such diseases as and when he wanted like he used to.

“These two were not ordinary kidnappers. They looked like violent bandits who have been in this business for too many years. To be caught up with such bandits, who exactly are you two?” Lu Xuan asked.

Don’t assume that they were weak simply because they could not fend off even a single move from Lu Xuan. On the contrary, they were strong, but it was just that Lu Xuan was too powerful for them. While he just cleared the stage of Core Foundation, he could already rank up there with the top Martial Grandmasters in this world where Spiritual Qi had just newly awakened.

He could see that the two were not ordinary folks. The middle-aged man big and tall was an expert fighter, while the ordinary-build man had terrific skills with guns. It was clear to see that he was a frequent gun user.

Even if you put them in overseas mercenaries, they would still be one of the elites.

Ordinary kidnappers would not be that highly trained!

That ethereal beauty finally heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing that her brother was fine. Then, she took out a name card from the bag she was carrying and offered it to Lu Xuan. “My name is Ling Fei, and this is my brother Ling Yu. Let me put it this way. Ling Huang, the Chairman of the Yue Huang Group, is our father!”

The Yue Huang Group!

It was like someone had opened the floodgates of Lu Xuan’s memories. A financial giant standing at the top of Fu City, the Yue Huang Group had founded many subsidiaries across multiple major industries, such as real estate, construction, entertainment, and cutting-edge technologies, etc. Its Chairman—Ling Huang—was worth several billion. He was even once the wealthiest man in all of Fu City.

No wonder they attracted violent bandits like those, There were the children of Fu City’s wealthiest tycoon.

“This kidnap was planned by my father’s competitors overseas. They kidnapped me to force my Dad into giving up a billion-dollar project!” Anger flashed past Ling Fei’s beautiful and lovely cheeks, but she quickly calmed down.

Lu Xuan nodded at her words and was not surprised. These days, you could buy someone’s life with a hundred dollars, more so when you threw a billion-dollar project into the fray.

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