This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Crippled by a Single Kick

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In his past life, Lu Xuan had seen all sorts of precarious situations in the years he trudged and clawed his way through the cultivation realm. He was long numb to witnessing people killed over vested interests, which no longer disturbed him as it was so commonplace.

A project worth well over a billion dollars was enough to blind and blacken the eyes and heart of the greedy!

Lu Xuan recalled a piece of news he once saw in his past life. He seemed to remember it mention the kidnapping of the Ling siblings, and that the city mobilized the entirety of its police force to track the suspects.

As for whether or not they managed to arrest the suspects, Lu Xuan did not know. After all, he was still a nobody back then, and what happened to the Lings was too distant a matter for him to care. It was just a piece of news he skimmed off the headlines and the topic of small talk after dinner.

However, he did hear that the kidnappers killed the Ling siblings in that kidnapping. Afterward, the Ling family slowly descended into destruction over a lot of other matters.

From the looks of the current situation, this was most probably it.

“Please tell me your name, honorable Sir. We the Lings honor the tradition of repaying our benefactors generously. You will not be disappointed, Sir!” Words flowed out of Ling Fei’s supple lips as she looked straight into Lu Xuan’s eyes.

While she was in a bit of a mess just now, she was, after all, the daughter of a man who was once Fu City’s wealthiest. The quality upbringing she had allowed her to recover her glow quickly.

Especially so after she saw how powerful Lu Xuan was against the kidnappers, it was as if someone had opened the door for her to a whole new world.

It was not that she had not seen martial artists. She didn’t know, however, that they could be this strong, almost like in the movies.

On top of that, Lu Xuan had shown unfathomable medical skills far superior to anyone else. No matter the reason, super-beings, and their likes could only be pleased, not offended.

“There is no need. I did not save you two for your repayment!” Lu Xuan waved his hand in dismissal. He did not know who Ling Fei was when he saved her, neither did he save her expecting anything in return.

He could not care less if the person he saved was wealthy or poor.

No matter how esteemed they were, could they be more esteemed than he?

His previous incarnation was a Celestial Lord, one who reigned supreme of heaven and earth. At that stage of cultivation, he could already do what he pleased whenever he wanted.

“Right, the two kidnappers both mentioned someone they called ‘Boss.’ Any idea who that might be?” Lu Xuan questioned.

Ling Fei’s irises contracted at the mention of that “Boss.” She remembered the brutal and horrifying scene where the attackers quickly put down and killed heir bodyguards.

Ling Fei snapped out of it and quickly shook her head. She answered, “I do not know who he is. However, I did happen to hear them speak, and they said that their Boss’s name was Poison Scorpion or something!”

Lu Xuan thought long and hard and confirmed that he had never heard of someone called Poison Scorpion. During this period in his past life, he had not even set foot on the path of cultivation. Therefore, he was not familiar with many of the cultivators of this time.

He deduced that the Poison Scorpion was a cultivator because those two kidnappers had mentioned the Awakened in their conversation. During this time, the spirit qi of heaven and earth had just reawakened. Therefore, people’s knowledge of cultivators was still very shallow.

Most thought of them as Awakeners, as many cultivators awakened some strange powers, ESP or superhuman physique during this time. It was due to this “awakening” that they took the first step in their cultivation.

Of course, that was not the case for everyone. Some began to cultivate upon the accidental obtainment of some skill manuals, and upon inheriting cultivation knowledge from them, go on to become cultivators.

“That Poison Scorpion is extraordinarily skilled and ruthless. We need to leave now. It will be troublesome if he returns!”

“You two may leave first!” Lu Xuan said.

“Sir, aren’t you leaving?” Ling Fei stared at Lu Xuan in disbelief.

Lu Xuan shook his head and explained, “As the saying goes, one must be thorough in rooting out wickedness. This man callous and unmerciful. At the same time, he sounds like a strong fighter. He is not someone that ordinary people can take on. Most importantly, he is selling his life for overseas powers. I would have turned a blind eye if he had stayed out of my way. Now that I know about him, I must not let him off easily!”

He knew exactly how dangerous a cultivator could be, and the destruction they could unleash when they decide to use their powers for evil.

Ling Fei took a few deep breaths, her well-endowed chest heaving up and down as she did so. She seemed to have come to a decision and said, “Sir, we will be staying, too, since you’ve decided to stay!”

It was a difficult decision to make, but it would indeed be the correct one. Ling Fei knew that no one could say for sure when Poison Scorpion would return. If they met him right when they were descending the mountain, it would be a path of sure death.

The best option she could take right now was to stay close to Lu Xuan. At least he did not seem like a bad guy, and it was evident that he is mighty strong.

Lu Xuan glanced at her. This woman has got some guts.

“Stay then, but bring your brother over to that side,” Lu Xuan replied.


Ling Fei quickly took her unconscious brother to a corner. She knew that Lu Xuan did this for her good. Listening to her brother’s stable breathing, she felt her heart fall back to place in relief. He would be safe, at least for the time being.

She looked at Lu Xuan, who sat on a chair he found in the abandoned warehouse. His eyes were tightly shut. Even an outsider like her, who knew nothing, could tell that Lu Xuan was cultivating.

That was also the only reason why Ling Fei dared to observe Lu Xuan without holding back. From where did he hail? she wondered. Who was he?

More than an hour passed again, and a series of footsteps could be heard coming from outside the warehouse. Almost immediately, a slender middle-aged man appeared in front of the warehouse entrance.

The middle-aged man wore a dark expression and carried an air of a certain eerie coldness.

He saw the two bodies on the floor the moment he stepped into the factory. Murderous intent flared past his eyes as he immediately glared at Lu Xuan.

“You killed them?”

Lu Xuan nodded. “I guess you’re that Poison Scorpion or something!”

“The gall of you to kill my men despite knowing who I am. You must be tired of living!” the Poison Scorpion said slowly. Inch by inch, he came nearer and nearer. When he was about three yards in front of Lu Xuan, he went in for the kill instantaneously and without warning.

Poison Scorpion was known to be cold-hearted and ruthless. It was only his first move, and he had already made a surprise attack.


The punch that Poison Scorpion threw out created a vortex in the air, and one could hear the explosions of crackling electricity in it. He made it to Lu Xuan’s front in a split second.

He went straight for Lu Xuan’s head, planning to smash his head like how one would smash a watermelon.

Just as Lu Xuan was about to meet the maker, he raised his palm. An enormous explosion followed right after; he had stopped the punch in its tracks. An invisible energy ripple erupted from where their hands made contact.

“What?” Poison Scorpion widened his eyes in shock. He could not believe that Lu Xuan managed to stop his attack as if it was nothing.

“So that’s all you have? It looks like I have overestimated your abilities!”

Lu Xuan shook his head. Then, at lightning speed, he kicked Poison Scorpion in his stomach.

That kick was sudden and expected, and there was no way to tell that it was coming. Poison Scorpion barely blocked it by retracting both his hands to cover his chest, almost entirely by instinct.


One could hear a massive crash, followed by the sounds of bones breaking upon impact. Lu Xuan’s kick sent Poison Scorpion flying, who only crash-landed after tumbling a few turns in the air.

However, Poison Scorpion quickly paled as he found himself drenched in a cold sweat. He had suffered significant damages in that collision.

His arms hung limply, and he was unable to lift them at all. Both of his arms were utterly broken, unable to block Lu Xuan’s kick.

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