This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Slapped Him So Hard that He Vomited Blood

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Park Ji Hyun pounced at Lu Xuan and broke into a deft yet powerful kick. It was a kick so mighty that one could even hear the air explode, sending thundering bursts of shockwaves as it punctured it.

One could only imagine how extremely frightful the strength of his legs was.

“Watch out!”

Zhang Gang, who was now resting on the side, blurted before he could catch himself. Out of everyone, he was the one clearest about just how dangerous Park Ji Hyun’s legs could be.

Zhang Gang, who had practiced the Eagle’s Claw since he was a child, honed all of his martial mastery on his two hands. Even when faced with expert leg-fighter, he could often fight them at least on par.

However, when he sparred with Park Ji Hyu, every blow that landed on his body felt as though he was being pounded by two metal rods.

His legs were unimaginably strong!

While he had not heard about the Awakened or who they were, he quickly assumed that Park Ji Hyun was one of the gifted types from his sect’s legends and rumors, one who was born with superhuman strength.

Those were geniuses born to practice martial arts. However, no matter how they might have trained, all in all, they were still ordinary humans.

Even if a common man had been training in martial arts as if his life depended on it, there was nothing they could do when going up against a monster who could slam down fists with hundreds or even thousands of pounds of strength. Powerless and helpless, one punch was enough to break their bones.

Screw techniques, training methods, and stances, for they would all be meaningless.

That was the difference between the ordinary and the gifted!

While Park Ji Hyun, in his eyes, could not yet count as absurdly powerful, he was convinced that he must at least be one of those gifted martial geniuses.

Lu Xuan, who looked feeble and slender, could never possibly block that kick. And so, he could not help but blurt a warning.

However, he was shocked to see that Lu Xuan had blocked that intimidating kick with a casual slap of the hand.

Different from how the fight went between Zhang Gang and Park Ji Hyun, where every punch and kick landed on meat, steel to steel, Lu Xuan’s block was like a breeze.

It didn’t make that much noise as well.

“It appeared again!”

Ling Fei said to herself, recognizing that familiar scene. The same thing had happened when Lu Xuan fought Ling Sheng.

The only difference was that compared to that time, Lu Xuan now looked even more relaxed. Also, Park Ji Hyun could never be considered anywhere near Lin Sheng’s level.

With one kick blocked, Park Ji Hyun launched into a flurry of leg sweeps, his every blow solid and strong.

However, no matter how he attacked, he could not break past Lu Xuan’s hands. Lu Xuan responded in calmness, slightly leisurely even.

“Are you done fooling around?” Lu Xuan said to Park Ji Hyun right in front of him, “If that’s all TaeKwonDo can offer, I’m afraid that it still has ways to go before it can call itself the strongest martial art in the world!”

Hearing Lu Xuan’s sneer added fumes to Park Ji Hyun’s fury. No one had ever disparaged him so.

Especially in TaekwonDo, where he was most proud and competent, this was a first that someone had mocked him like this. To call it a great humiliation was an understatement.

“You’re courting death!”

Park Ji Hyun swept his leg towards Lu Xuan’s temple in a swift, deadly attack.

However, Lu Xuan was much quicker and more ruthless, swinging down a slap that landed first despite being the second move.


Park Ji Hyun was once again blasted across the room, and his body landed on the ground with one painful thud. However, this time, he could not propel himself back on his feet quickly as he did just now.

A spurt of fresh blood erupted from his mouth. One slap from Lu Xuan was enough to make him vomit blood.

His fangirls were all stunned speechless. Seeing how their oppa was beaten up to the point that he even vomited blood, they wanted to rush up and nurse him, and, at the same time, accuse his opponent as being too cruel.

However, the person who injured their oppa was another piece of eye candy, a man so, so good-looking. Also, he was much more poised than their oppa.

What should they do? It was so hard to choose!

“Look, that’s all there is to the so-called ‘World’s Strongest Martial Art,’ TaeKwonDo!”

Lu Xuan said as he shook his head.

Provoked by his words, Park Ji Hyun began to vomit even more blood.

“Ah, look! Oppa’s nose bridge is crooked!”

A fangirl cried out, and everyone turned to Park Ji Hyun at once. True enough, Park Ji Hyun’s nose bridge was now crooked, which was even more validation for what Lu Xuan had said. Park Ji Hyun’s looks did come from plastic surgery.

“That’s too much! How could he get plastic surgery!”

“God knows how ugly he was before the surgery!”

“The uglies always make more trouble!”

After confirming that Park Ji Hyun did get plastic surgery, his fangirls all flew into a rage. It was as if they had been betrayed in the worst possible way.

After all, they only became Park Ji Hyun’s fans because they were smitten with his staggering good looks. It couldn’t possibly be because he was a great fighter!

Who would have thought that Park Ji Hyun’s looks were all fake and that everything on his face was manmade?

Those fangirls switched camps at once and abandoned their oppa.

After hearing those words, Park Ji Hyun was so angry that he passed out.

“Serves him right for being such a haughty *sshole!”

“He even has the guts to challenge us at our door! He’s too arrogant!”

“Who’s that man? He’s so powerful. He played Park Ji Hyun so easily. It was as if he was playing around with a monkey!”

“That is what we call true Chinese martial arts!”

“TaeKwonDo is nothing but trash!”

Members of the Martial Arts Gym relished in the thrill of revenge and pride. The TaeKwonDo Club had been too overbearing, and Park Ji Hyun’s constant provocation simply fanned the flames.

Despite so, there was no way they could have retorted, as the world of a warrior was clear-cut; they were strong or weak, with nothing in-between.

If they lost, then lost they have. There was nothing to argue!

The rest of the TaeKwonDo members looked at each other with blank expressions on their faces. Their smugness had long faded, especially when someone had defeated TaekwonDo, the thing that they believed in like it was nothing. It was as if someone had punched a hole through their faith.

“Why are you guys standing there just watching? Scram with your President!”

By now, Li Fei had adjusted back to his normal state of mind and stepped up.

As if they had just received an order, the members of the TaeKwonDo club sprung into action at once. They hurriedly picked Park Ji Hyun up and carried him out of the Martial Arts Gym.

The entire Martial Arts Gym exploded into celebratory cries, and everyone fixed their gazes on Lu Xuan. Everyone knew that if not for Lu Xuan, what awaited them might be the fate of being pathetically beaten to a pulp by the TaeKwonDo club.

Though they still had no idea who Lu Xuan was, they merely thought of him as backup brought in by Li Fei, just like how Zhang Gang was brought in to help with the showdown.

“Thank you, Mr. Lu, for extending your hand to help! Your strength astounds us all, Mr. Lu!”

Li Fei went up to Lu Xuan and bowed with both his hands on top of each other, a gesture expressing respect and sincere gratitude.

Lu Xuan smiled mildly and replied, “It’s nothing. That Korean was all bark but no bite!”

Li Fei and Zhang Gang looked at each other, and then returned each other a bitter smile. If one could call Park Ji Hyun an empty vase with no real strength, they could only be even more inferior.

However, they both understood that they had both met a true, godly master today.

While they struggled to go up against Park Ji Hyun, an unassuming Lu Xuan, who looked nothing like a martial artist, was able to defeat him without breaking a sweat.

This deepened their belief that Lu Xuan was powerful beyond what they could fathom.

After something like that, Ling Fei’s enthusiasm seemed to have ceased. She quickly turned around and took Lu Xuan out of the Martial Arts Gym.

“What’s the matter? Aren’t you learning martial arts anymore?” Lu Xuan asked.

Ling Fei shook her head and replied, “What I truly want to learn is a martial art that I can actually defend myself with. However, if Senior Li and Senior Zhang could not defeat even Park Ji Hyun, what else can I learn from them? Why don’t you teach me instead?”

Lu Xuan shook his head in refusal. “I don’t have any plans to take in disciples for the time being. However, if you want to learn martial arts, you’ll have your chance soon enough!”

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