This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Under Attack

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While Ling Fei had no clue what the “chance” Lu Xuan mentioned was all about, Lu Xuan knew about it all. As the changes of heaven and earth hastened and deepened, a golden age where everyone’s a cultivator would soon arrive.

In that golden age, even an ordinary man could begin to cultivate!

Not just that, but Ling Fei was born into a family of extreme wealth. The immensity of the resources she has in her hands meant that she, too, had the edge over others in this brand new era.

That was so, as cultivation also required a vast amount of resources and a lot of money to sustain. These areas are exactly where the wealthy would have a clear advantage.

In his past life, many of the powerhouses were backed by none other than wealthy financial groups.

This was especially true when people were starting to cultivate. When many were still trying to make sense of what was happening, financial groups and tycoons had already begun to act.

In his past life, Ling Fei was killed by the kidnappers, as she had not received Lu Xuan’s help.

However, so long as she survived, there would be a place for her in the future hall of fame.

Ling Fei stopped pressing Lu Xuan further once she saw that he was unwilling to answer. After everything that had happened, Lu Xuan had become increasingly mysterious in her heart, and she dared not disturb him over trivial matters.

After they left the Martial Arts Gym, Ling Fei went to attend her lectures in the school building as usual. Meanwhile, within Fu University, the news of Park Ji Hyun being defeated by someone quickly spread throughout the campus.

Although it hadn’t been long since Park Ji Hyun transferred over as an exchange student, he had been quite popular within Fu University because of his good looks.

However, the news of his defeat was quickly buried by another. Rumor had it that all of Park Ji Hyun’s good looks were all because of plastic surgery!

The news instantly broke the hearts of his many fangirls.

“As decent as he looks, I can’t believe that he underwent cosmetic surgery for it!”

“Why are you surprised? He is, after all, from Korea. Isn’t it very common for them to get plastic surgery there?”

“Oh my god, has Korea’s plastic surgery gotten that advanced? I’ve got to save up now for a trip to Korea!”

As compared to the viral-ness of Park Ji Hyun’s plastic surgery rumors, the fact that he was defeated was quickly forgotten.

A day passed, and the heat of the issue slowly began to subside.

After Ling Fei finished her final class, the sun had already begun to set.

Lu Xuan mixed into the student body easily; no one knew about his true identity, and it helped that he was a fresh university graduate. Cultivation took a few years off his age as well, and therefore, posing as a student was no challenge for him at all.

Towards the suburbs, a BMW Mini sped down the road.

Ling Fei drove with utmost focus, but he couldn’t resist sneaking a peek at her driving mirror from time to time. From it, she could see Lu Xuan, who seemed to be resting with his eyes closed. However, despite how he looked, he was cultivating.

The more she observed him, the more she found the man to be an enigma.

Not only was he good-looking, but his looks were getting better by the day. Not only that, but the aura on him was something she had not yet seen on anyone else.

Also, his capabilities were unheard of.

Ling Fei couldn’t tell for sure how she felt about that man, but she must admit that, at this moment, she was already too curious about Lu Xuan.

“Keep your eyes on the road. Otherwise, two will die in this one car!” Lu Xuan suddenly said.

Ling Fei hastily moved her gaze away, her small cheeks burning red like they were on fire.

Before she could say anything to ease the awkwardness, Lu Xuan suddenly snapped his eyes open, revealing orbs that shone in brilliant clarity. He bellowed, “Stop the car!”

Ling Fei didn’t know why Lu Xuan would suddenly order that, but almost instinctively, she stopped the car as told.


A gunshot and a speeding bullet shot past them. The bullet immediately punctured the ground in front of the BMW Mini.

“Assassins!” Ling Fei jumped in shock. However, her heart calmed down for some reason when she kept Lu Xuan in her line of sight.

“Hurry up and call the police!”

Ling Fei responded subconsciously.

“There’s no use. He’s long gone!”

Lu Xuan shook his head.

“How did you know that he’s already gone?” Ling Fei asked.


Lu Xuan answered.

Ling Fei almost wanted to retort with instincts and sixth sense being nonsense before suddenly remembering how Lu Xuan suddenly asked her to stop the car. Didn’t he do that because of his ability?

“Don’t tell me that you’re able to see them with your instincts? Wouldn’t that be X-Ray eyes?!”

Ling Fei asked, very much curious.

Lu Xuan shook his head. “I can’t see him, or at least, I have not practiced a remarkable art of a similar kind; however, I could vaguely sense his presence. He has withdrawn at top speed, and I cannot catch up to him. He is at least three kilometers away, and if I leave you alone here, you’re likely to be attacked a second time!”

Ling Fei didn’t notice that what Lu Xuan said was that he “hadn’t” practiced this sort of remarkable art, not that he did not have this sort of ability.

However, her expression, too, turned solemn in moments. The overseas organization had arranged for this assassination attempt not long after the Poison Scorpion’s plans had fallen through. They could be sure that this would not be the last they saw of them.

However, Ling Fei found herself once again in awe at what Lu Xuan could do. One must realize that Lu Xuan had sensed a human from three kilometers away using sensory perception, and that was an unbelievable feat in itself.

While his sense of the other person might have been very vague, it was almost like he had the ability of a radar.

She suddenly recalled that when Ling Sheng was introducing the Nine-tiered System of Cultivators, he did mention something. Those terrifying experts like Lu Xuan, a level five Baodan Grandmaster, half a step into a level six martial arts legend, would often have shocking instincts like this.

Although they may be made of flesh and blood, their frighteningly accurate instincts ensured that they could almost always bust free from the encirclement of small troops. There was close to no chance of capturing them.

They were sending another powerhouse of the same level after he was the best way to deal with a powerhouse. One may even send in a warrior of a higher level.

Lu Xuan sighed. The current him had his hands tied when faced with a long-ranged assassin. If he were alone, he could have taken off right after the killer and chase him down.

However, he could not possibly leave Ling Fei all alone in this place. She was practically defenseless.

While a Baodan Grandmaster could almost be called superhuman, they were, after all, still very much human. When shot by a dozen guns, they would lose their life, just like anyone else.

That was also the reason why he hadn’t killed Luo Kun despite knowing how much of a lowlife he was.

That was because he was more than clear about the influence of the group behind Luo Kun. If he wanted to kill Luo Kun, Lu Xuan could do that with a single hand.

However, to barge into Luo Kun’s nest and kill him was not easy. With Lu Xuan’s current skill set, it was practically impossible. While he was confident that he could have returned in one piece so long as he had this Vajra Amulet, it would alert the snake hiding in the bush as well.


There is only one chance for him to kill Luo Kun, and so, Lu Xuan must tolerate him for a while longer!

Unless he could break through to level six and become a martial arts legend. When that time came, he could turn Spiritual Qi into Vigor. He could also use a lot of other skills. As compared to the current him, he could use many more methods, making him more than two-fold stronger.

He could easily hide from the strong patrol teams and kill Luo Kun in the Luo Family nest.

However, that would hardly be real strength. One he reached level seven—National Guardian level—he would no longer need to fear heavy weapons like missiles. He could uproot the entire Luo family on his own!

Luo Kun, I’ll let you live for a couple of days more! he thought.

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