This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Stepping into Level Six, Advancing to Become a Martial Arts Legend

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Ling Huang prepared a luxurious guest room for Lu Xuan. Clean and minimalist, yet it was clear that the furniture was steeply-priced.

None of that, of course, mattered that much to Lu Xuan. He took a glance in the room and called up a formation blueprint into mind. He rearranged some of the furniture, and a simple formation took form at once.

It worked considerably better than the spiritual formation back in his house, for the manor was already capable of gathering spiritual energy upon the guidance of the Fengshui Master. Building upon that foundation, Lu Xuan further funneled the collected energies into this one spot, and so it was only natural for it to be far more powerful.

“It is not enough to only have enough for self-protection. I must achieve freedom and great ease!”

Lu Xuan murmured to himself.

Right after, he retrieved the 300-year-old King of Ginseng from the wooden box. While its potency was far worse than what he could have refined through Pill Refinement, it was more than enough for Lu Xuan at his current state.

It was time that he took his cultivation seriously!

To him, things like cultivation stages never posed a problem. With the experience he had accumulated from his past life, Lu Xuan, with all of his past life’s memories intact, had not lost his cultivation stage. All he needed was to accumulate and increase his spiritual connotation.

Lu Xuan sat down with crossed legs and began to kick start the Taixu Origin Power. At the same time, he began to consume the whiskers of the King of Ginseng, one strand at a time.

Within the body of the King of Ginseng packed 300 years worth of the essence of heaven and earth. Such a concentration of this substance was unbelievable.

However, it would be impossible for the common man to make use of the energy within the essence of heaven and earth. Even if the non-cultivating commoner tried all ways possible, they could at most extract some drops of medicinal power from the root. Nevertheless, even if the amount they obtained was meager, it was already astonishing.

Under the overwhelming devouring strength of the Taixu Origin Power, the medicinal powers of the root began to flow steadily through the entirety of Lu Xuan’s body, like a thin stream smoothening its passageway.

They nourished his body without stopping!

With the support of such astounding medicinal power, Lu Xuan’s body began to undergo some inexplicable changes.

A formidable power began to surge and spill from his body.

Streams of Spiritual Qi began to converge all around him into a single entity!

If one were to describe the Spiritual Qi within Lu Xuan’s body before this, it would be choppy and inconsistent. While he could use a portion from time to time, he could not gather them into a single ball, nor could he circulate them for a small spiritual cycle.

However, the Spiritual Qi within Lu Xuan’s body had now begun to take form as a single entity, making a full small spiritual cycle.


Time passed for God knows how long, and out of the blue, a horrifying gush of spiritual energy spilled out of Lu Xuan like a raging gale.

The very next instant, Lu Xuan slowly lifted his eyes. He had already retracted the surge of Spiritual Qi.

If any outsiders were to witness that scene, they might very well be scared to death.

Lu Xuan had withdrawn all Spiritual Qi spilled out of the body like it was nothing. Even for a martial arts legend who only existed in myths, it was not an easy feat.

It was already quite impressive for a martial arts legend to solidify their Spiritual Qi outside their bodies. However, such ease and control over the Spiritual Qi were unheard of.

A ball of Spiritual Qi rested atop Lu Xuan’s palm; it first transformed into a long dragon, then shifted its shape into a wild eagle. It quickly became a ferocious tiger and then changed its form between all sorts of animals.

That was one of the cultivation methods Lu Xuan used to hone his control over Spiritual Qi. Rather than the coarse use of Spiritual Qi by ordinary martial arts legends, Lu Xuan’s ways were undoubtedly much, much more profound.

After some practice, Lu Xuan packed the Spiritual Qi back into his body.

With that, he had officially stepped into the sixth level. He had become a martial arts legend, who appeared only in martial myths and tales.

From the legends, masters like Zhang Sanfeng, Lu Dongbin, and the Dharma had ever reached such a height.

If one still insisted that the capabilities of a Baodan Grandmaster were at the brink of human limits, what a martial arts legend could do then clearly surpassed that threshold into the realm of a superhuman.

Every cell within Lu Xuan was pulsing with great energy, and that even the most ferocious of beasts would not be his match.

If he pushed himself to the limit, he could run and cover a hundred meters under two seconds!

That was the benefit of becoming a martial arts legend. When the body had broken the limits of their own body, it would put in place a new set of boundaries. That was the process of life evolving into beings existing in a higher order.

If Lu Xuan was as powerful as he was now the day before, that Gun King could never have escaped from his hands. He would take at most one minute to kill the Gun King.

Even if he was several kilometers away!

When a martial arts legend had made his mind to kill someone, that person could never cheat death.

As the saying goes, none would dare keep you alive till dawn if the Yama wants you dead by midnight.

Moreover, Lu Xuan’s control over Spiritual Qi had far exceeded what regular martial arts legends could do. He was in a league of his own.

He had even reached the point that he could muster Mental Strength. Lu Xuan was able to collect the Spiritual Qi spilling out of his body back using his Mental Strength.

Lu Xuan gave his body a slight shake, and a thin layer of Vigor, almost invisible, formed on the surface of his skin.

The layer of Vigor protected him from head to toe, like what a great wartime general would wear when they demolished the battlefield.

That was the Sheild of Vigor. It was skill indicative of someone who reached level six and had become a martial arts legend.

With the protection of the Shield of Vigor, he wouldn’t need to fear anything, not even the aim or a shot by a sniper.

To a regular martial arts legend, so long as they were not hit at close distances by a sniping gun, the bullets could not pierce their Shield of Vigor.

Whereas what Lu Xuan had was fa more terrifying. The thickness of his Shield of Vigor was at least several times thicker than that other martial arts legends, and even if he was shot at close range by a sniping gun with a large barrel, they could only dream of breaking his Shield of Vigor.

They might require something like a direct hit by a missile of sorts if they wanted a chance at injuring him severely.

However, with his speed, he could escape the battlefield at high speed even if it were raining missiles.

At this point, he could hardly be considered human anymore. In ancient times, people would call those like him a Mortal God.

Even if the rulers of the dynasties would need to revere him, and treat him with the utmost respect befitting for a Mortal God.

Modern-day methods proved to be much crushing than ancient times, though. If they could manage to trap such a powerhouse in a small, narrow space, then bombard the area endlessly with heavy weaponry, they could still kill a martial arts legend.

However, the problem was that it was impossible to trap such a powerhouse in a small, narrow area.

When Lu Xuan has not yet reached level six, his senses were keen enough to detect the assassination attempt by a Gun King.

Now, he had transformed from skin to bone, emerging less human and more like a celestial being.

Trying to kill a person like that was not that easy. The price to pay was so exorbitant that it would deter most from even trying, stopping them in their tracks.

Only at this point of cultivation did Lu Xuan had a preliminary grasp at the notion of great freedom and great ease. As long as he wished, even the country would have to leave him alone if he made no trouble, keeping a good distance in quiet observance.

On the table, a third of the King of Ginseng was still left after Lu Xuan finished eating, of which he kept away.

Such was one of the conveniences of modern cultivation. If it were back to the feudal times, it might take Lu Xuan over a decade to even find a King of Ginseng over 300 years old.

Now, it was at least ten times easier to obtain resources. Similarly, the number of masters all around also increased tenfold.

Lu Xuan took a took at the time. Seeing that the day has broken, he immediately made his way out.

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