This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: The Agency of Special Affairs

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Following the lead of the maid, Lu Xuan arrived at the front hall. Along the way around secluded corners, he could see some bodyguards patrolling inconcspicuously.

Of course, that was only how it appeared to look on the surface!

That should be all the security the Lings had. When facing petty thieves, or even burglars, security like this could already be considered quite strict.

However, if real cultivators were to come, a force of such strength would be fragile, to say the least. Even if the breacher weren’t a martial arts legend like him, and was instead a regular Baodan Grandmaster, no one could ever stop them.

If the assassination organization was armed, they could even barge right in.

While the Lings were considered one of the ultra-rich, in a society where laws and regulations had not yet caved, the firearms restriction laws still stood firmly in place.

In the hall, Ling Fei and Ling Huang sat and waited on the sofa.

In a cleared area in the middle of the hall, two figures were fiercely fighting.

One of them was none other than Lin Sheng. Directly across him was a square-faced plump man. Unleashing a full-on attack on Ling Sheng, he was trading blows with a ferociousness and swiftness that was incompatible with his body shape.

“That’s quite interesting. They are both level four HuaJin Masters, warriors about to step into the stage of level five Baodan Grandmaster!”

Lu Xuan could tell their real prowess with just a single look. Their fight was quite violent, and it had more aesthetical value than the battle between Lu Xuan and Lin Sheng.

They both countered their opponent’s attacks with even fiercer attacks, and every blow was solid and fast.

At the side, Ling Fei and Ling Huang thoroughly enjoyed the battle. As outsiders of the warriors’ circle, a spar like this would, of course, interest them more.

The man sitting by Ling Huang’s side looked around the same age as Ling Huang. He looked easy-going and cordial, like a warmhearted mister from next door.

“How’s that, Old Ling? What do you think of this subordinate of mine?”

The middle-aged Mister tapped Ling Huang on the shoulder.

“It looks like you’ve gotten yourself a fine disciple, Old Yun!” Ling Huang replied.

The middle-aged Mister beamed in pride as he said, “While you have made quite a name for yourself in the business circle over the past few years, I haven’t been slacking off either!”

“This is?” asked the middle-aged Mister when he saw Lu Xuan.

“This is Mr. Lu, the one I’ve been mentioning. Back then, he was the one who saved my daughter from the clutches of the Poison Scorpion!”

Ling Huang stood up and introduced them.

“So, you’re that Mr. Lu?” Old Yun, the middle-aged man, finally wiped that easy-going look from his face. As his eyes became eagle-sharp in a split second, so did his aura.

“Mr. Lu, allow me to introduce you to my old comrade, Yun Sheng!” Ling Huang introduced to Lu Xuan.

At the same time, the two men locked in battle ceased their attacks and looked over, especially the square-faced fatty who snapped his head to look at Lu Xuan. He had an unreadable expression in his orbs.

Upon seeing how laid back Lu Xuan was, the square-faced fatty could not help but second-guess. Was he indeed the one who punched the Poison Scorpion to death with a single fist?

He looked nothing like how he imagined him to be.

The man was the square-faced fatty who appeared at the scene of Ling Fei’s kidnapping.

“I am Yun Sheng, Head of the Fu City’s Agency of Special Affairs. Your reputation precedes you, Mr. Lu!”

Yun Sheng took Lu Xuan’s hand and gave it a firm shake.

“The Agency of Special Affairs!”

A thoughtful light flickered across Lu Xuan’s eyes. Of course, he knew just what kind of an organization that the Agency of Special Affairs was.

It was a special department set up by the country to handle matters regarding cultivators, or as the rumors would say: the “relevant authority.”

While outsiders knew that such a department existed, they were not told of the true nature of the agency. Internally, people referred to them as the Agency of Special Affairs.

The Head of Fu City’s Agency of Special Affairs, therefore, was none other than the highest official-in-charge of the entire Fu City.

“A Level five Baodan Grandmaster!” Lu Xuan could tell Yun Sheng’s cultivation with a glance. However, Yun Sheng did not seem like a powerhouse in martial arts. Instead, he should be an Awakened. While he could hide his energy fluctuations form others, they could not escape Lu Xuan’s eyes.

He could only guess what sort of powers Yun Sheng had awakened.

“Mr. Lu, I’m guessing that you are not yet aware of us, the Agency of Special Affairs…”

Before Yun Sheng could finish, Lu Xuan had cut him off.

“No, in fact, I know full well of the Agency of Special Affairs. While your existence is still a secret to the general public, that’s not the case for me!” Lu Xuan continued.

Yun Sheng was slightly taken aback, but he did recover quickly. To him, if Lu Xuan was indeed as powerful as Ling Huang had said, he could have come into contact with the Agency of Special Affairs more or less. Therefore, he could know a thing or two.

Little did he know that Lu Xuan only knew about the Agency of Special Affairs because of his past life.

However, that was eons ago. Back then, Lu Xuan was stuck in the dumps for a long time, mainly because of the Luo family. It was only later on that he finally stepped onto the path of cultivation.

Just that at that time, the Agency of Special Affairs was not as obscure as they were now. By then, the Agency of Special Affairs would have become a prominent giant, an existence that most could never stand up against.

It was the leader of many cultivator factions.

Right now, the Agency of Special Affairs was the same as many cultivator factions. They lie low as the changes of heaven and earth had not yet been publicly announced, and so they could only move in the shadows.

“In that case, I shall not waste my breath. The reason I’m here today is that my old comrade, Ling Huang, invited me over. I heard that an overseas organization has stretched its hands into our country!” Yun Sheng explained, “While ordinary kidnappings do not fall under our jurisdiction, this case involved a cultivator like Poison Scorpion. We are in charge of all cases involving cultivators within the borders of Huaxia!

“I had looked up some information last night. The Poison Scorpion belongs to an overseas assassin organization going by the name of Hellfire!” Yun Sheng said.


It went without saying that Lu Xuan was well aware of that name. Even in the future, it was a notorious assassin organization, but it was mainly active overseas.

To a lot of factions in Huaxia, it represented a taboo that all dared not approach.

“Some people sure got bold over the years!”

Yun Sheng stated coldly.

“After a short discussion with my old comrade, we decided that we should make use of this chance to lure all of the assassins of the Hellfire out in the open. Once they show, we will ambush and kill them all in one fell swoop!”

Lu Xuan turned to Ling Huang, slightly surprised that Ling Huang was willing to use himself as bait. He, of all people, should know just how dangerous this would be.

After all, he was but a mortal of flesh and blood, not a powerful being like Lu Xuan.

Ling Huang seemed to sense Lu Xuan’s puzzlement. He explained with some apparent anger, “If we let go of this chance to eradicate them once and for all, there will be no end to this matter. The thief could steal for a thousand days, but the guard could not stand guard for a thousand nights. Also, we have in our hands the Vajra Amulets that you gave us. We have prepared as best we can!”

That was when Ling Huang finally displayed the gallantry of an army veteran. Although he had turned to the business world for many, many years, deep in his bones, he was still that lion-hearted soldier.

“We have made a plan. We must get them all at once!”

Yun Sheng stated.

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