This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Could He Be the MC of a Web Novel?

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Yun Sheng looked into Lu Xuan’s eyes and explained, “This time, according to the intel we received, Hellfire would be sending in a skilled expert assassin into Huaxia to carry out this mission. His name is Higashigawa Taro. He is one of the top ten assassins in Hellfire. He is competent and skillful, and we could expect him to be at least as powerful as a Baodan Grandmaster. He definitely spells trouble!”

He then continued, “Also, Higashigawa Taro is known to be cruel and ruthless. Not only that, but he has had a reputation for being extremely dangerous. A seasoned offender, he was responsible for over a thousand deaths, either directly or indirectly!

“This is Higashigawa Taro’s third time entering Huaxia. I once led an operation in an attempt to trap and take him out. Still, he escaped every time. This time, with the help of Mr. Lu and us joining forces to take him on, I believe that we can execute Higashigawa Taro right within the national borders of Huaxia!”

“Higashigawa Taro? Does that mean that the organization in opposition to President Ling was based overseas?” Lu Xuan asked as he stuck his back comfortably into the sofa.

“That is right. This time, I am competing with the Japanese over a project in Southeast Asia!” Ling Huang answered, “However, I never expected the Japanese to use methods this underhanded!”

“No methods would be considered too overboard to the Japanese if it meant getting the job done. I have had more than a couple of skirmishes with them over the past few years, and trust me, I know!” Yun Sheng said solemnly.

“Since we have a plan in place, let us commence the operation!”

Lu Xuan urged.

“However, this is not the time yet for us to make our move. I will contact the police and let them start the ball rolling on the operation. First, we must pressurize them. Let the assassins of Hellfire know that they have been exposed and that we are in the know. This will certainly shorten their operation duration and hasten their act, and at the same time, we would close in like a huge web. Once everything is in place, they will be trapped, unable to move even an inch even if they wanted to!”

Yun Sheng added.

“According to our forecast, they might choose to break into the manor by brute force. When that time comes, we may capture them all in one go!”

Suddenly, he square-faced fatty turned to look at Lu Xuan, “However, there is still one thing that we need to verify. Mr. Lu, do you mind telling us what level of an expert you are? Your answer would directly affect our subsequent plans!”

“Feel free to have a go!”

Lu Xuan smiled faintly.

The square-faced fatty wasted no time and immediately replied, “In that case, I won’t hold back!”

Without giving time for him to react, the square-faced fatty swept his whip-like leg toward Lu Xuan at lightning speed. At that moment, the air exploded with his attack, creating a great, loud boom.

He was fast, yet Lu Xuan was faster. With the speed of a thunderbolt, Lu Xuan landed a palm strike on that square-faced fatty’s chest.

Like a kite severed from its string, the square-faced fatty fell back at an alarming speed. He only managed to stabilize his form after a good while.

The square-face was stunned as he touched his chest in utter disbelief. He was shocked by the revelation that he was unharmed, despite being struck in the chest by Lu Xuan.

Of course, he would not credit the lack of injury to how strong his defenses were. There could only be one reason, and that was Lu Xuan’s control over Spiritual Qi was at the very highest level. That was the only way that could explain how he controlled his Spiritual Qi by fractions of a millisecond, resulting in such a jaw-dropping outcome.

“No wonder you could punch Poison Scorpion to death. I’m convinced now!”

The square-faced body laughed bitterly.

“Old Ling, this Mr. Lu that you’ve found is quite the extraordinary man!” Yun Sheng was also stunned speechless. While he was not a warrior, he understood a fair bit about the gap between the stages.

Lu Xuan had struck the square-faced fatty with his palm, yet managed not to hurt a hair on the square-faced man’s head. That feat was more astounding than if Lu Xuan had severely injured the square-faced fatty.

Not only did this demonstrate Lu Xuan’s absolute and fine control over his strength, but it also made clear the tremendous difference between the two.

If both of them had been equally powerful, Lu Xuan could never have retracted the power of his blow. Take, for example, an adult fighting an infant; the adult could easily withdraw his strength because he was overwhelmingly more powerful than an infant.

That was something that even he—a level five Awakened—could not accomplish.

While he was a level five Awakened, his subordinate, whom he was immensely proud of, was already half a step into becoming a Baodan Grandmaster. Even he would need to give his all when personally fighting the square-face, and at that point, it would have been impossible to pull back a single ounce of strength.

Lin Sheng, who was observing on the side, stared wide-eyed in astonishment. He knew that both he and the square-faced fatty was about as strong, as both were half a step to becoming a Baodan Grandmaster.

However, the square-face was defeated like he was a nobody, and from the looks of it, Lu Xuan was able to defeat square-face more quickly than he did when fighting Lin Sheng.

This suggested that Mr. Lu had obtained another breakthrough.

Considering his age, Lin Sheng just wanted to ask if Lu Xuan was, in fact, a monster?

Yun Sheng’s expression was not any better. The more he thought about it, the more Lu Xuan seemed like a monster. He slightly twitched his lips. Wasn’t Lu Xuan’s strength too powerful to be true?

Especially just now, when he suddenly snapped out of his nonchalance and attacked. It was as if he had turned into another person.

As if he jumped in style from an otaku Japanese 4koma to a sharp, crisp hong kong action comic.

It even reminded him of the man who was like a godly demon, the man esteemed as the Sea-stabilizing Holy Cudgel of Huaxia.

Because that man existed, Huaxia had become the forbidden land of the other factions and powers overseas.

At that very instant, Lu Xuan made him feel the same way.

“Mr. Lu, don’t tell me that you have broken through level six to become a martial arts legend?!”

Lin Sheng seemed to think of something suddenly and blurted.

Everyone’s gazes converged at him at once.

Even Ling Fei and Ling Huang, who had limited understanding about the cultivation realm, crammed some knowledge about the Nine-tiered Cultivation System.

Therefore, they now understood what a martial arts legend entails. It’s meaning was literal, an existence so powerful that it was basically legendary.

In ancient times, such humans would be Mortal Gods. In modern times, he would still be an unparalleled expert, a powerhouse that cannot be stopped even by firearms.

With such a heavyweight on their side, they could genuinely sleep well at night.

No wonder he was that confident the day before. No matter who the organization sent, they could never do anything to them.

A martial arts legend was indeed qualified and powerful enough to make such a proclamation.

“That’s right. I had stepped into level six after I focused on cultivating yesterday night!”

Lu Xuan nodded, paying no mind to the feat he had just achieved.

To the regular layman, stepping into level six meant the opening of a world so wide beyond their wildest imagination, the reaching of the world’s pinnacle. However, to Lu Xuan, it was barely worth anything. Lu Xuan, a Celestial Lord in his past life, knew better than anything that this was just a small step ahead on the path of cultivation.

The square-faced fatty could not help but twitch his lips at Lu Xuan’s words. What did he hear?

Did he breakthrough after a night of focus on cultivation?

He had never heard of a more refreshing brag!

Becoming a martial arts legend was the dream of countless martial artists in the world! Why did he put it across like it was something as trivial as drinking water?

There was nothing more infuriating than being compared to another man!

Could this fella actually be some main character from a web novel? Were there some cheats or hacks installed in his body?

Looking at Lu Xuan’s monstrous cultivation at his unbelievably young age, the square-faced fatty could not help but recall certain scenarios from the web novels he had read off a particular novel site.

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