This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: I Can’t Believe that You’re a Martial Arts Legend

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Almost instantly, Lu Xuan realized that someone must have broken in.

Following that gunshot, he could hear a splatter of several other shots, coming from afar.

Then, it soon became a full-blown crossfire.

It should be the military and the assassins clashing, as the bodyguards of the Ling family did not hold any gun permits.

Lu Xuan jumped up at once and pushed open the door, making his way out. Soon, he was in the corridor just outside the guest room.

Meanwhile, Ling Huang, Ling Fei, and Ling Yu appeared, protected by the guards who surrounded them. They all lived in rooms near Lu Xuan so that it would be easier for Lu Xuan to defend them.

“Damn it! I can’t believe they arrived so soon!” Ling Huang’s expression turned quite ghastly. The attackers had come too soon. They had deduced that the other party would only make a move within these few days. Who would have thought that they would launch an attack that very night?

As a result, both Yun Sheng, his old comrade, and the square-faced fatso, Yun Sheng’s subordinate, were not around.

However, when he saw Lu Xuan, his heart quickly nested back to his stomach, no longer worried.

Although his old comrade wasn’t present, nothing could go wrong with Lu Xuan here with them.

Yun Sheng had explained to him what a martial arts legend was after their meeting. With a powerhouse like that defending the grounds, so long as he did not do anything stupid, it could be said that there was no way that they could be compromised.

Nevertheless, the endless gunshots and the sounds of crossfire coming from all sides still made their hearts pound.

In this period right before the dawn of the glorious era of cultivation, guns were still plenty intimidating, especially to the ordinary folk.

No matter how powerful a fighter you were, a single bullet was enough to send you to meet your maker.


A loud bang could be heard, and at once, someone kicked down the door to the main hall. Shortly after, a man wearing Japanese fighting gear walked in.

Arrogant and fearless, he quickly found the Lings on the second floor. He verified their identities almost immediately.

“I guess this is what people meant by the proverb ‘searching far and wide to no avail, only to find it under my eyes’!” that middle-aged man let out a hearty laugh.

“Higashigawa Taro!”

Lin Sheng, who was beside Ling Huang, jumped down from the second floor with great agility.

At the same time, Ling Huang and the others finally recognized who that man was. He was none other than Higashigawa Taro, the man they had just seen from the photos.

“A Huaxia warrior?” Higashigawa Taro sneered coldly.

True enough, Higashigawa Taro was an extremely experienced assassin. In almost a single glance, he had already seen through Lin Sheng’s cultivation. A level four HuaJin, virtually at the door of becoming a level five Baodan Grandmaster.

With Lin Sheng’s age, it was inevitable that he would soon become a Baodan Grandmaster, and that day would not be too long into the future. He might even stand a good chance of matching his attainments or even surpass him.

To think that such a talent was not born in Japan, but instead, in Huaxia.

“He must die! I need to kill him before he grows to become a potential threat in the future!”

Higashigawa Taro reached an instant decision not to let Lin Sheng, who was in front of him, get out of this alive.

Like a fearsome tiger descending the mountains, Lin Sheng spent no time hesitating and pounced right at Higashigawa Taro.

Everything happened in an instant. Higashigawa Taro slid his long knife out of his sheath, and as he did that, a cold shine gleamed past the body of the blade. He was set to slice Lin Sheng into half.

“Not good!” Lin Sheng reacted in a split second, but the gleam of the blade still cut through his body.


Fresh, red blood spilled out of his chest.

“What a quick blade!”

Lin Sheng grabbed the wound of his chest. He never expected that he could not even block a single slash from Higashigawa Taro.

“Is that the true terror of a Baodan Grandmaster?” Lin Sheng felt himself breaking into a cold sweat.

Although he had sparred with his Master and Lu Xuan before, be it his Master or Lu Xuan, both of them had never harbored any killing intent towards him.

That speed was enough even to slice a bullet.

If he had not managed to dodge at the most crucial, that one slash was enough to slice him into two halves.

“You’re too weak! Is that what you call the martial arts of Huaxia? Only the martial arts of us—the Japanese—reign supreme in the world!” Higashigawa Taro began to laugh loudly.

“Don’t be too full of yourself, Higashigawa Taro! Even if I am no match for you, you are doomed today!”

Lin Sheng snarled as he breathed heavily.

All Higashigawa Taro returned was a cold smile. “You must be joking. Forget it. I’ve got no time to waste. I need to leave before the Agency of Special Affairs arrives!”

Long knife in hand, Higashigawa Taro mocked as he inched threateningly near to Lin Sheng.

Suddenly, a bright, crisp voice resounded the hall.

“To think that an international assassin like you would have such national pride!”

Another figure leaped off the second floor.

“Not too long ago, there was a Korean who said that TaeKwonDo was the strongest martial arts on earth. Would you be interested in fighting him, I wonder?” Lu Xuan commented in slight jest.

“Koreans? They are but a bunch of unworthy beings!”

Higashigawa Taro turned to Lu Xuan and ridiculed, “Why, are you trying to stall for time? That would be useless. One second, that’s all I need to kill you. Buying time? How do you plan on burying time?”

Higashigawa Taro assumed that he had seen entirely through what Lu Xuan was trying to do. One his face, he wore an expression of cold disdain.

One moment he was still chatting leisurely, and the very next moment, Higashigawa Taro had unleashed his blade unto Lu Xuan.

The snow-like gleam of the blade swung down from right over Lu Xuan’s head.

“Watch out!”

On the second floor, Ling Fei could not help but warn.

However, the bloody scene never happened. Beyond everyone’s expectations, Lu Xuan had pinched the terrifying blade of Higashigawa Taro between his two fingers.

“What? That’s impossible!” Higashigawa Taro went pale in great shock. Lu Xuan had stopped the slash that he thought was a sure kill with just two fingers.

He tried to pull at the long knife trapped between Lu Xuan’s digits, but it refused to budge. It was as though it was being held in place by a pair of pliers.

That was when he finally realized that something was wrong. He recalled what Lin Sheng had just said, and put it together with Lu Xuan’s horrifying display of strength.

Then, he saw a scene that he would never forget in his life. Lu Xuan turned his fingers. To his horror, the Japanese long knife forged with alloy broke apart, inch by inch.

“What kind of monster are you?!”

All color finally drained from Higashigawa Taro’s face. Over the years that he had been an assassin, he had never seen an existence as terrorizing as Lu Xuan.

Even a level five like him, a Baodan Grandmaster at the pinnacle of his cultivation, could never snap the alloyed long knife with just two fingers.




“I don’t care what kind of a monster are you! Die!” Higashigawa Taro immediately fished a gun from his waist and began to shoot at Lu Xuan in an insane frenzy.

However, when he finally saw what was happening, he was scared out of his wits. Those bullets hovered three inches in front of Lu Xuan, as though something invisible had intercepted the shots.

“That’s Vigor! A martial arts legend. I can’t believe that you’re a martial arts legend!” At last, Higashigawa Taro realized why he could not stand up to Lu Xuan. The man before him was no Baodan Grandmaster; he was a martial arts legend, a title that even the Japanese martial circle had heard of!


Higashigawa Taro made an instant decision to run, but in the very next instant, a shard from his shattered knife had punctured his skull as a gleaming piece of blade. It pinned him to the ground, and he soon lost all traces of life.

Even if he were a level five Baodan Grandmaster, with a brain pierced right through, only death would await.

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