This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: One Man’s Massacre

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Lu Xuan waved his hand in dismissal. It was not that Higashigawa Taro was weak. As a Baodan Grandmaster almost at the peak of his cultivation, him injuring Lin Sheng with a single slash was enough proof of his prowess.

Lin Sheng was already one of the best in his field, yet he was almost killed with a single move. When Masters exchange moves, victories were usually determined within the fraction of a second.

However, no matter how strong a Baodan Grandmaster was, they would still be merely a Baodan Grandmaster. When compared side by side with a martial arts legend, the difference between them would always be enormous.

Not to mention that even among the martial arts legends, Lu Xuan was one of the top shots. There were still a lot of capabilities that he had not yet shown to the world.

Being able to take on bullets with his body was just one of the many skills of his.

The rest were still unable to recover from the astoundment, having witnessed just how easily Lu Xuan had killed Higashigawa Taro.

“A martial arts legend, this is the real martial arts legend! A Mortal God, unharmed by guns and knives!” exclaimed Lin Sheng, jaws and eyes opened wide in amazement.

If these were ancient times, Lu Xuan could very well be truly invincible. Such a monster could easily demolish the battlefields, unless someone decided to deal with him like how Liu Bang had dealt with Xiang Yu, surrounding him with tens of thousands of troops and chasing him down until they were out of stamina. That was the only possible way to kill them.

He can’t help but suspect if Xiang Yu, the legendary ancient warrior, was a martial arts legend. Who knows? He might even be an existence more frightening than a martial arts legend.

Even if he were to exist in present times, he would be an existence undefeatable by many!

No wonder that there were stories passed down about the legendary martial arts legends, that with a flash of thought, could appear right in front of the person they wished to kill. No matter where they ran, they could never escape death.

Ling Huang, Ling Fei, and the others all heaved a sigh of relief. Now that Higashigawa Taro—the man Yun Sheng said to pose the most threat—was dead, they had practically made the halfway mark of surviving tonight’s ordeal.

However, Lu Xuan’s jaw-dropping strength was still struck them dumb. Although they knew little of the martial way, they could all see how Higashigawa Taro had severely injured Lin Sheng, only to be effortlessly wiped out by Lu Xuan.

Lu Xuan walked up to Lin Sheng at once and sealed some of his acupuncture points to stop the bleeding. He asked, “I heard from President Ling that you have a few pieces of Vajra Amulets? Why didn’t you use it?”

Lu Xuan knew that Ling Huang had given a couple of the Vajra Amulets to Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng turned slightly red. “I sent them all back to my Master. I don’t have any on me now!”

“They’re just Vajra Amulets. Need you do that?” Lu Xuan didn’t know if he should scold or praise him.

However, that was because he didn’t realize what sort of treasure the Vajra Amulets were to the ordinary folks.

To Lu Xuan, they were simply some amulets that he could draw anytime and anywhere, especially when he got higher and higher in cultivation levels. When that time came, he could draw as many talismans as he wanted. However, to the others, these Vajra Amulets were nothing short of treasures that could save their lives when faced with great danger.

“These may be nothing to you, Mr. Lu, but to us warriors, such skills are borderline godly!” Lin Sheng smiled wistfully. “My Master has got some powerful enemies. He needs them more than me!”

“You’re a filial disciple!”

Lu Xuan’s gaze towards Lin Sheng now consisted of some newfound respect.

No one would detest a man who respects their elders and teachers. Anyway, he has already sold the Vajra Amulets. No matter what they did with them were none of his business, and he wouldn’t interfere.

“Nurse and heal your injuries, and protect President Ling and the rest at the same time. I’ll head pout and kill all of the assassins who have breached the area!”

As he said that, Lu Xuan found a handgun and some replacement bullet cases from Higashigawa Taro’s body. And he walked out just like that.

Although he could have trashed the area with brute force, he didn’t shy away from using these firearms either. After all, the most significant difference between humans and animals was that humans know how to use tools.

Lu Xuan walked out, and in the darkness, one could see slight flares of crossfires briefly lighting the night. The assassins had busted the light bulbs in all areas beforehand.

All of the clashes happened in the dark. With night-vision goggles or the light from the house, one could briefly see the shadows moving around.

However, that proved to be in no way challenging for Lu Xuan at all. With his current cultivation level, he could see things in the dark as clearly as during the day.

Lu Xuan scanned the area once, and almost without the need to aim, he pulled the trigger.


An agonizing scream. A mercenary of Hellfire had lost his life under the barrel of Lu Xuan’s gun.

The very next moment, many shots were fired in Lu Xuan’s direction.


The mercenaries of Hellfire yelled fervently in their hearts. Standing blatantly in front of a door was an act of courting death.

However, what happened next stunned them rooted to the ground. Shots that were supposed to land on Lu Xuan were all futile; not only did they not touch Lu Xuan at all, but they had not even managed to make him fall even a few steps back.

“What kind of monster is he?!”

Many were so shocked that their minds went blank.

They were confident that they had hit their target, for they were assassins who had survived rigorous and strict training to kill. Of course, they were still no match to a Gun King or Gun God.

However, hitting a stationary target should have been absolutely effortless.

But what should they do when they have hit the target, yet the bullets were of no use at all?

It had to be a joke!

Despite their disbelief, Lu Xuan continued to fire away, killing more and more assassins from Hellfire.

Also, the assassins had given away their location by shooting at Lu Xuan, and so they were quickly taken out by the military’s special forces.

The Hellfire camp fell into chaos at once.

Lu Xuan’s interference of the situation costed Hellfire over half of their people, causing significant losses to the assassins camp.

Lu Xuan ignored all of their attacks. With a single pull of the trigger, he reaped their lives like they were nothing.

It was not that Lu Xuan was a gun user in his past life or is in any way proficient. It was just that at this stage of cultivation, his control over his muscles had reached a point of undoubted mastery.

Even if he had not used a gun in his previous life, he could quickly learn the knack of shooting. However, it would still be quite far off from how the Gun God would imbue their spiritual energy onto the gun, where the power was almost nuclear.

However, he was at least comparable to a regular Gun King.

Cultivation, in itself, was the evolution and quantum leap of life. Upon the completion of this evolutionary stage, they would learn much faster than any other ordinary man. In other words, they were people whom most would call geniuses.

Lu Xuan was nearly killing one with every shot. Those assassins from Hellfire stood no chance and was quickly falling back in defeat, all due to Lu Xuan alone.

Their attacks posed no harm to Lu Xuan at all, while Lu Xuan, on the other hand, was able to finish them off, one shot at a time.

In the end, even the special ops sent by the military could not help but stare with gaping mouths. They all stood aside as they watched Lu Xuan massacre the assassins.

As if they were stunned silly.

Be they the special forces from the military of the assassins from Hellfire, no matter how well-versed they are in killing people, they were still ordinary humans. One bullet was enough to take them down.

However, Lu Xuan was different. It was almost as if he was wearing heavy armor while being a master sharpshooter. Anywhere he pointed his gun, there his bullets would take someone down.

None of his shots missed.

What alarming accuracy and efficiency!

In the face of such a monster, even a well-trained team of elite special ops would be slaughtered in no time.

Unless they could hold out until he ran out of bullets, no one could stop such a monster.

Of course, it may be another story if they activated the use of heavy artillery.

However, they weren’t so sure about that after witnessing the monstrosity that was Lu Xuan. Even if they had used methods like missiles, would they stand a chance against a superhuman like Lu Xuan?

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