This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: I Can Hit You Whenever I Want. Do I Need to Pick a Time and Place?

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“That goes without saying! Arm a level five powerhouse to the teeth, and he can go up against an entire team of special ops sent out to kill him!” The square-faced fatty explained, “Those who practice martial arts call them Baodan Grandmasters. During the period of the Republic of China, you might not even find one Baodan Grandmaster amongst the many great martial masters. As for a level six supreme master, the people back then used to call them Martial Arts Legends. What they meant was that all who managed to cultivate to that level belonged to the rank of legendary beings. Such existences cannot be subdued by brute strength alone. If they find someplace in the city with enough space for them to unleash their arts, they would be almost impossible to kill even if the army cornered them. All sorts of unimaginable superpowers that I have only heard of but never witnessed.

“The person who killed the Poison Scorpion must at least be a level five expert. It could even be a level six existence!” the square-faced fatty concluded solemnly. “To think that such a master exists within Fu City. How could we not know a single thing about him?!

“We must find a way to investigate and confirm his identity quickly!” said the square-faced fatso.

Fu City. Lu Xuan stepped off the bus, unaware of the fact that he had caught the eye of relevant authorities because he killed Poison Scorpion.

However, he wouldn’t have cared even if he knew!

While his current self had a cultivation level much lower than in his previous life, the seismic shift of the world had just begun. His current cultivation was more than enough to ensure his safety and dominance.

If we used the nine-level cultivation system commonly used in the future, the him who completed the stage of Core Foundation would be at level five, with a foot in the door of level six. It was just a matter of time that he became a full-fledged level six cultivator.

It was cultivation prowess that most could not surpass at this stage!

As for level seven cultivators, they were so strong that the future generations would even call them “National Guardian” level cultivators. With their strength alone, they could change or guard the fate of an entire nation. The current world might not have seen the birth of a master of the National Guardian level, for even level six cultivators are rare to see.

After he was reborn, he managed to top the cultivation of the current strongest cultivator. He was, of course, satisfied with his current progress.

His past incarnation could not fend for himself in the face of the spiritual reawakening and the impending seismic change the world. However, he would not be as powerless as he was back then. He could wholly protect his family and himself.

He would send all of his enemies in his past life into hell, one by one!


His cellphone in his pocket suddenly rang. He took it out and glanced at the caller ID. It was Mother Empress!

“Son! Are you out of bed already?”

The voice of a middle-aged woman came from his cell the moment the call connected.

“Hello, Mom!” Lu Xuan’s hands trembled slightly the moment he heard her voice.

Ever since his family fell apart, he would give the world to hear this voice again. However, even if he became the youngest Celestial Lord ever across the many worlds and realms, he would never get a chance to salvage this regret in his heart.

However, Lu Xuan regained his bearings in the next moment. His regret in his past life must not happen again in this life. It must never, and it would never.

“You’re up early today, huh? Let me ask you something. You’ve graduated from college and are now a grown man. Why are you still without a girlfriend? My colleague Old Jiang just got a grandson. His son already had a son! How is your mother supposed to hold her head high at work?” The nagging of his Mom—Liu Wanrong—was delivered loud and clear through the phone.

“Mom, Old Jiang’s son is in his thirties. What’s there to rave about for having a son?” Lu Xuan didn’t know if he should cry or laugh.

“I don’t care. I’ve arranged a blind date for you. It’s the daughter of an old classmate, and I’ve met her in person. She’s as beautiful as a goddess descended from heaven! I threw away my dignity and finally convinced them to give you a chance. The day after tomorrow, 11 am at Nature’s Abode. If you dare feign illness and skip it like you did the last time, I’ll fly over and skin you alive!” Liu Wanrong’s threatening voice came from the other side of the line. “I still have something on. I’ll send you her details later. Hanging up!”

After this, she hung up in a great hurry.

Almost immediately, the smile on Lu Xuan’s face, too, collapsed. If not for his experience in his past life, he would never have guessed that a mere blind date like this would be the light the fuse to the powder keg that tore his family apart.

The death of his family shattered him, and he could not leave it behind for a very long time. If not for the fateful encounter afterward that led him onto the path of cultivation, his whole life would have been ruined.

Lu Xuan recalled that disgusting, haughty face that looked down at everyone as if everyone were ants, and he was the one true god of the world. He sneered coldly.

“However, in this lie, nothing of that sort will ever happen!”

Lu Xuan put away his phone. As he walked while he talked, he had reached the gates of his neighborhood—Xing Chen Bay Residence.

It’s a new neighborhood, and Lu Xuan had a house in it. He had been staying there ever since he graduated.

Meanwhile, at the guardhouse, stood a well-dressed woman in her twenties. She looked impatient, and a little snobbish as she scanned the security guards.

She walked over in enormous strides once she saw Lu Xuan, demanding, “You’re that Lu Xuan!”

“That’s right!”

Lu Xuan nodded. “And who are you?”

He might have asked that, but Lu Xuan knew the identity of this woman before him.

This woman was Dai Yingying, a close friend of Lin Miaoyi, his blind date the day after.

However, this close friend sure did not reciprocate her friend’s trueness. She willingly helped others to spy on her best friend and was responsible for chasing away every suitor of Lin Miaoyi.

The man she was spying for was none other than one of Lu Xuan’s greatest enemies—Luo Kun.

Luo Kun was the one who tore his family apart over the single blind date he had with Lin Miaoyi. He made use of his status as a mighty cultivator and was appalling and arrogant in his ways. He distinguished himself from the ordinary folks, thinking himself as a god.

In his past life, Luo Kun drove his family into destruction and caused his family to die horrible deaths. He was unable to break free from the trauma for a very long time until the earth underwent another round of evolution, where he got a chance to enter a cultivation sect. Henceforth, he stepped foot on the path in cultivation, leading to his eventual rise.

However, that was all in the past. The new Lu Xuan was completely unafraid.

Luo Kun?

He’d squash him to death if he dared cross his path!

“You don’t need to know who I am. The only thing you need to know is that you are not to go on the blind date!”

Dai Yingying ordered condescendingly, her disdain for Lu Xuan apparent for all to see.

“What has it got to do with you, whether or not if I go to the blind date? Who the hell do you think you are!” Of course, Lu Xuan wouldn’t waste his breath with her since she already knew who she was.

“You… Do you know who I am? How dare you talk to me like that!”

Dai Yingying was furious. Infuriated and irritable, she pointed at Lu Xuan’s nose as she scolded him.

At first, she could have been considered good-looking. However, her facial features were distorted in anger, and it showed her at her ugliest.

No one has ever dared to ignore her like that. She could see the snicker and contempt Lu Xuan had for her from his eyes.


A loud and resounding slap.

Dai Yingying covered her cheeks with her hand. Her eyes widened, seemingly in shock that Lu Xuan had the guts to slap her.

“You dared to hit me?” Dai Yingying’s voice shook in disbelief.

“I can hit you whenever I want. Do I need to pick a time and place?”

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