This Earth Is A Bit Fearsome

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Late-night Assault

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Lu Xuan looked at the Dai Yingying before him quite stoically. To his previous incarnation, even those the likes of Dai Yingying were people he could not afford to offend.

Dai Yingying too hailed from a family with a listed company with a billion under their name. Not to mention that behind her stood Luo Kun, an existence the old Lu Xuan could never reach.

However, everything was different. Even if Luo Kun dared to show his face in front of him, Lu Xuan need not think twice to squash him to death. Why would he pay Dai Yingying any mind?

He could hit her whenever he wanted. Need he pick a place and time?

“Get lost, Dai Yingying. I could care less that you choose to be someone else’s dog, but if you dare order me around, I’ll make sure that you’ll regret it!” Lu Xuan threatened icily.

While his current abilities were less than a millionth of how powerful he used to be, he was, after all, once a Celestial Lord. One sentence was all it took to scare Dai Yingying.

At that instant, Dai Yingying felt as though she was facing a ferocious beast that had gone berserk. Lu Xuan’s words sent chills down her entire body.

When she regained her senses, Lu Xuan had entered the neighborhood!

“Damn it! Just you wait, I must teach you a lesson!”

Dai Yingying felt the security guards’ gazes falling on her from all sides. She had never experienced greater humiliation in her life. She never dreamed that the day would come for her to be publicly shamed like this.

Dai Yingying slid into a corner of the street and pulled out of her phone. She then dialed a number.

“What’s the matter?” A young man’s voice came from the other end of the line.

Dai Yingying reported what happened indignantly. However, she seemed to be a little fearful of that man on the other side of the call, and so she dared not exaggerate anything.

“I got it. He’s just a young lad who’s too full of himself, unaware of how big the world truly is. I will take care of him. As for you, keep your eye on Miaoyi. Don’t let these shameless and arrogant men come near her!” The young man that she was speaking to paused for a moment.

“I understand. I will keep a good eye on Miaoyi, and I won’t let anyone come near her! However, if we allow him to meet Miaoyi, Miaoyi will know that I’ve once come to threaten him. The cat would be out of the bag, and you know how Miaoyi is. She’s not someone who could tolerate such an act!” Dai Yingying carefully advised.

“Don’t worry. He won’t have the chance. Stay out of this matter, and just watch Miaoyi for me!” The man on the other side hung up.

Dai Yingying put down her cellphone and looked towards the entrance of the neighborhood. A particular thrill of revenge flashed past her eyes.

“You’re dead meat!”

Lu Xuan, of course, knew nothing of Dai Yingying’s petty ploys. However, even if he did, he would have zero interest in them.

In front of absolute strength, every single petty ploy would be rendered meaningless!

His single most important objective was to level up and improve his cultivation. Once he could step into level six, he would genuinely gain the capital to stand tall and firm in this world. He alone could form an army, and he alone could make a country.

In his past life, he managed to surpass many of his predecessors despite starting many years later. The fact that he was reborn back to a time when the evolution of heaven and earth had just commenced gave him an unparalleled advantage.

Lu Xuan returned to his home and turned on the computer. More and more news regarding inexplicable phenomena began to flood the internet.

In this era of web-media proliferation and extreme advancement, it was almost impossible to stop the tide of information, even with mysterious powers constantly deleting posts while trying to wipe out all traces of abnormalities.

As the number of abnormal phenomena increased, coupled with the spiritual eruption the night before, reports of such bizarre observations would increase ten-fold.

When that time came, even the government would give up on the suppression of information. They would allow the situation to unfold on the web.

More time would pass until every government on earth would reach silent consensus and announce the drastic change the world underwent to the public. And that would mark the real start of the Cultivation Era.

And all of that would just be the prelude of the big tide!

It was not long after Lu Xuan reached home that he felt the continuous pang of hunger in his stomach. Within moments, he found himself absolutely starving.

Lu Xuan knew the reason behind his hunger. He might have absorbed the fruits of cultivation gained by other cultivators over several years or more, and it drained too much of his energy. He would only get hungrier from then on.

He had no choice but to turn off his computer and head out quickly. He arrived at a beef noodle store just outside his neighborhood and ordered 20 bowls of noodles. After Lu Xuan finished everything at once, he finally felt some relief from the burning hunger in his stomach.

What Lu Xuan did had stunned everyone in the beef noodle store. 20 bowls for one man? Even the legendary King of the Eaters wasn’t that insatiable.

Apart from these noodles, he inhaled a lot of meat dishes into his stomach, as well. Only then did he finally feel that he had somewhat replenished his energy.

With Lu Xuan’s current cultivation, it was still not enough to allow him to survive with no food except wind and dew. He still required a lot of energy as he continued on the path of cultivation.

If he didn’t absorb every single drop of spiritual energy from that spiritual spring the night before, Lu Xuan’s issue would not be solved as easily with 20 bowls of ramen.

After several consecutive breakthroughs, every single cell in his body was emitting a message of hunger. Without that much spiritual energy to replenish the vigor lost, he could have starved to death if he broke through to level five or mid-stage level six.

While Spirit Qi was slowly but surely beginning to fill the atmosphere, it was still extremely thin and incomparable to the robust state earth would be in in the future, where it became the sacred grounds for cultivation. Relying solely on the absorption of Spirit Qi around him was insufficient to compensate for the energy he lost.

If I’m planning to speed up my cultivation in a very short time, it would be too slow to just rely on conventional cultivation methods. It looks like I’ll have to get my hands on some precious medicinal herbs! Lu Xuan thought to himself. The reawakening of the earth had benefitted many other species, not just humans.

Many plants and minerals evolved under the nourishment of Spirit Qi. Even the most common of items became all sorts of mysterious treasures after the evolution.

The Awakened who could spit fire and water, fly, and many others came to be this way mostly by consuming part of such plants or their fruits.

The Awakened were all once ordinary humans. However, after eating those mutated fruits, they immediately leaped to the top of the social ladder, possessing extraordinary strength.

After he solved the problem with his hunger, Lu Xuan felt his body lighten. He then made his way back home and rearranged his furniture to hold certain formation positions. A simple Spirit Gathering Formation was then complete, whirring into life as it began to gather the Spirit Qi in that area.

As Lu Xuan had no other Celestial Artifacts on hand, the Spirit Gathering Formation he laid out was of limited effectiveness. It could not compare to the formation he laid when he was at his best, but it would be enough for now.

The Spirit Qi within that house was at least several times thicker than that of the outside world. If a common man were to live in such an environment, he would be free of all illnesses, comfortably living to a ripe old age, well into the hundreds.

In fact, this was the sign that signified what was to come. Ever since heaven and earth began to undergo a seismic change, and that Spirit Qi began to reawaken, many became sturdier and healthier with the nurture of Spirit Qi, even if they themselves were not cultivators.

Small illnesses, such as influenza and fever, slowly disappeared, and many age-old stubborn diseases began to take a turn for the better as well. Because of that, that was the period where the crowds at the hospitals were significantly reduced.

Lu Xuan went into secluded cultivation. Time passed quickly, and the rising moon replaced the setting sun. The day turned to night in the blink of an eye.

Xing Chen Bay Residence. The soft glow of moonlight spilled on the ground like a silver coat. A silhouette expanded his giant bat wings and landed outside the windows of Lu Xuan’s house. An easy flip, and he was inside.

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