Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: She Should See How They Would React

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Tan Mo said to Yuan Keqing meaningfully, “Cousin, fortunately, there was no one else here. This older sister definitely will not spread the word after hearing this. Otherwise, you would have garnered negative sentiment for our family. What is the Tan family’s status compared to those of all these families? Including my parents and brothers, they have never dared to think that they are above others. If other people hear you, they’ll laugh at the Tan family for not knowing our place, won’t they?”

Although Tan Mo appeared to be a six-year-old, she had the wisdom of a thousand-year-old little snow fairy. In her previous life, she always listened to her master’s reading, preaching about scriptures, and discussion of Taoism.

Even adults could barely rival her sharp tongue, let alone Yuan Keqing and Qin Muxiao.

Qin Muxiao didn’t know how she should flare up anymore.

Who was her sister?

She had been shouting sister nonstop!

Yuan Keqing was both angry and anxious. Tan Mo’s remarks completely disassociated the Tan family from ‘her’ family.

“But, Cousin, how can you say that? The Tan family is very good.” Yuan Keqing was observing Qin Muxiao as she said, “Even today’s invitations were given by Uncle Wei Zhiqian himself.”

Yuan Keqing didn’t dare to directly call Wei Zhiqian Little Uncle here.

Qin Muxiao’s face darkened when she heard this.

She was here to cause trouble, but she couldn’t find a suitable excuse at the moment.

Her eyes fell on the Sleeping Beauty doll that Tan Mo was holding.

“You, give me this doll to play with,” Qin Muxiao demanded while pointing to the doll in Tan Mo’s arms.

Tan Mo’s eyes brightened. The opportunity came.

She hugged the doll tighter, then shook her head and said, “This is my favorite doll. I can’t give it to you.”

She really liked this doll, but the reason for her carrying it with her wasn’t just because she liked it.

Didn’t Yuan Keqing love to snatch her things?

The more she liked it, the more Yuan Keqing wanted to grab it.

She brought the doll out today so Yuan Keqing would no doubt find an excuse to try to take it.

She just didn’t expect that Yuan Keqing hadn’t made a move yet, then another villain, Qin Muxiao, appeared.

But it didn’t matter. It’s all the same.

Originally, Tan Mo only wanted to protect her parents and brothers from the tragedy of their previous life.

But after so many years of getting along, they were now her closest family members.

She was Tan Mo now, not the bullied one from her previous life as a little snow fairy.

At present, she was Tan Mo. Therefore, she would not let Yuan Keqing off the hook.

Didn’t Yuan Keqing love to scheme against people?

Tan Mo narrowed her eyes. She had already guessed what Yuan Keqing would say next.

“What a lame toy! You cherish such a trashy doll so much.” Qin Muxiao curled her lips in contempt. “Look at how ignorant you are. How embarrassing!”

Yuan Keqing seemed to be frightened. Crying, she said, “This doll isn’t ordinary. It was given to my cousin by Uncle Wei Zhiqian.”

Qin Muxiao became even angrier when she heard it.

Wei Zhiqian never gave her anything, not even a pebble.

It could be said that Wei Zhiqian rarely gave away anything.

Even if the things sent out were worthless, as long as they were sent by Wei Zhiqian, the sentiment was more important.

“Give me this doll to play with!” Qin Muxiao demanded sternly. “Brother Zhiqian gave it to you? I don’t believe it! Brother Zhiqian’s name can’t be mentioned by lowly people like you.”

“Really?” Yuan Keqing cried. “If you don’t believe me, go and ask him.”

“…” Qin Muxiao choked a little, then she said, “So what if it is? I just want to play with it a little, and it’s not like I’m trying to take it away from you. How pathetic of you to cherish such a plain doll so much!”

Yuan Keqing had been crying, but Tan Mo acted as if nothing was wrong and kept stroking the doll’s hair.

Yuan Keqing seemed to be speaking for her, but in fact, she had been fueling Qin Muxiao’s anger.

It turned out that Yuan Keqing was waiting to set her up in this way.

Tan Mo basically judged that Yuan Keqing’s tea art skill was probably at the entry level.

Currently, she was only six years old. When she got older, her skill would improve.

No wonder Tan Mo wasn’t her opponent in her last life.

Tan Mo felt that since Yuan Keqing was crying like this, if she didn’t react at all, it would make her look bad.

Tan Mo was about to rub her eyes when she saw Qin Murong approaching.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Murong just came over when she saw that they seemed to be arguing. “Play with each other nicely. No fighting.”

Qin Muxiao quickly dragged Qin Murong to her side. She pointed at Tan Mo and said, “Sister, I just saw her pretty doll, and I wanted to play with it. But she acted as if I wanted to grab it and kept crying as if I had bullied them. She kept telling me that this doll was given to her by Brother Zhiqian, so she couldn’t let me borrow it.”

Sure enough, Qin Murong’s expression changed abruptly when Qin Muxiao mentioned Wei Zhiqian.

“This is from Brother Zhiqian, and I want it too,” Qin Muxiao whispered to Qin Murong without letting Tan Mo hear. Otherwise, wouldn’t it appear as if she was inferior to Tan Mo?

“Sister, I am the future sister-in-law of Brother Zhiqian, but he hasn’t even given me anything,” Qin Muxiao said aggrievedly.

Qin Murong was bitter. She thought, ‘Wei Zhiqian has never sent you anything. Well, he has never given me anything either.’

Everyone was talking about her getting engaged to Wei Zhiqian in the future, but Wei Zhiqian had never said anything to her. Most of the time, he was indifferent to her or deliberately ignored her.

It seemed as if her feelings weren’t reciprocated.

Qin Murong looked at Tan Mo again. She wouldn’t be jealous of Tan Mo, a six-year-old girl. She didn’t see Tan Mo as competition.

It’s just that Wei Zhiqian would rather give a gift to an outsider than to Qin Muxiao, his future sister-in-law.

Qin Murong felt really angry.

She placed a hand on her sister’s shoulder to pacify her. “It’s just a doll. Are you still short of a few dolls? Don’t quarrel with other children. Other people will laugh.”

Qin Murong asked Tan Mo gently, “What is your name?”

Yuan Keqing said in a choked voice, “My name is Yuan Keqing.”

Tan Mo rubbed her eyes while Qin Murong and Qin Muxiao were talking.

At the moment, Tan Mo raised her head with red eyes and said pitifully, “Tan Mo.”

“Tan Mo, can you lend Muxiao this doll to play with?” Qin Murong smiled. “I think you are all about the same age. You two can be good friends.”

“It’s okay to be friends, but I can’t let her borrow my doll,” Tan Mo refused gently.

The smile on Qin Murong’s face disappeared, and she said, “People have to learn to share. You’re already selfish at such a young age. That’s not good.”

“But this was my doll. I can choose to give it or not.” Tan Mo held the doll tightly. “You mean, even if something belongs to me, if others want to take it, if I refuse, then it’s my fault?”

Could she tell that to victims of robberies?

She should see how they would react. She would be lucky if she only received insults, instead of beatings.

Was Qin Murong mentally retarded?

Yet, she was looking forward to becoming Wei Zhiqian’s fiancée?

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