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Chapter 11

Chapter 11: So It Was Her Fault?

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Tan Mo couldn’t help but recall what she saw in the mirror in her previous life.

Because she mainly saw things about the family, she saw very little about things outside the family.

However, Wei Zhiqian’s name could be heard more or less because of Wei Keli.

Tan Mo racked her brains, but she still couldn’t remember the name of Wei Zhiqian’s previous wife.

‘Wait, was Wei Zhiqian married? Who did he marry?’

Thinking of this, Tan Mo felt uncertain.

She really didn’t seem to have any memory of Wei Zhiqian’s marriage.

However, she was sure that these had nothing to do with Qin Murong.

She vaguely remembered that in the previous life, Wei Keli seemed to mention that Qin Murong wanted to marry Wei Zhiqian, but it didn’t happen.

Thus, in this life, if nothing unexpected happened, Qin Murong would still be unable to marry Wei Zhiqian.

Qin Murong looked at this insensible little girl with gloomy eyes, and her voice grew colder. “It’s just a doll. Why are you being petty? Besides, Muxiao is not trying to snatch your doll. She just wants to borrow it and have a look.”

Tan Mo didn’t respond. Qin Murong continued, “That doll isn’t that expensive, yet you won’t even let me have a look at it. Wouldn’t that make you appear too stingy? It seems that you have not been outside that much.” How stingy was the daughter of Tan family to not let others borrow her cheap doll. How embarrassing.

As she spoke, Qin Murong flashed an affectionate, big sister-like smile and then said softly, “Furthermore, there is no need to hurt your friendship because of this doll. You have to be generous when you attend events like this to give people a good impression. Now, this is between us. Of course, we won’t talk about it. But if it were someone else, they won’t be able to keep it to themselves as we can. Then your selfish reputation will spread. It’s not just you. Even your family will be embarrassed.”

“Mo Mo, I am not scolding you,” Qin Murong quickly added. “I’m saying this for your own good.” Qin Murong gently rubbed Tan Mo’s head. “In front of others, you can’t act like this, embarrassingly selfish. Okay?”

Yuan Keqing also tried to persuade her, “Yes, cousin. In fact, it is just a doll. Although it was given by Uncle Wei Zhiqian, there is no need to keep others from playing with it. It will harm your friendship with others. It really wouldn’t be good if word got out.”

“Sister Murong.” At this moment, Wei Keli came over.

He wanted to find an opportunity to talk to Tan Mo about the incident the last time she was at his house and apologize to her, although he didn’t think it was a big deal and that Tan Mo was wronged.

But since he promised Li Xiangrong that he would come and apologize to Tan Mo, then he would do just as he promised.

Then he saw that they were all together.

Upon seeing Yuan Keqing crying, he immediately thought that Yuan Keqing had been bullied.

“What’s wrong, Keqing?” Wei Keli looked at the Qin sisters nervously.

“It’s nothing,” Qin Murong smiled gently as she answered. “It’s just that Muxiao saw that Tan Mo’s doll is very pretty and wanted to see it, but Tan Mo may have misunderstood her intentions and refused to let her borrow it.”

Qin Muxiao curled her lips and said, “As if I was going to snatch her doll! Can my family not afford to buy a doll? Who does she think she is? She kept saying that Brother Zhiqian gave it to her, so she won’t give it up. She’s using Brother Qian to intimidate us? What a joke! She doesn’t even know who we are. She thought we were pushovers but shot herself in the foot instead!”

Qin Murong patted Qin Muxiao on the shoulder and then said, “The Tan family isn’t part of our social circle, so it’s normal for Tan Mo not to be familiar with us.”

Wei Keli heard what Qin Muxiao said and felt that this matter was blown out of proportion.

He couldn’t help thinking about how at his home, previously, Yuan Keqing had just wanted to play with the doll, but Tan Mo didn’t want to lend it to her. Yuan Keqing said she would give it back to Tan Mo after playing, but Tan Mo was still reluctant and purposely threw it on the ground to humiliate Yuan Keqing.

At present, Tan Mo didn’t even look at Qin Muxiao. Wei Keli wasn’t surprised at all.

Wei Keli was a little disappointed. He didn’t know when Tan Mo had become so calculating.

At such a young age, she already knew how to use Wei Zhiqian to intimidate others.

Qin Murong and Qin Muxiao weren’t aware of it, but he knew that Tan Mo had only met Wei Zhiqian once.

She wasn’t familiar with Wei Zhiqian at all, so it didn’t matter.

Those who didn’t know might believe Tan Mo’s bluff.

On the one hand, many people had the tacit understanding that Qin Murong would marry Wei Zhiqian in the future. On the other hand, Tan Mo had only met and talked with Wei Zhiqian once.

Wei Keli weighed the matter, and he chose to side with the Qin sisters.

After all, the Wei family would be handed over to Wei Zhiqian to inherit in the future, and his future lay in Wei Zhiqian’s hands.

Since the Qin family had an unspoken agreement to marry Qin Murong to Wei Zhiqian, although Qin Murong wasn’t technically Wei Zhiqian’s fiancée, Wei Keli felt that it was necessary to have a good relationship with Qin Murong as early as now.

He had started to treat Qin Murong as his future aunt early on.

Wei Keli also couldn’t think of a reason Wei Zhiqian would disagree.

After all, the Qin family was a prominent family at the same level as the Wei family, and they were two of the most prominent families in the entire nation.

It wasn’t easy to find such a suitable political marriage.

Wei Keli leaned toward Qin Muxiao and then said to help, “Yeah, Mo Mo. Let Muxiao borrow the doll. Make friends. If you really like it, I will buy you another one later. ”

Qin Murong was satisfied with Wei Keli’s behavior and smiled at him.

Tan Mo turned her head to look at Wei Keli. “So, Brother Keli, you think they are right and you agree with their words and deeds, don’t you?”

Tan Mo’s delicate small face was lovely, but Wei Keli didn’t dare to look at her eyes directly.

He felt that if he answered this question, everything would be different.

Wei Keli hesitated. The answer was stuck in his throat, and he couldn’t push it out.

Tan Mo didn’t withdraw her gaze. Her eyes were filled with ambivalent emotions. “Really?”

Tan Mo asked Wei Keli for the second time. He had to answer.

His mouth was dry. Finally, he answered, “I don’t think it is something that important. There is no need to make everyone unhappy because of a doll. I remember that you have always been very generous.”

He was also afraid that Tan Mo would offend Qin Murong, so he continued, “You don’t know that Sister Murong is my future aunt. As my uncle’s wife, she actually has the right to get back something that my uncle gave out.”

Tan Mo sneered inside. So it was her fault now?

She made everyone unhappy?

Qin Murong blushed upon hearing Wei Keli address her as “aunt.” She was touched by this gesture.

Qin Muxiao stretched out her hand and looked arrogant. “It’s obviously your fault. Everyone already said so. Give it to me now. Don’t make others look down on you.”

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