Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Setting Up Three People in One Blow

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With her chin raised while looking at Tan Mo triumphantly, Qin Muxiao looked high and mighty, as if waiting for her subjects to pay tributes.

Unexpectedly, Tan Mo suddenly ran away with the doll in her arms.

Everyone was stunned. Qin Murong and Qin Muxiao thought that the matter was over. Who would have thought that out of the blue, Tan Mo would suddenly run away?

“Go after her!” Qin Murong was a second or two slow before thinking of running after Tan Mo.

Wei Keli quickly moved.

Qin Muxiao and Yuan Keqing were younger and had shorter legs, so they lagged behind.

Qin Murong saw that Tan Mo was actually heading in Wei Zhiqian’s direction, and she suddenly felt nervous.

If Tan Mo talked nonsense to Wei Zhiqian, it wouldn’t look good on her. Wei Zhiqian might despise her.

“Sister Murong, don’t worry.” Wei Keli’s voice sounded lowly behind her. “Mo Mo has only met Little Uncle once and is not familiar with him.”

Qin Murong paused for a while, then breathed a sigh of relief.

She smiled at Wei Keli.

Wei Keli was kind and intimate with her, so he acknowledged that she would become his future aunt.

It’s just that she and Wei Zhiqian had not been engaged yet, so Wei Keli should not address her as such. Wei Keli had always called her ‘Murong Sister’.

Wei Keli’s touching gestures made Qin Murong very happy. She patted Wei Keli’s arm affectionately and said, “I’ll remember how you helped me today.”

Wei Keli was not mature enough to be able to control his emotions. His youthful face was filled with joy.

If he could have a good relationship with the future wife of the family heir, his life would be much better in the future.

Soon, Qin Murong heard Tan Mo called, “Little Uncle!”

Qin Murong sneered. “At a young age, she already has no shame! They have only met once, yet she’s already calling Zhiqian Little Uncle. Does she really think that anyone can call him that?”

In terms of seniority, there was nothing wrong with Tan Mo calling him that way.

But now, the target was Wei Zhiqian, and only recognized people could call him that way.

Otherwise, one would only suffer embarrassment.

Waiting for Tan Mo to be embarrassed, Qin Murong snorted. In the future, Tan Mo shouldn’t even think about trying to squeeze into their circle.

Qin Murong saw that Tan Mo bumped into Wei Zhiqian’s leg, but her arrogance didn’t last for more than 10 seconds. She saw Wei Zhiqian bending over to hug Tan Mo.

Qin Murong’s expression became unsightly.

Instead of reprimanding Tan Mo, Wei Zhiqian even picked her up!

With an impassive expression on her face, Qin Murong turned around to look at Wei Keli. “Didn’t you say they are unfamiliar with each other? Why was Wei Zhiqian bending over to pick her up?”

Wei Keli also couldn’t understand.

They really were unfamiliar with each other!

They had only met once, so how familiar could they be?

However, judging by Wei Zhiqian’s actions towards Tan Mo, they seemed…familiar.

“Sister Murong, this is not the best time to talk about it. Let’s go there first.” Wei Keli thought it would be better to check the situation first than make assumptions.

Qin Murong immediately followed.

Wei Keli, Qin Muxiao, and Yuan Keqing also followed her closely.

“What’s the matter?” Wei Zhiqian asked as he hugged Tan Mo.

Wei Zhiqian had never liked children very much, but, for some reason, he was very fond of Tan Mo.

He couldn’t help but want to look after her.

Qin Murong heard Wei Zhiqian asking Tan Mo and thought Tan Mo went to Wei Zhiqian to tell on them.

She hurriedly wanted to speak before Tan Mo, but Tan Mo beat her to it.

She heard Tan Mo’s soft voice asking considerately, “Little Uncle, can I give this doll to Qin Muxiao?”

Tan Mo’s eyes were dry. They weren’t even red.

In Tan Mo’s heart, tears were the lowest level of tea art skill.

“Why?” Wei Zhiqian was puzzled. Obviously, this little girl liked this doll very much, yet she wanted to give it away?

Since he had already given it to Tan Mo, she was free to decide what to do with it.

However, Wei Zhiqian didn’t appreciate people giving away his presents.

Then again, most people didn’t dare.

One reason was that they didn’t have the guts to do so, and the other was they were reluctant to do so.

The main point wasn’t about how valuable the gifts that Wei Zhiqian gave were. His gesture of giving presents was more significant.

Even if it was trash, as long as it was given by him, people would want to frame it for display.

Nobody who had received a gift from Wei Zhiqian was willing to pass it on.

Wei Zhiqian’s tone was low, and he was already a bit displeased.

But at least Tan Mo came to him to ask for his permission. Thus, he patiently waited for her explanation.

If Tan Mo gave it away without consulting him, then today would be the last time he and this kid would talk, and there would be no next time.

Qin Murong was also dumbfounded. She didn’t expect Tan Mo to say such things.

Her intuition told her that this wouldn’t look good on her.

Soon, she heard Tan Mo spoke gently, “Qin Muxiao is so pitiful. She doesn’t even have a doll, so she has to come and ask me for it.”

Qin Muxiao was flushed with anger but couldn’t speak.

Who said she didn’t have a doll?

She told Tan Mo just now that she had no shortage of dolls!

How come Tan Mo was here saying that she didn’t even have a doll?

“No!” Qin Murong quickly chimed in.

If Tan Mo gave her this opportunity to explain, she wouldn’t be Tan Mo.

As if she hadn’t heard Qin Murong’s words, Tan Mo continued, “But I feel very conflicted. This doll was given to me by Little Uncle. You can’t give away a gift from others, so I’m here to ask you if I can give it away.”

As Tan Mo spoke, she tilted her head, distressed, and muttered, “But why doesn’t Qin Muxiao have even a single doll?”

Qin Muxiao’s face was flushed.

But Tan Mo wasn’t finished asking questions yet. She remembered one more thing. “By the way, Little Uncle, what does sister-in-law mean?”

Wei Zhiqian’s brows furrowed.

“Where did you hear that word?” Wei Zhiqian’s dissatisfaction had now dissipated because of Tan Mo’s questions.

“That’s what Qin Muxiao said. She said she was your sister-in-law, but you never gave her anything, not even a pebble,” Tan Mo said with an innocent expression on her face. “Brother Keli also calls Sister Qin Murong ‘Little Auntie’.”

Tan Mo quickly added, “In fact, what Brother Keli said makes sense. Little Uncle, your future wife also has the right to ask for the things you gave to others.” Tan Mo’s words killed three birds with one stone.

Although Yuan Keqing wasn’t mentioned, she was shaking nervously on the side.

She was afraid that her name would be mentioned next.

Qin Muxiao was indignant and didn’t think there was anything wrong with Tan Mo’s words.

It’s what it was!

Qin Murong was Wei Zhiqian’s future wife, so didn’t she have the right to take back the things he gave out?

Since Tan Mo knew everything, why was she pretending to ask Wei Zhiqian for his opinion?

On the side, Qin Murong and Wei Keli’s faces were devoid of color.

If she had known that Tan Mo would say such a thing, she would have tied Tan Mo up and sealed her lips to prevent her from coming to Wei Zhiqian.

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