Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: You’re Too Naive!

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“You are six years old. Are you about to start elementary school?” Wei Zhiqian asked.

Tan Mo didn’t know why Wei Zhiqian suddenly asked this question. Tan Mo nodded. “Yes, I will start elementary school this year.”

“I see. You can go to your family now.” She had no idea what Wei Zhiqian was thinking about.

Tan Mo thought this little uncle was very weird.

She slid down the chair and was about to leave when she suddenly saw a small head popping up next to her.

“Muye.” The old madam also saw her.

Qin Muye stood up straight, then greeted the Old Madam, “Grandma.”

“Have you eaten? How was the food?” Wei Zhiqian’s father, Wei Mingwen, asked with a smile.

“Yes, I came to play with Tan Mo,” Qin Muye said.

Tan Mo was quietly observing Qin Muye when her name was mentioned.

“Play with me?” Tan Mo pointed to her nose and looked at the girl in front of her.

Qin Muye appeared to be her age. With fair skin, thick eyebrows, and big eyes, she was very beautiful.

There was a sincere expression on her face.

“Yes!” Qin Muye nodded readily. “I liked you at first glance.”

Tan Mo covered her small face with her hands. She was really likable.

Qin Muye said so, and she believed it.

“Go and play with Muye,” Wei Zhiqian urged. “You girls are of the same age, and she is starting elementary school this year too.”

Since Wei Zhiqian had said so, it meant that Qin Muye was nice.

See how Wei Zhiqian didn’t like to talk to Qin Murong and Qin Muxiao?

Therefore, Tan Mo readily agreed.

Wei Zhiqian smiled when he saw Tan Mo’s trusting behavior.

She really was a smart little girl.

Qin Muye happily took Tan Mo’s hand and walked away.

“Your surname is also Qin. Do you belong to the same family as Qin Muxiao and her sister?” Tan Mo asked curiously.

Qin Muye puffed her cheeks and then said, “We’re related. Qin Mufeng—if you remember a while ago, Brother Zhiqian talked to him—he is my brother. Qin Murong and Muxiao are my cousins, but Muxiao is a month younger than me.”

Tan Mo and Qin Muye just met, but Qin Muye was already sharing with Tan Mo some details about her family.

She was either very simple-minded or scheming. That’s why she shared such information.

However, seeing how Qin Muye’s face, with a relaxed expression, was an open book, and with Wei Zhiqian’s affirmation, Tan Mo decided that she was harmless.

Qin Muye had no wariness on her face. She hugged Tan Mo’s arm, then whispered to her ears, “You are so amazing. You threw the Qin sisters under the bus with just a few words.”

Qin Muye didn’t conceal anything and continued embarrassingly, “That’s why I came here to get to know you.”

Tan Mo didn’t know what to say.

She was so straightforward.

To put it bluntly, she came here not because she liked her, but because she had a sharp tongue.

Wasn’t Qin Muye afraid that Tan Mo would just walk away in anger?

Tan Mo had basically figured out Qin Muye’s character by now.

Qin Muye’s face didn’t conceal her emotions at all, and with her unassuming personality, the Qin sisters would bully her to no end.

Qin Mufeng was allegedly a young teenager who was smart and calculating. How could his sister be so innocent?

Had Qin Mufeng got all the shrewdness?

“Have you been bullied by them?” Tan Mo felt that the answer was yes.

Upon the mention of this, Qin Muye was bitter.

She pulled Tan Mo aside, then said to her, “Strictly speaking, it’s not bullying, but what they say always makes me unhappy. Qin Muxiao often takes things from me. With some things, I don’t think it’s a big deal. It’s not like I have a shortage of things, so I might as well give them away anyway.”

“But there are some things I really like and don’t want to give away.” Qin Muye was upset when she said this.

“However, those are your stuff, so it is up to you to give them or not. You have the right to choose what to give or whether to give it or not.” Tan Mo and Qin Muye both agreed to this.

“That’s true!” Qin Muye nodded and felt like she found a confidant. “I think so every time afterwards. You have no idea, but Qin Muxiao is okay since she is just spoiled and accustomed to getting her way. But, fortunately, she’s very frank, so I can still quarrel with her. On the other hand, Qin Murong always says sarcastic words to me. She’s clearly bullying me. Deep inside, I know that the things she says are twisted, but I can’t find the words to refute her.

“She keeps saying that we’re all sisters, so we shouldn’t set boundaries. It seems that if I don’t give up my things, I’m selfish and petty. That’s why I always dread having her around. I also can’t say anything about it,” Qin Muye shared gloomily. “Qin Murong is 15 years old, and she’s older than Qin Muxiao and I, yet she helps Qin Muxiao bully others. At the age of 15, she doesn’t feel ashamed to bully me, a six-year-old! Every time I think about it, I get so angry.”

“So you just said that when Qin Muxiao asks you for a doll, you can think of what Qin Murong will say,” Qin Muye said. “She is best at saying sarcastic things that we can’t refute, and I get bullied by her all the time.”

“Unexpectedly, Qin Murong herself was unable to refute you!” Qin Muye exclaimed, clapping her hands. “It was the first time I saw her being dissed. Mo Mo, you are incredible!”

Tan Mo thought about how Qin Muye was quite outgoing.

They didn’t know much about each other and only met a few minutes ago, but she was already calling her Mo Mo.

However, even if Qin Muye was always bullied by the Qin sisters, her eyes were still cheerful, and she didn’t look the slightest bit gloomy.

It could be inferred that Qin Muye was really an open-minded girl.

She was so young, but she already had such a mindset.

This was what the Qin family’s daughter should be like.

Unlike the Qin sisters who really weren’t presentable enough!

“Then your brother let them bully you like this?” Tan Mo thought of Qin Mufeng, who was the heir of the Qin family.

How could he let his sister be bullied like this?

“I haven’t told anybody else about it, even my own family,” Qin Muye admitted and lowered her head.


“They are our relatives. They are my uncle’s children. Even if I tell my parents about it, they will not blame them for anything. Moreover, it will also worry my parents and my brother. They are usually very busy. My brother is still young, but he has already suffered a lot of pressure.” Qin Muye laughed, and two dimples showed. “Moreover, I don’t lend Qin Muxiao what my parents and brother gave me. So, actually, I don’t suffer much.”

Seeing that Qin Muye could smile despite having unbearable relatives, Tan Mo reached out and poked the dimples on Qin Muye’s face. “You’re too naïve! Even if you are relatives and they’re your uncle’s children, will your parents allow you to be treated that horribly?”

Tan Mo sympathized with Qin Muye.

She only had one green tea cousin, Yuan Keqing, and she was a handful.

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