Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Recognize Her as a Grandniece

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However, Qin Muye was more resilient. She had to endure two at the same time!

Qin Muxiao unreasonably snatched other people’s things away, while Qin Murong was a super green tea that was several levels higher than Yuan Keqing.

Her parents and only brother were very busy.

Unlike Tan Mo, although there was Yuan Keqing, Yuan Keqing was a novice green tea. Dealing with Yuan Keqing was a piece of cake for her.

Her parents were always watching her.

Her three older brothers didn’t need her to say anything. They sensibly thought that everyone could bully her. They were always on guard against everyone around their baby sister.

In comparison, Qin Muye’s life was filled with more untold suffering than Tan Mo’s. Tan Mo couldn’t imagine how challenging it was for Qin Muye to be patient towards the Qin sisters.

“If you let your parents know that you have been bullied by the Qin sisters under their noses for so long—despite treating them well, loving them as family, and being generous to them—they will surely be sad and disappointed at them. They will also reflect on how they have been passive, brushing off incidents as shallow or unworthy of attention.” Tan Mo held Qin Muye’s hand.

“Turns out to be…like that?” Qin Muye’s lips trembled, and her eyes were a little moist. “I never thought about it.”

Tan Mo knew that Qin Muye was open-minded, and she was magnanimous.

That’s why she didn’t think too much.

“It isn’t that difficult. You just need to think about it from a different angle.” Tan Mo’s voice was firm, but not forceful. She gently tried to convince Qin Muye,” You don’t want your parents and older brother to have to deal with your affairs when they are busy because you’re afraid that they will be worried. But, in the same way, they certainly don’t want to neglect you because of their busyness. They don’t want you to be aggrieved. If they knew that you were treated badly but weren’t informed about it because they were busy, how anguished would they be?”

“That’s right,” Qin Muye agreed, enlightened. “I’m so stupid. If it weren’t for you reminding me, I would never have thought about it from another angle.”

“You’re not stupid. You’re magnanimous,” Tan Mo said with a smile. “Because of your magnanimity, even though you have been bullied by the Qin sisters, you still remained cheerful and bubbly. This is something that many people can’t do.”

Qin Muye smiled at Mo Mo’s compliment. “Mo Mo, you are so nice. Others call me careless and as dense as a boy. Except for my parents and brother, you are the only one who complimented me.”

“See how much they love you? Those who are closest to you know you best. Don’t worry about the nonsense that others might say. Their opinions don’t matter. You’re good the way you are, and it’s none of their business. It’s rude of them to point fingers at you.”

“Then, if I go back today and tell them about the Qin sisters, will it be too late?” Qin Muye asked nervously.

It was precisely because of her boyish temperament that, although she was outgoing, she didn’t know how to get along with her parents as other girls did.

“No such thing as too late. They are your family. You have valid reasons for keeping it from them. I’m sure they will understand.”

The voices of the two little girls were crisp, fresh, and very sweet.

The two of them hit it off right away that they didn’t notice a beautiful woman in her 30s standing nearby. She heard the two little girls’ entire conversation.

There was mirth in her eyes, and her warm eyes fell on Tan Mo for a while before walking away.

She sat next to Wei Mingwen. Wei Mingwen smiled when he saw her. “What’s so funny that you are smiling?”

“That little girl called Tan Mo is quite nice.” It turned out that this beautiful woman was Wei Mingwen’s wife and Wei Zhiqian’s mother, Xiao Menghan.

Xiao Menghan looked at least 10 years younger than her actual age.

If she didn’t say anything, no one would have thought that she had a son as old as Wei Zhiqian.

“I just passed by Tan Mo and Muye on the way back. I saw that they were talking very seriously.” Xiao Menghan relayed what she had heard about the conversation between Tan Mo and Qin Muye.

“I was just saying so. With the temperament of the Qin sisters, how can someone as simple-minded and straightforward as Muye not be bullied? It’s just that no matter how good the relationship is, it’s still their family’s affair. I don’t know how their parents deal with it, but as for whether they are aware of it and choose to let Muye endure it or not, we can’t rashly judge other people’s affairs.” Xiao Menghan turned his head and looked at Tan Mo and Qin Muye.

She withdrew her gaze and continued, “I didn’t expect that silly girl Muye didn’t even say a word to her parents and Mufeng. Fortunately, Tan Mo got through Muye. Otherwise, who knows how much more Muye would have suffered.”

“Mufeng isn’t necessarily unaware of it.” Wei Zhiqian glanced in Qin Mufeng’s direction and found that Qin Mufeng’s gaze was fixed on Qin Muye.

Wei Zhiqian leaned against the chair, and his posture relaxed. He said with a smile, “I guess he probably wants Muye to take the initiative to talk to him.”

“I really don’t understand what Mufeng is thinking all day long. He knows yet simply stands by and watches his sister suffer?” Xiao Menghan replied in disapproval.

“He probably wants Muye to be resilient, to realize when enough is enough. When that time comes, she’ll have the confidence to confide in her family,” Wei Mingwen said calmly. “If Mufeng would step in for Muye for each incident, Muye might take advantage of her brother’s affections. Muye would turn out spoiled, a brat.”

“So as I said, that little girl Tan Mo is really quite nice.” Xiao Menghan became more satisfied as she thought about it. “The little girl is pretty, and her smile is as sweet as sugar. The key is that her personality is good. She is so sensible at such a young age.”

Wei Zhiqian thought of Tan Mo, then laughed and said, “Why don’t you recognize her as a grandniece? Then, she will be my rightful niece in name.”

“Get lost.” Xiao Menghan sipped her tea. “She has parents and brothers who love her. I don’t think she needs another aunt or grandaunt. People might think that we are snatching the Tan family’s daughter away from them. If you really like her, just dote on her.”

“Speaking of this, I have an idea.” Wei Zhiqian asked Wei Mingwen and Xiao Menghan, “How about letting the little girl enter Jixia Academy?”

Jixia Academy was a century-old school founded by the Qi family, one of the eight most established families.

The school offered primary and secondary education.

Wei Zhiqian was currently in high school at Jixia Academy.

However, Jixia Academy only accepted a limited number of students. It wasn’t like anyone could get in even if they had the money.

The children of the eight most established families, who could directly enter Jixia Academy, had privileges to recommend other students.

It’s just that there weren’t that many slots to give away, and the eight prominent families wouldn’t give a slot to just anyone.

Although giving away a slot was just a small matter, it still depended on whether the eight prominent families were willing or not.

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