Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Persuading Others to Be Generous Will Get You Struck by Lightning

Xiao Menghan raised her eyebrows and laughed with anger, “Okay, what you have just said to me about letting Tan Mo be my grandniece was all a guise. You turned out to be waiting for me here. It’s just a quota, so it’s not a big deal. Do you have to be that mindful of me?”

Her son was only 15, but she was no longer a match against Wei Zhiqian anymore.

Wei Mingwen kicked Wei Zhiqian’s leg to ‘avenge’ his wife. “You actually dared to play tricks on your own mother?”

Wei Zhiqian didn’t react when he was kicked. Then he looked around.

After making sure no one noticed their playful jab, he was relieved that his image was still intact.

Wei Mingwen said, “This isn’t something that we can decide on our own. We have to ask her parents. They have the final say. I will deal with this matter.”

Wei Zhiqian was the next head of the Wei family. However, his time was yet to come.

He wasn’t an adult yet, so for him to run over and negotiate with someone of his parents’ seniority wasn’t appropriate.


Tan Mo and Qin Muye didn’t know that Xiao Menghan had heard their conversation.

Not long after Xiao Menghan left, Yuan Keqing came over.

Just now, she saw Tan Mo talking happily to this little girl from the Qin family.

While Tan Mo and Qin Muye were playing, Tan Wenci and Xu Mingzhen also paid attention to the girls.

She also learned from the conversation between Tan Wenci and Xu Mingzhen that Qin Muye was the daughter of the Qin family’s patriarch, and her brother would become the next head of the family.

Qin Muye’s status was much more valuable than those of the Qin sisters.

Besides, the Qin sisters had just suffered public humiliation in Wei Zhiqian’s hands. Obviously, they weren’t important people among the eight prominent families.

It wasn’t how Qin Muxiao boasted things to be like.

Yuan Keqing didn’t bother to waste time on useless people. They couldn’t help her climb the social ladder.

“Cousin,” Yuan Keqing called as she came over. Her pitiful eyes were fixed on Qin Muye. “This sister is?”

Qin Muye was bullied by Qin Murong a lot, so when she saw Yuan Keqing, she didn’t want to talk to her.

Qin Muye looked at Yuan Keqing, then withdrew her gaze without even acknowledging her.

Who was talking?

She didn’t hear anything.

Was someone standing right in front of them?

No one.

When Yuan Keqing saw this, she immediately felt wronged. “Cousin…”

“Keqing, are you here to apologize to me?” Tan Mo interrupted her.

“Apologize? Why would I…” apologize to her?

Was Tan Mo out of her mind?

“When the Qin sisters bullied me and pressured me to give up my doll, didn’t you take their side and insisted that I gave Qin Muxiao my doll?” Tan Mo tilted her head. “They don’t have any sense of reason, but you still helped them to bully your relative, your cousin, me. That is what you did wrong.”

When Tan Mo saw that Yuan Keqing was now blushing and at a loss, Tan Mo’s mouth was agape, feigning astonishment. “Didn’t you come to apologize to me? You think you didn’t do anything wrong?”

“Bah! You are really shameless!” When Qin Muye heard this, she suddenly thought of her daily experience and reprimanded Yuan Keqing, “You helped the bad guys bully your relative, yet you even have the nerve to cry!”

“I didn’t…” Yuan Ke shook her head. “I just thought it was just a small matter. Cousin, if you weren’t so selfish, things wouldn’t have turned out so ugly. Moreover, making friends is better than having enemies. It would greatly benefit the Tan family.”

“Cousin, although we are just cousins, I tell you this because I genuinely regard you as my true sister,” Yuan Keqing said sincerely. “You can’t be so self-centered in the future. You have to be generous.”

Tan Mo smiled affectionately at Yuan Keqing. Her expression appeared especially kind. “Keqing, there’s this saying… I’m not sure if you’re familiar with it.”

“What are you talking about?” Yuan Keqing asked, puzzled.

Tan Mo answered, “Persuading others to be generous will get you struck by lightning!”

She heard this from an interview with a famous actor, and she agreed with him.

“Cousin…you…how could you say that to me?” Yuan Keqing’s lips trembled, and tears trickled down her cheeks. “Are you cursing me to get struck by lightning? You… Why are you so cruel? Why do you hate me?”

What was going on with Tan Mo today?

Every time she said something, Yuan Keqing would usually be caught off guard.

“Stop crying.” Qin Muye was fed up. “Don’t you feel miserable weeping and crying every day?”

At first, Tan Mo felt sympathetic towards Qin Muye.

Now, Qin Muye felt sympathetic towards Tan Mo.

A green tea cousin was in tears in front of her for no reason. How depressing would that make people feel?

If people saw this incident, they would think it was Tan Mo who bullied her.

How disgusting!

“Yes.” Tan Mo shook her head disapprovingly. “Keqing, you can’t just cry whenever you feel like it. Today is Old Madam Wei’s birthday. You crying at someone’s birthday banquet isn’t good. It’s unreasonable.”

“Miserable!” Qin Muye said bluntly. “I heard that you came uninvited, and you didn’t even have an invitation. It’s bad enough that you were shameless to sneak in. The Wei family is so generous that they didn’t shoo you, yet you’re crying here and bringing misery to Old Madam Wei. You are so mean-spirited!”

“I didn’t!” Yuan Keqing, who was used to crying to get sympathy, was in a dilemma. She was contemplating whether to keep on or stop crying.

“Mo Mo.” Wei Keli hesitated and came over to apologize to Tan Mo.

When he came, Yuan Keqing was facing away from him, so he hadn’t seen her crying.

As soon as Yuan Keqing heard his voice, she immediately hugged Wei Keli’s arm like he was her only hope. “Brother Keli.”

“Keqing?” Wei Keli was shocked. Yuan Keqing still had tears on her face, and her eyes were wet.

Wei Keli realized afterwards that the atmosphere here was tense.

“Why are you…” Wei Keli looked at Tan Mo and Qin Muye.

Seeing Qin Muye’s face full of disdain, he felt that Tan Mo and Qin Muye had bullied Yuan Keqing.

Tan Mo and Yuan Keqing were clearly sisters, so even if she made a new friend, she shouldn’t bully her sister with her new friend.

Could it be that Tan Mo was already kissing up to the daughter of the Qin family’s patriarch at such a young age?

In order to flatter others, she bullied her cousin along with Qin Muye. Tan Mo was so overbearing at such a young age.

“My cousin started crying out of the blue, and it really scared me.” Tan Mo patted her chest. Her face was even a little pale. “My cousin just came to me, and I thought she was coming to apologize for what happened earlier. If you remember, she helped the Qin sisters try to take my doll away from me.”

Upon the mention of this, Wei Keli’s face turned red in shame, and he was uncomfortable.

He also took the Qin sisters’ side instead of Tan Mo’s. He was guilty and embarrassed by having been reminded of his actions.

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