Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: The Apology

Just a few seconds ago, he thought Tan Mo was being overbearing by bullying her cousin with Qin Muye.

Now, upon being reminded by Tan Mo, he remembered that Yuan Keqing helped the Qin sisters bully Tan Mo before.

However, Wei Keli was only thinking of Yuan Keqing, not of himself at all.

“Who knows why my cousin is crying again.” Tan Mo sighed and said helplessly, “It doesn’t matter if my cousin cries a lot. Although I am only one month older than her, since she called me an older cousin, then I would definitely be tolerant towards her. Usually, when she cries, we all let her have her way, but today’s occasion is different. It is Old Madam Wei’s birthday. She’s being a jinx by crying like this. How could she cry on someone’s birthday?”

“Jinx!” Qin Muye snorted.

Wei Keli looked at Yuan Keqing. This was really inappropriate.

“I didn’t mean to…,” Yuan Keqing said pitifully.

“I know, my cousin usually cries easily because of little things.” Tan Mo came over and took Yuan Keqing’s hand. “Brother Keli, I’ll hand my cousin to you. Do me a favor and be her companion tonight, alright?”

“I’m here…”

‘I’m here to apologize to you.’

But before Wei Keli could finish speaking, Tan Mo had already stuck Yuan Keqing’s little hand into Wei Keli’s hand.

Wei Keli held it.

Tan Mo said to Yuan Keqing, “Keqing, I don’t blame you. Even if you don’t apologize, I won’t blame you. We’re family. Although you just sided with the Qin sisters, I can’t really get mad at you since you’re my cousin. Ever since I was little, I have become accustomed to letting you have your way, so this time is no exception.”

Yuan Keqing didn’t know what to say.

How come these words sounded so familiar?

Wasn’t this the way she always spoke?

It sounded like she was saying that she didn’t mind, but, in reality, every word insinuated that the other party was in the wrong.

She had never been disadvantaged this way.

It never occurred to her that there would come a time when Tan Mo would use this means to deal with her.

When she got a taste of her own medicine, she found out how choking it was.

She was dismayed, but she couldn’t refute her.

Tan Mo smiled innocently. She disdained using this sort of petty means, but it didn’t mean she didn’t know how to. If she really were to use it, no one would dare cross her.

Tan Mo was pleased to see Yuan Keqing’s expression. She appeared as if a can of sardines had just been forcibly stuffed on her mouth.

“But you two are sisters, so won’t it be more appropriate for you to comfort her?” Wei Keli felt that it was inappropriate.

Tan Mo shook her head and said, “I just had a conflict with Sister Qin Murong. Everyone is watching. If Keqing is crying, won’t people think that I am to blame for what happened just now if they see her? I obviously didn’t blame Keqing, but if I get misunderstood, then where would I get justice for my grievances?”

“Brother Keli, you can do me a favor and coax my cousin.” Tan Mo put her hands together and rubbed them as she begged.

Facing the doll-like Tan Mo, Wei Keli couldn’t resist her pleas.

Under the pressure of Tan Mo’s pleas, he nodded. “Okay.”

“Great! Thank you, Brother Keli.” Tan Mo asked Wei Keli to hold Yuan Keqing’s hand a little tighter. “Then I’ll leave my cousin to you. Have fun!”

Yuan Keqing looked at Tan Mo suspiciously.

She thought Tan Mo had become smarter, and she repeatedly made her look dumb today.

Tan Mo pushed her to Wei Keli again. Was she not afraid that the relationship between her and Wei Keli would get better? Would she snatch Wei Keli away when that happened?

But Tan Mo’s expression couldn’t be any more sincere.

“Brother Keli?” Yuan Keqing turned her head and spoke.

Seeing Yuan Keqing’s pitiful look with tears in her eyes, Wei Keli pitied her and forgot to apologize to Tan Mo.


What was that?

He forgot all about it.

Seeing that Wei Keli took Yuan Keqing’s hand and walked away, Qin Muye was sure that they were out of earshot.

Qin Muye asked, “You just brought Wei Keli and Yuan Keqing together like that? With a green tea like Yuan Keqing, aren’t you afraid that Wei Keli will get friendly with her?”

“They are already friendly.” Tan Mo smiled and clapped her hands.

“That’s true. He obviously came to you just now, but after he was coaxed, he forgot and took Yuan Keqing with him.” Qin Muye wrinkled her nose. “My mother even said that the children of the Wei family are all good. Although Wei Keli isn’t as good as Wei Zhiqian, he is level-headed at a young age. But from what I have just witnessed, I think he is a bit stupid.”

As Qin Muye spoke, she paused, and suddenly realized, “You entrusted Yuan Keqing to Wei Keli on purpose!”

“Yes.” Tan Mo nodded. “He took Qin Murong’s side and troubled me for his benefit, and he chose to believe Yuan Keqing’s words instead of mine when he had only met Yuan Keqing once at the time. He already has two strikes, so I won’t let him have his third. I won’t be friends with such a person, so let him have fun with Yuan Keqing. He thinks Yuan Keqing is good anyway, and Yuan Keqing is also happy to be getting closer to him.”

“Yes, this kind of capricious person is a villain. If he can sell you out twice, he can do it countless times.” Qin Muye nodded in agreement.

“Speaking of which, you were very impressive when you dissed Yuan Keqing. How could you be bullied like that by the Qin sisters?” Tan Mo felt that Qin Muye had a sharp tongue.

Qin Muye was very blunt. Although she didn’t know how to be a green tea, she dissed Yuan Keqing straightforwardly, and the effect was very good.

“Isn’t it because you are here? I felt very confident, and it was two against one, so I did it.” Qin Muye took Tan Mo’s arm. “But with the Qin sisters, it’s me against them, and Qin Murong speaks sarcastically while making insinuations. Thus, if I directly oppose her, it will seem like I’m rude, and it’s my fault. I just can’t deal with that.”

“Oh, it’s actually very simple to deal with the Qin sisters,” Tan Mo said.

“Then teach me how to do it!” Qin Muye doubted herself again. “Can I learn it?”

“Of course.” Tan Mo leaned close to her and whispered, “If Qin Muxiao came to you, it would be too simple. Qin Muxiao is headstrong, speaks rudely, and has a bad temper. This way, with your temper, it’s too simple to diss her.”

Qin Muye nodded, and Tan Mo went on, “If Qin Murong is there, she will help Qin Muxiao bully you.”

Qin Muye immediately pricked up her ears and raised her spirits 120,000 times.

This was the point!

She wished she could find a small notebook to write it down.

“Isn’t Qin Murong good at talking and good at throwing you under the bus by pretending to be a nice person? Then you should agree with what she says,” Tan Mo suggested.

“Are you asking me to give her my stuff?” Qin Muye couldn’t take that lying down!

“Of course not.” Rubbing her little hand, Tan Mo raised her chin and said, “You will just be agreeing to her verbally.”

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