Top-notch Master Masquerading As Cannon Fodder Female Companion

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: They Want to Snatch Mo Mo Away!

“Since you can’t beat her unreasonable ways, just agree to her.” Tan Mo smiled slyly. “If you agree to everything she says, can she still rebuke you?”

“For example, if Qin Muxiao wants you to give her something and Qin Murong joins to help her sister, you just agree with them. Then, they will wait for you to give it, but it’s fine if you don’t do anything. Verbally agree to their requests, but continue to do what you want. Don’t pay attention to them.” Tan Mo tilted her head and confirmed, “Do you get what I mean?”

“Is that okay?” It’s really simple. Qin Muye could do it.

“Try it.” Tan Mo took out her phone and opened the WeChat QR code. “Let’s add each other. If you do as I said and it fails, you can contact me any time, and we can change our strategy.”

“Good, good!” Qin Muye felt that she wasn’t alone anymore.

The birthday banquet was over, and the Wei family were at the door to send the guests away one by one.

“Mr. Tan, please stay,” Wei Mingwen said.

Tan Wenci had always been calm and composed, but, at that moment, even he felt surprised and flattered.

“Mr. Wei,” Tan Wenci acknowledged.

“Come here, please. I have something to discuss with you.” Wei Mingwen led Tan Wenci to a corner where no one could see them.

Xu Mingzhen took the four children and Yuan Keqing, and waited at the door.

Not long after, Tan Wenci came back, and his face couldn’t hide his joy.

But he didn’t say much at the moment.

He bid farewell to the Wei family, then left with Xu Mingzhen and the children.

When they got home, they ordered the driver to take Yuan Keqing home.

They didn’t ask Yuan Keqing to go to the house to play and didn’t bother to send her off personally.

For Xu Mingzhen’s sake, Tan Wenci took good care of the Yuan family’s patriarch and daughter.

However, Yuan Keqing wanted to climb the social ladder by using Tan Mo as a stepping stone, and this upset Tan Wenci.

Tan Wenci was cautious of everything that had something to do with his only daughter.

After Yuan Keqing was sent away, the Tan family went into the house.

Tan Wenci announced, “After you have all changed your clothes, everyone, come to the living room. I have something to say.”

Everyone hurriedly changed their outfits and returned to the living room on the first floor.

“What’s the matter?” Xu Mingzhen sensed that it had something to do with Wei Mingwen talking to Tan Wenci privately.

Could it be that the Wei family had some business venture that they could be part of?

If so, that would be great.

It was difficult for Tan Wenci to conceal the joy on his face as he said, “At the door of Shengyue, Wei Mingwen had something to tell me privately, and it has something to do with Mo Mo.”

“About Mo Mo?” Xu Mingzhen was surprised. Was there anything about Tan Mo that was important enough for him to talk to Tan Wenci alone?

“He said that he could give Mo Mo a spot at Jixia Academy and asked if we are interested,” Tan Wenci said. “But he also emphasized that we can refuse, and they will respect our decision. I can’t directly decide on Mo Mo’s affairs by myself, so I didn’t immediately agree at the time. I told him that I will discuss it with you first and consider what Mo Mo wants.”

“Of course, Jixia Academy is good. It isn’t possible to get in there even if you have the money. If not for the Wei family, we won’t be able to get a spot. Otherwise, the three brothers won’t be at Shijing International School,” Tan Wenci explained. “But there are also disadvantages. Originally, we wanted Mo Mo to go to Shijing International School as well. With three of her brothers in the same school, all of them can keep an eye on Mo Mo.”

Shijing International School operated the same as Jixia Academy.

They also offered primary and secondary education.

Yuan Keqing would also go to Shijing International School, but Tan Wenci didn’t actually see it as an advantage to his daughter.

It would be nice enough if she didn’t help others bully Tan Mo. Could he actually expect Yuan Keqing to get along well with Tan Mo and help each other out?

He didn’t even think about it.

“If Mo Mo goes to Jixia Academy, she will be alone. There will be no familiar people around, and nobody will be able to help if she encounters anything,” Tan Wenci explained the pros and cons.

The opportunity to enter Jixia Academy was rare, but he was worried that Tan Mo would not be able to adapt and be bullied.

“Why did Wei Mingwen suddenly offered us a spot?” Xu Mingzhen didn’t even consider whether or not to let her daughter enter the school.

Tan Jinsheng hugged Tan Mo quickly. “Don’t tell me they’re trying to snatch Mo Mo away!”

Upon hearing this, Tan Jinyi ran to the other side and hugged Tan Mo. “Today, Wei Zhiqian was holding our sister most of the time. He likely wants to take the opportunity to snatch Tan Mo away!”

Tan Jinqi felt that this wasn’t unreasonable, so he had to ask cautiously, “Dad, do they have any conditions?”

Tan Wenci chuckled, then pointed at the three brothers one by one without speaking for a while.

‘Would I sell Mo Mo out in exchange for her going to Jixia Academy? How outrageous!’

What were these three brothers thinking?

“They didn’t mention any conditions. They said they thought Mo Mo was quite good. Wei Zhiqian likes her, as well as Old Madam Wei.” What Tan Wenci didn’t know was that Qin Muye would also go Jixia Academy. Tan Mo and Qin Muye could become friends and take care of each other in school.

Qin Muye was frank and gutsy. As long as she wasn’t a green tea, Tan Mo could mingle with her.

Although Tan Mo looked naive, she was actually very clever.

If Qin Muye couldn’t deal with a green tea, Tan Mo would be there to help her.

The two of them would complement each other.

Against Qin Muxiao, Qin Muye would also have an ally.

“Are there any conditions? Surely, there are conditions.” Tan Jinqi was suspicious and was thinking of conspiracy theories.

Tan Wenci couldn’t help but roll his eyes. “You guys have to have reasons behind your suspicions. What does our family have that the Wei family would covet?”

“Mo Mo!” the three brothers said in unison.

“I think Wei Zhiqian really wants Mo Mo to be his niece,” Tan Jinsheng said.

“What’s wrong with that?” Xu Mingzhen looked at his three silly sons. “If this is the case, Mo Mo will have Wei Zhiqian backing her in the future. There will be very few people who can bully her.”

The three brothers thought about it for a while and realized it made sense.

But wasn’t this directly implying that they couldn’t defend Tan Mo?

How infuriating!

Xu Mingzhen saw this, then she smiled and said, “It’s not just you guys, but our entire family isn’t enough to defend Mo Mo. Therefore, if you want to be like Wei Zhiqian, who is able to defend Mo Mo, you all must become stronger.

“Even if Wei Zhiqian really regarded Mo Mo as his niece, he isn’t Mo Mo’s uncle, after all. Hence, he isn’t as reliable as our own family. If we want to protect Mo Mo, we have to rely on our own strength as a family.”

Tan Mo felt guilty.

Her parents and brothers always thought about protecting her.

They tried to be better not for themselves but for her so that they would be able to protect her.

Her parents’ and brothers’ tragic endings became clearer and more profound as seen in the mirror in her previous life.

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