Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: A Badass Male Supporting Character

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She had just spoken when two black figures suddenly approached her from behind, covered her head, bound her arms, and dragged her away.

Her cell phone fell to the ground.

Huo Ci, who was chatting with friends at the clubhouse, heard a shriek across the road and ran out immediately.

“Sixth Brother Huo, where are you rushing to?” shouted someone.

“My dog is missing. I’m going to look for it!” Huo Ci gritted his teeth and answered without turning back.


What a bother it was to have a daughter! Damn it!

“Isn’t he allergic to pets? Since when does he have a dog?”

“Can’t you tell that he must be keeping a little vixen at home? The type with soft, fair skin…”

“Ha ha ha! I’d like to see what sort of vixen he has. Sixth Master Huo normally doesn’t flinch one bit even when a beauty is on his lap, yet this vixen has made him get flustered.”

Yet another round of mockery ensued.

Meanwhile, Ling Sheng was kidnapped and thrown into a car. She opened her eyes and looked straight into a pair of narrow, evil-looking eyes. Her heart skipped a beat. “Who are you?”

The man was wearing an intricate silver mask. Under the dim light, the metallic mask glimmered with a pale, icy glow. Only his deep, cold eyes could be seen.

There was no emotion in his eyes, yet Ling Sheng clearly felt a terrifying aura being emitted from the man. This aura came from a chilling callousness in the core of his bones.

“Miss Ling, you are an esteemed person that does not need to keep trivial matters in mind.” The voice was flat and unfeeling and came from his lips, which were as thin as blades. He threw a file at Ling Sheng.

Ling Sheng noticed that the man’s nails were rounded and neatly clipped, his fingers were fair and slender with a well-defined structure, and his complexion had a pale, jade-like glow.

He had a pair of beautiful hands.

There was a contract in the file.

Ling Sheng was stunned after reading it.

The owner of the contract was impressive. Since when had she ever met Jun Shiyan?

She had no recollection of it whatsoever. Suddenly, she looked up in disbelief. “You are Jun Shiyan!”

Was it that hideous-looking, narrow-minded, crippled, impotent male supporting character with a twisted personality who was described in the book?



He had to be wearing a mask to hide his hideous looks!

She could not sense his twisted or badass personality.

She could only sense that he was jaded and aloof.

Complex emotions began to swell in Ling Sheng’s eyes. While looking at the man, who only had two years to live, she started to have an inexplicable feeling of sympathy for him.

He was crippled, impotent, and betrayed. Of course he had a twisted personality.

“Cough, cough!” Jun Shiyan burst into a hoarse coughing fit that came deep from his chest. It was some time before he stopped. Panting faintly, he said, “Miss Ling, are you done?”

“Mr. Jun.” Ling Sheng gripped the contract tightly. “Something came up last week and I forgot about this. I’m really sorry. How would you like to settle this?”

Jun Shiyan’s eyes did not flinch. When he saw the woman in front of him lean over, he said coldly, “Don’t come near me. And be quiet.”

Ling Sheng looked at him silently.

The man leaned against his seat, closed his eyes, and went into another suppressed coughing fit.

If one ignored his hideous looks, crippled leg, and impotency, this man was actually very charming. He had a nice body, he was articulate, and he had an elegant demeanor.

Perhaps he was too aloof and that made him very inhibited.

However, when he coughed until his neck turned red, his moving Adam’s apple was rather sexy, which made him desirable.


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