Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Go And Don’t Ever Come Back!

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Jun Shiyan closed his eyes, and it was not long before he could be heard breathing regularly again.

Ling Sheng was about a meter away from him. She tilted her head and saw that Jun Shiyan had fallen asleep. It seemed that she was even more effective than sleeping pills at putting someone to sleep. He had fallen asleep so fast that she had not even needed to touch him. What was going on?

Perhaps her memory had been triggered after she’d glanced through the contract. She remembered now that on the day of her first film shoot, Huo Ci had asked the chauffeur to drive her.

When she had been finished at night, she had thought Huo Ci would send the car over to pick her up. Who knew that Jun Shiyan would have the same car as Huo Ci, which was why she had mistakenly boarded the wrong car.

Jun Shiyan suffered from serious clinical insomnia. All through the years, he’d had difficulty sleeping and had been forced to depend on hypnosis and sleeping pills to ease the symptoms. However, when Ling Sheng had bumped into him, he had fallen asleep immediately.


Even when he’d hugged her and tried to molest her, he had fallen asleep. Before she could do anything to him, the chauffeur stopped her and told her that she must not offend that man.

Poor Ling Sheng remained in his arms while he slept for four hours.

The next day, Jun Shiyan got someone to send her an agreement. She would get 10,000 dollars per hour, and he even promised not to touch her. The money would be given to her monthly.

She came from a small place and was materialistic as a result. Furthermore, she needed money, so she would do it even for 1,000 dollars an hour. Hence, she swiftly signed the contract.

Ling Sheng looked at the man beside her, who was sleeping deeply with his slick eyebrows frowning slightly. This was the richest man in the world, yet look at how stingy he was! Only 10,000 dollars an hour… 100,000 dollars an hour would have been more like it!

While Jun Shiyan was asleep, Ling Sheng borrowed the chauffeur’s cell phone to inform Huo Ci that she was alright and he didn’t need to worry.

Huo Ci had first called the police and then sped home in his car. On the way, he’d tried looking for her like mad. He had not managed to find her, so he’d had no choice but to go home and wait for news from the police.

That was when he suddenly received Ling Sheng’s message. He flung his cell phone angrily, gritted his teeth, and cursed. “***!”

That girl!

She was playing with him!

Xiao Qi, whose eyes were red and who was sitting beside him hugging a bolster, shuddered in fright. However, although he was afraid, he plucked up the courage to ask, “Grandfather, has my mommy been found?”

“Go to bed! She can die out there for all I care!” Huo Ci glared furiously at Xiao Qi. Upon seeing that the child’s eyes were red from crying, he could not help but feel even more vexed. “What are you crying for? You’re a big child now, yet you still cry!”


Xiao Qi bit his lips in grievance while tears kept falling from his eyes. He looked back at Huo Ci stubbornly. “Have you found my mommy?”

“Little rascal, I told you to go to bed! Didn’t you hear me?” Huo Ci, who was exasperated, started to fling his arms about.


What had he done in his past sh*tty life that had pushed the two of them toward him? The mother caused nothing but trouble, and the boy was even more problematic!


“You are not going to look for my mommy!” Xiao Qi cried even harder. Feeling sad and desperate, he threw the bolster down, turned, and ran off. “I will go look for mommy myself.”

Upon seeing the little rascal run off, Huo Ci blew his top and pointed at him. “Go! Get lost, all of you! Go and don’t ever come back!”

Out of sight, out of mind.

Xiao Qi opened the door, tiptoed to tap his card, and pressed the elevator button.

Huo Ci watched as the elevator door opened, his handsome face turning green and his body trembling with anger. He quickly caught up with Xiao Qi, grabbed him, and threw him back in his bedroom. He locked the door and said nastily, “Have a good night’s sleep. Your mommy is fine and she will be back soon.”


Xiao Qi did not believe him and cried even harder. He banged on the door as hard as he could, begging his grandfather to open the door so he could go look for his mommy.

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