Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: I Think I Am Being Followed

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In China, there were not many actors who could do their own voiceover.

Actors from earlier generations with true capabilities had possessed unrivalled skills when it came to executing their lines.

However, some actors of the younger generation did not even learn their lines well and delivered them flatly.

Even the highly-revered Luo Xin and Gu Shen had diction and breathing problems that rendered them unable to produce live recordings and had to record their own voiceover post-production.

Ling Sheng’s skills when it came to delivering her lines were second to none.

Her lines were model-standard for live recordings and definitely defeated the fresh faces of the same generation hands down.



Other than Wen Zhi, the assistant director, producer, scriptwriter, camera director, and production crew all felt their jaws drop in awe.

Gu Shen observed from the sidelines, his eyes widening with intrigue and his mouth curling slightly into a smile.

Had her acting skills improved after her fall? Or had someone secretly given her lessons?

Her level of acting and performance were akin to the level of someone who had four to five years of experience. This was not something one could train to do overnight.

If she had acquired this skill through training, then she was a genius.

Wen Zhi intended to arrange for her to film two scenes that day, then get rid of her, lest she caused the production trouble.

After filming the first scene, Wen Zhi, who was moved, consulted the assistant director, Lu Tian. “Did Huo Ci secretly give her acting lessons?”

Lu Tian’s face was full of amazement as he shook his head. “Is that possible? Even if Huo Ci coached her, acting isn’t something you can drill out of a person overnight. They say you got to have the flair. Even actors with a natural flair will still appear raw if they are new. Look at how seasoned she is. She must have gained enlightenment after experiencing trauma!”

“Don’t talk nonsense. You haven’t walked out of a fantasy drama, have you? Luo Xin almost missed her cue just now. She was intimidated by Ling Sheng!” Wen Zhi sputtered in amazement.

“She gets intimidated for sure, but she recovers quickly. It feels like Ling Sheng is trying to show us something,” said Lu Tian.

The two of them huddled together and, not having enough of it yet, watched the playback intently again.

After they filmed this scene, Wen Zhi’s attitude toward Ling Sheng changed.

Wen Zhi was someone who valued talent. As long as an actor possessed good acting skills and did not have big personality flaws, Wen Zhi would maintain a good attitude.

Ling Sheng’s character could not be determined just based on hearsay. For now, there was still room for contemplation.

The production crew followed the wind. Upon seeing that the director’s attitude toward Ling Sheng had changed, they also became warmer.

From a distance, Luo Xin watched Ling Sheng remove her make up, take her handbag, and leave. There were complex emotions in her eyes. She looked at Gu Shen and saw that Gu Shen was also looking at Ling Sheng. Luo Xin felt even more terrible.

Today, she had been overshadowed by an ignorant, useless piece of trash who had not even graduated from high school.


She could tell very clearly that her own acting skills could not match Ling Sheng’s skills.

Even Gu Shen just barely managed to match her level.

If she showed her full potential, Gu Shen would surely be overshadowed by her as well.

Ling Sheng filmed four scenes altogether, each one satisfying everyone. This was a huge slap to those who looked down on her. She was so happy that she could not help but start humming a tune.

When she left, it was ten o’clock at night.

After picking up Xiao Qi, Zhou Zhou had said that he had to attend to an emergency at home and would be unable to pick her up from work. Ling Sheng had less than 50 dollars in her bank account. She had no choice but to take the subway home.

Upon getting off the subway, she would have to walk for ten more minutes before she arrived at her estate.

At that time of the day, there were not many people on the streets.

Furthermore, Huo Ci lived in an upscale neighborhood that was both quiet and secluded. The landscaping was well-maintained, and there was lush greenery on both sides of the road.

Under the dim streetlights, the area did look a little scary.

The more Ling Sheng walked, the faster her heart pounded. She kept feeling like someone was following her. She hastily took out her cell phone. There was no one else she could call except Huo Ci. Thus, she told him in a low voice, “Daddy, where are you? I think I’m being followed. Can you wait for me downstairs?”

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