Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Untitled

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Even though he explained for so long, Xiao Qi continued to cry. In a moment of furry, Huo Ci turned and stormed away. The mother and son were definitely out to anger him to death.


When Ling Sheng was back, there was no one in the living room. However, she could hear Xiao Qi’s sobs coming from his room. After hurrying to knock on his door, she said, “Xiao Qi, Mommy’s back. Open the door.”

Why wasn’t he asleep this late? What had made him cry?

Xiao Qi let out another loud cry, his throat turning hoarse as he knocked hard from the inside of the room. He tried to scream, but no voice was coming out. “Mommy!”

Ling Sheng looked for the key and opened the door. When she saw the little fella’s swollen eyes, her heart hurt as though it had been stabbed. The little fella could not even speak. “What’s wrong? Tell Mommy what happened!”

Xiao Qi hugged her tightly as his little body began to tremble uncontrollably. He remained silent in her embrace.

Ling Sheng’s eyes teared up. She comforted Xiao Qi before carrying him to bed to put him to sleep. Then, she stormed over to Huo Ci’s room and knocked angrily on his door.

Huo Ci was immensely annoyed, for he could do whatever he wanted when he was alone. The sudden appearance of his daughter and her son had interrupted the rhythm of his life. They were like his debtors. When he opened the door, he growled in a low voice, “D*mned girl, I owe both of you, is that it?”

“Huo Ci, don’t you know anything? How could you say this kind of thing to a child?” Ling Sheng lowered her voice, but her temper was rising. “Xiao Qi is just a child! How could you tell him everything?”

“D*mn, I’ve never raised a child before. How would I know how to put it?” Too angry to say anything, Huo Ci did not defend himself elaborately.

That rascal had continued crying even though he had been told that his Mommy was fine.

Huo Ci’s comeback infuriated Ling Sheng even more. She saw red and her lips curled up coldly. Meanwhile, sarcasm flashed across her eyes where she deliberately pushed his sore spot and criticized him in an enigmatic tone. “Right, Movie King Huo has of course not raised a child before. What an irresponsible horse!”

“Repeat that one more time, brat. Is this the kind of attitude you should have when you speak to your elders? Who taught you that? I’ll slap you! Don’t you believe me?” Huo Ci raised his hand as his chest moved furiously in an upward and downward motion.

What an attitude!

He had come back to find her right after he’d received the phone call, but that was the kind of attitude that this heartless girl showed!

“Did I say anything wrong? You have never cared about me in the past twenty-odd years. Now, you want to remain indifferent and let me survive and die alone? Do you want Xiao Qi and I to get out of here?”

“Yes, get out. I want both of you to get out of here!”

“Why should I get out just because you said so? I won’t get out. This is retribution for your sins, Huo Ci!”

“Retribution? Didn’t I provide you with food and drinks, money, and a job? Have a conscience, brat. Old Man[1.The term ‘Old Man’ is a self-referencing term referring to Huo Ci.] came back to find you. I didn’t expect you to thank me, but you…”


The argument made the duo’s faces flush with agitation. Each line was harsher and more brutal than the last, as if both of them wanted to give each other the fatal blow.

“Mommy!” Xiao Qi got anxious as he watched the unfolding commotion from the side. Then, he dashed to the middle of the arguing duo with tears streaming down his cheeks. “Grandpa, it’s my fault. Stop arguing.”

Huo Ci shut the door with a bang, his eyes red with anger.

Ling Sheng shot daggers at the door before she carried Xiao Qi away.

Because of Xiao Qi’s harsh cries, his throat got infected, leaving him unable to say anything the next day.

Ling Sheng’s heart ached ferociously as she blamed her scumbag of a father for this!

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