Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Your Name Appeared On The Billboard of Hottest Topics

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The next morning, Huo Ci left on an empty stomach and stayed out for two days. He finally returned on the third night because he really missed Ling Sheng’s food. Her food was so delicious that any food he tried outside had lost its taste.

“You’re back.” Xiao Qi offered to carry his things voluntarily. His voice was still hoarse when he spoke.

Huo Ci frowned as he looked at the little boy who was trying to please him. Upon hearing his hoarse voice, Huo Ci felt a pang of inexplicable guilt.

“Ling Xiao Qi, come over and have your medicine.” Ling Sheng carried a bowl of fresh Chuanbei Stew out without shooting Huo Ci a look.

Angered, Huo Ci humphed before entering his room straightaway.

Good job!


She had the audacity to be angry and ignore him!

During dinner at night, Huo Ci did not appear. Xiao Qi gave Ling Sheng a look before saying, “Mommy.”

“Did you forget how he treated you on that day?” Ling Sheng took a look at the room’s door. Fine, it was his choice. Let him starve to death!

That said, she kept a portion of warmed food in the pot. As much as Huo Ci did not know how to respect himself, she could not be so petty!

Meanwhile, Huo Ci was watching a movie in the home theater. Although the volume was very low, he could not hear anything outside.

That little bootlicking child had skipped his usual dinner calls and it would be embarrassing for him to go out without being asked to. Anywhere in the world, which father would apologize to his daughter?


He felt depressed, a feeling that made him want to explode. That was his house. Why did he feel guilty? Why should he hide? If anything, those heartless brats of a mother and son should be leaving.

When he finished the whole movie absent-mindedly, it was only eight o’clock. Normally, the heartless duo would be watching television on the sofa outside.

When he walked out, the living room’s lights had been switched off. He could smell the aroma wafting out of the kitchen and could vaguely see the dancing fire on the stove, even though it was a very small fire.

He entered the kitchen, only to see the pot on the stove. When he lifted the lid, the sight of vegetables and rice appeared immediately. They were kept warm by the fire, and the food was fragrant.

Huo Ci sneered. That brat had a conscience!

Ling Xiao Qi peered through the gap of the door before he ran up to bed quietly and hugged Ling Sheng, who was reading the script. He then smiled. “Mommy, Grandpa’s eating dinner.”

“Okay,” answered Ling Sheng casually but she let out a cold laugh in her heart. He should not eat if he had the guts!

People who did not belong together did not get to live together. Since Huo Ci and Ling Sheng were both stubborn, none of them would be the first to apologize, which was why they had landed themselves in a cold war.

Ling Sheng had been doing a good job with the film crew recently, with Director Wen Zhi being immensely satisfied with her acting skills. Since she’d stopped acting evil, even his attitude toward her had changed, causing everyone in the film crew to follow suit, adopting a better attitude toward her.

The female lead, Luo Xin, was very much like she used to be in the past. Since they were only colleagues who had a working relationship, she was neither cold nor warm. However, the expression in her eyes seemed to have changed, looking like she was her enemy.

The male lead remained unpleasant with her, except during the filming process. He’d always felt that she was being pretentious, which disgusted him.

The male supporting actor, Li Chuan, was Huo Ci’s year-four student, who had become famous after his role in a homosexual film last year. His handsome looks paled a little compared to the male lead, Gu Shen, but he was a sunny and outgoing man. Ever since he started playing video games with Ling Sheng, the duo’s relationship had improved tremendously and they seemed to have become ‘brothers’.

The female supporting actress, Shang Jiaren, was also pretty close to Li Chuan. They had been classmates in university. Although she used to be a popular actress, her status remained static for the past four years, being neither popular nor unpopular in the entertainment circle. She also had a close affinity for supporting roles. Despite so, she was good-tempered, and like a typical Jiangnan beauty, she always smiled at everyone.

When Ling Sheng arrived at the filming site.

Shang Jiaren dragged her away until they reached a secluded corner. Then, she whispered, “Sheng Sheng, have you looked at the Hottest Topics Billboard? Your name appeared on it.”

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