Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 1207 - His Soul Was Taken Away

Chapter 1207 His Soul Was Taken Away

Just as Yin Ning finished speaking, the door to the innermost room opened. Her heart started beating rapidly. Under the camera, her expression was still calm, no one could tell her emotions.

The man was wearing a loose red turtleneck sweater, revealing his slender neck and sexy Adam’s apple. The warm color didn’t make him look warm. Instead, it made him look cold and distant.

Ling Sheng’s eyes lit up and the corners of her lips curled up. In the past, he did not wear red. The clothes he had at home were only black, white, and gray. Later on, there were additional red colored clothes and he would wear whatever clothes she bought.

However, people who looked good would look good in anything. Even if they had a bag of snakeskin on them, they would still look fashionable. Therefore, there was a saying in the fashion industry, the completion rate of one’s fashion depended on their looks. She felt that she had to add another factor in, temperament!

Shi Lingyu stood beside Ling Sheng and tugged at her arm. She leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Mr. Gu is really handsome and charismatic. Director Yu is really impressive. Where did he find such a god-like guest?’”

Ling Sheng thought to herself that he was the one who had come looking for her. In this world, those who wanted to make him participate in this show were probably not born yet. However, it was not absolute. If her father were to approach him, he might still need to give him some face.

Yun Ruo was different from Yin Ning. Although she was young, she had a lot of experience. She had been in the livestreaming industry for five years, and the number of boyfriends she had could form a company. The number of sugar daddies she had before could not be counted with two hands, and she was very experienced in love.

She didn’t try to hide the amazement in her eyes, it matched her admiration for men. If she liked someone, of course she had to let him know. Being reserved was sometimes useless, she had to be bold enough to take the initiative.

Especially when she was facing such an outstanding man like Mr Gu. If she had acted any later, he would have been snatched away by someone else.

Song Xiyue thought that she was well-educated and had a better family background than everyone present. She had always been very proud and confident. She smiled at Jun Shiyan naturally and asked, “Mr. Gu, it’s time for us to go out and buy something. Come over quickly! Let’s discuss how to set off together.” Jun Shiyan hummed faintly, smiling warmly and humbly.

When Yi Ning saw the man’s smile, her soul was taken away. The man in front of him was clearly smiling like a spring breeze, but it made people feel a clear sense of alienation, and they did not dare to approach him.

Shi Lingyu whispered to Ling Sheng, “If you really like Mr. Gu, you have to strike first. I think Yin Ning and the other two are targeting him.”

Ling Sheng tilted her head and glanced meaningfully at Yu Bei before asking softly, “What about you? Who’s your target?” “You only know how to joke with me.” Shi Lingyu wanted to ignore her.

She knew the mood of the show, and the producer had called her to tell her in detail. It was a reality show, and it is living up to its


The production team would give them the script and they were told to act according to the script. There was no need to feel pressured, just treat it as filming a television drama.

She was mentally prepared to act in a television drama, but she did not expect to really meet a male guest that made her heart flutter.

The male guests on the opposite side had different thoughts, but under the camera, they naturally had to show their best side, being polite and not losing their bearings.

Before they came, they were all confident and ambitious. They felt that all the female guests would like them and be convinced by their handsome looks and charisma and would choose them.

But now, this man called Gu Shi had given them a hard slap in the face. Even if they were indignant, jealous, and hateful, they had to admit that he was very outstanding.

The current situation was that all the female guests in the production team were focused on Gu Shi and did not care about them at all.

Women nowadays, especially those in the entertainment industry, were all more astute than the others. They were materialistic and hanker after the good-looking. Why didn’t they take a look at themselves? If they wanted to get intimate with that man, he wouldn’t be interested in them.

Ever since the start of the show, Gu Shi had never given any woman a second glance. No one knew what he was here for.

Perhaps he was just a useless rich second-generation heir who thought that the entertainment industry was a good place to profit from and wanted to use the show to play around, debut and enter the entertainment industry to snatch their jobs!

Meng Xun was the kind of person who wanted to stand out no matter where he was. He wanted to show that he was competitive and wanted to be the leader. He stood out and suggested, “We have more people. Let’s split up and go out. Let’s go to the market to buy some daily necessities.”

No one had any objections. Ling Sheng did not like the atmosphere of the show and some of the guests on it, so she was just completing her mission. She had no objections and did whatever she wanted.

“Then I’ll go to the supermarket with Mr. Gu, Xiao Yu, Meng Xun and Fei Yao!” Yin Ning said directly.

She was actually quite happy. Luckily, Mr Gu was on their side just now. If she were to distribute it like this, it wouldn’t seem too abrupt.

She had brought Shi Lingyu to her side and not Yun Ruo or Song Xiyue. As they were clearly on good terms with her, it cleared her suspicion of being selfish.

Yun Ruo and Song Xiyue sneered in their hearts. Everyone knew that they were just pretending to be good sisters.

She went with Shi Lingyu, who was of no threat to her. Her intention was obvious.

“Let’s draw lots for the sake of fairness!” Meng Xun suggested with a chuckle. He had his own ideas! The grouping he wanted was for Fei Yao, Shi Lingyu, Yu Bei, and Yi Ning to be in the same group as him. Fei Yao was nothing to be afraid of. Shi Lingyu and Yu Bei had obviously fallen in love at first sight and had taken a liking to each other. There was no doubt that they would definitely be a couple.

He would be able to chase after Yi Ning without worries, and nobody would stop him. As for Gu Shi, he would definitely separate him from Yin Ning. Yin Ning was the woman he liked.

Yun Ruo and Song Xiyue quickly agreed and wanted to draw lots. In any case, they couldn’t let Yin Ning have her way and give her a chance to be alone with Mr. Gu.

Yin Ning was so angry that her lungs were about to explode. However, she put on a polite smile on her face and nodded. “Alright, let’s draw lots and split into groups.” There were 10 people, if they were divided into two groups, there would be five people in each group. Yun Ruo and Song Xiyue, those two little bitches, shouldn’t be too smug. She had always been lucky. Even if it was drawing lots, she would still be in the same group as Mr. Gu!

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