Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 1208 - Grocery Shopping

Chapter 1208 Grocery Shopping

The groups were divided very quickly with everyone drawing lots. There were five red balls and five blue balls; those who drew the same color would be a team.

Soon, the results were out. Only Yin Ning and Ling Sheng were left.

Yin Ning was a little nervous. She was even more nervous than when she was performing on stage for the first time. She prayed in her heart that it would be a red ball.

Mr Gu drew the red ball. Shi Lingyu, Yu Bei and Fei Yao were all people who posed no threat to her. As long as she drew the red ball, she would be able to spend a long time alone with Mr Gu.

When the camera turned around, Jun Shiyan looked at the calm little woman opposite him and smiled dotingly.

The young lady had not had a proper meal since this morning. When they went out later, he would bring her to eat something good. There was a restaurant in the town that was not bad.

Shi Lingyu stole a glance secretly, afraid that she would be discovered, and quickly shifted her gaze. Oh my, I’m so impressed. Mr Gu’s gaze at Sheng Sheng is so doting!

Yu Bei frowned. When he saw Shi Lingyu secretly looking at Jun Shiyan, his heart started to ache and he felt upset. He knew that he was not as handsome or charismatic as that man. All the female guests’ targets were that man. Could she not be different?

The atmosphere became tense for some reason. Everyone stared at Yin Ning, especially Meng Xun. He held his breath and prayed that she would draw the blue colored ball and join him.

Yin Ning was also nervous. There were only two balls left, but her luck had always been off the charts. She would definitely get what she wanted. When she took out the ball, she was so angry that her nose was crooked. She really wanted to crush the ball in her hand!

It was blue, god must be blind. It was actually blue! That little vixen, Ling Sheng, had benefited! She had been given such a good opportunity!

Ling Sheng walked over and reached in slowly. She took out a red ball and went to the red team to be in the same group as Mr. Gu.

Apart from Yin Ning, Yun Ruo and Song Xiyue were also furious. They hated themselves for being unlucky and not being able to be in the same group as Mr. Gu.

However, looking at Yin Ning, who couldn’t match up to Mr. Gu no matter how hard she tried, she felt much better. It was typical of her that she couldn’t wait to see other people in bad situations.

Fei Yao was very happy. He had heard from a friend that although Ling Sheng was a newbie who had just entered the entertainment circle, she was from Huo Ci’s studio. Her manager was Mei Xuelin, so her future was limitless.

His goal was clear, it was Ling Sheng. As long as he could get his hands on her, he would have a way to enter Huo Ci’s studio.

This woman would be the stepping stone for him to step into the entertainment industry and become a superstar. When that time came, he would become famous all over the world. As his former rumored girlfriend, she would be content.

He did not know why Mr. Gu came to participate in the show. But from his attitude, he was not interested in any of the female guests.

They split up the workload. Team Red had more men, so they went to the supermarket to buy daily necessities. Team Blue went to the market to buy groceries.

The production team had already prepared the car. It was a long van with two rows of seats at the back.

Yu Bei enthusiastically offered to drive while Shi Lingyu ran to the front passenger seat to sit. He even gave Ling Sheng a look to tell her to work hard.

Fei Yao watched as Ling Sheng got into the car and prepared to go up. He had to sit beside her so that he could talk to her and show off his charm.

Jun Shiyan’s cold gaze swept over, dangerous and murderous.

Fei Yao was so frightened that his legs were trembling. His back felt cold, while fear and respect rose from the bottom of his heart. When he saw the man get into the car and sit beside Ling Sheng, he could not help but feel a lingering fear. Who exactly was that man? Wasn’t he uninterested in women? Why was he sitting beside Ling Sheng?

Jun Shiyan sat beside Ling Sheng expressionlessly, with a seat between them.

The cameraman looked at the scene in front of him and silently cursed in his heart. What was wrong with Mr Gu? Not only did he have a cold face, he was sitting right next to the girl but they were separated by a space in between. Was he even here for a dating show?!

Fei Yao was so frightened that he could not recover, he did not even dare to look at Ling Sheng. It was too scary, that man surnamed Gu was too scary.

However, in order to make herself look normal, she started talking to Yu Bei.

Yu Zhong had instructed the director to not shoot Mr. Gu. He quickly changed the camera angle and went to shoot other people.

Ling Sheng and Jun Shiyan both held their phones and looked down at them as they typed.

“Mr. Jun, what are you doing now?”

“Accompanying my wife to the supermarket to shop.”

“Mr. Jun, I’m so lonely. Can you accompany me to shop instead?”

Jun Shiyan looked at the little woman who had taken off her shoes and was rubbing her little feet against his legs. His breathing suddenly tightened, and his eyes burned with obvious desire. His slender fingers typed, “What will you do?!”

Ling Sheng looked at the man beside her, who looked cold and abstinent. Her heart itched. Stupid man, stop acting serious. I will serve you well, I know all the positions and locations. Will you come and look for me?

Jun Shiyan was so enticed by her that his blood was boiling. He really wanted to teach her a lesson right now, where did she learn such dirty words from?

Ling Sheng was actually a little pervert, especially when the man was sitting beside her in all seriousness. It made her restless and dared to say anything.

In the car, the three people at the front were talking. No one noticed the two people at the back. They looked like they had nothing to do with each other and were playing their own games and did not communicate at all. When they were chatting, they would spout flirtatious words and use all sorts of lecherous words.

When Ling Sheng was chatting, she was passionate, bold, and explicit. When she saw the man beside her tighten his grip on his phone, his face darkened, and his ears turned red. She felt a sense of accomplishment.

The Third Master is so innocent! I really want to push him down!

Jun Shiyan’s eyes were cold and dark, and he seemed to be on fire. The force of his typing seemed to have broken the phone screen. “Thank you, Madam Jun, for your reminder and guidance. I will definitely serve you properly in the future.”

Ling Sheng laughed maniacally in her heart as she replied, “I’m done washing up and am currently lying down. Come on!”

Jun Shiyan gritted his teeth.

Ling Sheng did not expect retribution to come so quickly. The wretched man was angry and accosted her whenever he wanted to. When she was lifted up by the waist and pressed against the shelf, her eyes widened in shock and her heart jumped to her throat.

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