Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: They Were Very Right, She Could Not Object

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Ling Sheng gave her a confused look.

She was a newbie who had yet to receive any attention. This drama was her first show, and she had only shown her face during the publicity photoshoot and sent her makeup photo.

She was only a dumb newbie in the entertainment circle. Additionally, Huo Ci was not in favor of her and would not even arrange an assistant for her, let alone help her gain publicity through such an advertisement. Even though she had attracted some attention, it had to be because of the publicity photos released in the initial marketing phase. However, that had died down soon.

People commented that she had a pretty face, one that looked like a fairy’s. Her face and figure might render her competitive with other actresses, but she did not have the elegant vibe emitted by the female lead and the supporting actress. She obviously dulled in comparison to the duo, and the standard was so bad that she felt like she was falling right through the bottom of the earth.

The discussions merely targeted her background, the wealthy person supporting her, and the way she had gotten her position. After all, she was a newbie who had gotten the third female supporting role on the hottest drama. The male and female leads were very popular in the entertainment circle now, so what had made her the third female supporting actress?

A few days later, however, the gossip died down.

Now that her name had suddenly appeared on the billboard, she was shocked. One look at it and she knew this was about the video taken half a month ago, when she had rolled down the stairs due to her ‘evil tactic’. The clip showed her reaching out to push Luo Xin, an act evaded by the latter, hence causing her to roll down the stairs instead.

‘Question: Who’s Ling Sheng? How could she be so arrogant?’

‘According to the analytic video of a microexpression psychologist, the newbie is a diabolical person. Her true colors have been revealed.’

‘Who’s Ling Sheng? A lowly actress trying to gain some attention to become popular! Get out!’

‘Attempted Murder. Murderer Ling Sheng, get out to explain and [email protected] Sheng’

The video was clear, and the microexpression psychologist’s analysis was well-supported and logically sound. It asserted that Ling Sheng had tried to harm others, but the plan had backfired and she had ended up hurting herself. She was a wicked newbie with evil intentions. In three words: She deserved it.

The replies were even more interesting, as they included all kinds of colorful responses. They were mostly composed of critical comments from the victim Luo Xin’s fans, who pillorized her under her Weibo1.

[She has evil intentions. How can there be such a diabolical person in this world? I really hope she suffers from the curse of early death.]Likes:+10,086

[She’s here to gain attention, isn’t she? There are all sorts of birds in the jungle. She has really broadened my horizons. This fool deprecated herself to gain attention.]

[Person above, great minds think alike. I also think this tardy actress deliberately released this video. I think she’s really crazy for wanting to be popular! In this era, one can be popular for various reasons, good or bad. Popularity becomes one’s biological father. Where does popularity come from if one doesn’t deprecate oneself?



+identity card number]Likes +10,000

[One should never harbor evil intentions. This is her getting retribution on the spot. Why didn’t she die from the fall?]Likes +8,000

[You are numb! How dare you hurt my fairy? Get out and explain, murderer. Now! @Ling Shen]

[This is my first time seeing such an arrogant newbie. She has no elegance whatsoever. She must have a backer. Who’s the wealthy person behind her?]

[The fool must be a blind wealthy person with dog eyes. How can he/she support such a foolish and stupid person? If I’m this wealthy person, may I die from anger now. What a brainless toy!]

[How dare she act so audaciously under public scrutiny! Did Fish Leong1 give her the guts?]


[Her low IQ angers me but also makes me laugh. My fairy is indeed magnanimous and kind. Anyone else would have slapped her face and let her die!]

[My baby Xin’s too kind and she’s suffered too much. No, bring Old Man’s1 fifty-meter-long knife here. Old Man wants to hack that slut to death. Nobody shall stop me.

Chilies1 on top, listen to me. Let’s stop paying attention to this tardy actress. It’s been a scheme right from the start. Let’s withdraw.]

Ling Sheng laughed until she cried straight away…

They were really right. She could not object to any of their words.

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