Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Old Scumbag, Child Abuse

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As she watched the light in the child’s eye diminish, Ling Sheng’s heart sank slightly. She walked over to pat his head and asked,” Were you mischievous today?”

Ever since she stepped in the entertainment circle, Ling Sheng had forbidden her son from calling her “Mother” outside, and instead be called as “Aunt.”

“No.” Ling Xiao Qi’s excitement was clear from his face’s full of smiles, sweetness filling his heart. Mummy had actually come to pick him up from school.

“You’re Xiao Qi’s aunt?” Mo Mo’s mother looked at the beautiful girl before her, who looked at most 20-years-old from that small doll-like face. “Where are his parents? How can your family rest assured when the child is left to come and go alone from school? What if he’s kidnapped by child traffickers? There’s no use crying over spilled milk!”

Ling Sheng knew that those words were said out of goodwill, she nodded her head profusely and promised against its repeated occurrence. She would come and fetch Xiao Qi every day. After some greetings and chatting briefly, they went their separate ways.

“Mum… Aunt.” Ling Xiao Qi called out the wrong title. He lowered his small head, waiting to be reproached by mummy and whispered,” Xiao Qi can walk alone.”

“What Aunt, there’s no one here. I’m your mother.” When Ling Sheng looked at her sensible child, her heart softened, and she planted a soft kiss on his small pinkish cheek.

Since Ling Sheng wanted to develop her career in the entertainment circle, she had viewed Ling Xiao Qi as her biggest problem.


Being exposed to the wider horizons and ways of the world, the original owner of the body increasingly viewed the presence of Little Xiao Qi as a dark stain in her life. She became increasingly colder toward him, and there was nothing more she wanted than the disappearance of her son, who was a hindrance to her career development.

“Mummy!” Ling Xiao Qi was surprised by the sudden kiss, but he remained vigilant.

The three-year-old child had already learned to observe the speech and gestures of others and behave according to their moods and thoughts. He also clearly felt that his mother had become more busy and disdainful of him ever since she started working in the city.

In the past, Ling Sheng was not fond of children and felt they were annoying.

But since she saw Ling Xiao Qi, she just developed such a strong liking for him without knowing why. The more she saw him, the more she wanted to hug and kiss him.

Ling Sheng even bought a stick of sugar-coated bottle gourd from a supermarket on the way.

Seeing Ling Xiao Qi’s small round face scrunched-up like a ball, Ling Sheng could not help but laugh out loud.

Ling Sheng was currently staying at Huo Ci’s condo.

It was a high-end apartment building in a community with tight security. Since Huo Ci was known for not having many rumors, the paparazzi could not get access.

Generally, paparazzi would not come here to shoot secretly since they didn’t want to waste their time without any results.

Huo Ci was very particular about cleanliness, and he refused to see Ling Sheng. Initially, he wanted to rent a house for her, even offering to buy a house and asked her to take Ling Xiao Qi away and live separately.

But Ling Sheng was quite calculative and was obviously unwilling to move out. The part-time workers at Huo Ci’s house would clean regularly and also buy necessary utility items, and she was not required to do anything. If she were to move out, she would have to fork out her own money for these expenses.

However, Huo Ci only allowed Ling Sheng to stay under specific conditions, and they even signed a contract.

One. Ling Sheng’s identity had to be kept secret, and she was not allowed to reveal their relationship to anyone.

Two. Outside the house, they would pretend to be strangers. Ling Sheng could not call him “Father,” and Xiao Qi could not address him as “Grandpa.”

Three. None of the objects in the house could be randomly touched or used, and the house should be kept clean and tidy.

While Huo Ci had set up such rules, Ling Sheng complying with them was another issue.

Ling Sheng blatantly used Huo Ci’s body wash, shampoo, facial cleanser, and makeup products, even discreetly using his pricey perfume.

For privacy, Huo Ci had hired part-time workers who would only come and clean the house at specific timings and prepare meals when necessary.

Every day, Ling Sheng would leave her dirty laundry everywhere around the house and even ‘rearrange’ the items in the house. Huo Ci was infuriated to the point where he wanted to throw the mother-son duo out immediately.

After reaching home, Ling Sheng put down her items before coming out to prepare a meal.

However, she could only find eggs, noodles, and a few stalks of vegetables in the fridge.

“Mummy.” Xiao Qi followed behind her like a small tail. “Since you were hospitalized, Grandpa didn’t come back home, and the Auntie hasn’t been here to prepare meals for three days.”

“Then what do you eat?” Ling Sheng’s eyes darkened.

“Xiao Qi knows how to cook egg noodles,” Xiao Qi answered weakly.


Ling Sheng carried Xiao Qi and went to buy groceries. She continued mumbling all the way.

What an old scumbag Huo Ci is. Even if the original character angered him, he should not abuse the child. Abusing a kid by leaving him alone and not giving him meals!

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