Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: One Is Smarter And More Scheming Than The Other

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“Yes, Xiao Qi was very obedient.” Ling Xiao Qi whispered in her ear quietly. “Mommy, Grandpa took me to the Water Park today but didn’t allow me to tell you. It was very fun. Can you go with us next time?”

Ling Sheng, who hadn’t expected Huo Ci to discover his conscience and take the child to the Water Park, smiled and nodded her head. “Okay, Mommy will go with y’all next time.”

“What’s taking you so long? Time to go home!” Upon seeing the little child’s affection for his mother and his clear abandonment of him, Huo Ci soured and thought, “He’s a wean with little conscience. To think I took him out to play for the day. Raising a dog would be better than raising him!”

Ling Sheng had received her paycheck from Jun Shiyan two days ago. He had seen her a total of four times last month, on an average of once per week, sleeping a total of eighteen hours. Given his wealth, he paid her a sum of 200,000 dollars.

Since she did not have any scenes at night, she left early to buy some decorative items at the mall. As someone from the entertainment circle, she could not dress too shabbily.

Middle-end to high-end gowns, bags, accessories, and shoes were a must. She was a newbie, which meant that she had no sponsors, and finding sponsors for her gowns was not realistic. She could only buy them herself.

Sister Mei had given her an invitation yesterday to a high-end charity auction that would take place two days later. Since there would be many industry insiders and investors present, it would be a good opportunity for her to get to know more people. She was therefore in urgent need of a wearable gown that would not make her seem too shabby.

Also, since her stingy father had been treating her son well recently, she had decided to buy him a small appreciative gift for taking care of her son.

The reason for their miraculous reconciliation was unknown.

When the Best Actor had some free time, he would somehow discover his conscience and take care of Ling Xiao Qi. After dinner at night, the duo would sit cross-legged on the sofa and watch television, making the sight a loving one. In between them, there would be a plate of snacks.

If one was not aware of their grandpa-and-grandson relationship, the sight of an elder and a dashing younger man would make one mistake them for father and son.


The shopping mall was the biggest and most luxurious one in the capital. Although she had gotten there not long ago, she saw security guards blocking some customers. Every customer had been given a small gift, but they were still not permitted to enter.

While she was shopping at the brand outlet shops, she overheard from others that the mall’s senior executives would be there to conduct an inspection and no one would be allowed to enter the mall after 5:30.

Ling Sheng thought the senior executives were impressive, as every minute a mall was shut down meant losing a big sum of money. They were indeed rich, willful big bosses!

After shopping for around half an hour, Ling Sheng eyed a gown at a high-end boutique shop. The price was reasonable, as it only cost 60,000 dollars after the discount.


After trying it on, she deemed that it looked good on her. With her elegance enhancing the overall aesthetic effect, she looked like a fairy in everything she wore. She was beautiful.

However, that was when trouble came.

“I’ve only tried the gown on for a while. How could I know it was torn at the back?” Ling Sheng shot a sarcastic look at the receptionist standing opposite her. Her accumulated anger and dissatisfaction finally exploded as she pointed at the hole located in the lacey area. She then bellowed, “Are you trying to say that I tore it apart when I was in the fitting room? D*mn, am I stupid or crazy?”

A scheme!

That was definitely a scheme!

Ever since she had entered the shop, the receptionist had been actively recommending the gown to her, saying it was an old design from last month and was currently sold at a discounted price.

Those arrogant fools! One was smarter and more scheming than the other. She must have schemed to make a scapegoat out of her because she had just entered the shop.

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