Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: You Are Indeed Someone Who Looks Innocent But Is Evil In Nature

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“Who knows? I just know that when I passed it to you, the gown was definitely fine. You tore the gown in the fitting room and now that you are not prepared to pay, you want to make me the scapegoat?” The receptionist sneered in mockery. “Don’t shop at a high-end outlet if you can’t pay!”


“One look at her shabby appearance and you’ll know that she can’t pay. If she can’t pay after tearing it intentionally, how can you let such a person enter the shop?”

“Exactly, she gives off a scuzzy vibe. I’m sure the total cost of what she’s wearing now doesn’t exceed one hundred dollars!”

The remaining two receptionists followed suit and started to mock her. Why would she dare enter a high-end shop if she could not afford to pay? Had she gone bonkers?

“The total cost of what I’m wearing now has nothing to do with you! Call the store manager over. I want to look at the surveillance cameras and call the police. It would be better to have the police settle this issue!” Ling Sheng found it hilarious and did not intend to become a scapegoat.

She was sure that this was the devilish work of the receptionist, who wanted to make her the whipping boy.

“Why did you try on the gowns if you couldn’t afford them? All the outfits here are priced at hundreds of thousands. Don’t you have a vague idea whether you can pay after ruining them?” The receptionist who had recommended the gown to her had an overbearing and arrogant attitude, but her fierceness died a little when she heard that Ling Sheng wanted to call the police and check the surveillance cameras.

The gown had actually been accidentally torn by her this morning when she had gotten to work. If her mistake was discovered by the manager, which would happen if the surveillance cameras were checked, she would definitely have to pay.

Upon seeing Ling Sheng walking in, she had immediately started to plot against her. Ling Sheng was young and looked shabby, so the receptionist thought she would be clueless about the workings of the world. At the same time, the fact that she was shopping at such a high-end outlet meant that she had some money. Thus, the receptionist thought she had found a scapegoat, which made her devise a plan to scare Ling Sheng and make her suffer the loss by buying the gown without a complaint.

Who knew she would be strong-headed enough to demand a look at the surveillance cameras and call the police.

“You ruined it yourself and now you want to make me the scapegoat? Ask the store manager, brand manager, and mall manager to come here.” That was the first time Ling Sheng was mocked by others in both her past and current life, which was why she was angry. Her expression was cold when she added, “I heard that the senior executives will be here to conduct an inspection. Do you want me to go find them?”

“You think you can meet the senior executives just because you want to?” The receptionist was immensely unreasonable.

By then, people had surrounded the outlet and started filming the commotion with their phones. One of them, who happened to be a makeup influencer with numerous account followers, started live-streaming the whole incident.

“I can’t do that?” Ling Sheng took off her sunglasses and said, “Do you know me? I’m the actress who’s filming a drama with Gu Shen and Luo Xin. Now, I’m asking the store manager to show me the surveillance cameras. You will all have to apologize to me or, trust me, I’ll expose your shop and make sure that your brand ceases to exist in this mall.”


These scumbags! She was really agitated!

Paying 60,000 was not a big deal since it was not like she could not pay. However, it was the attitude of those people that infuriated her. They were as d*mn arrogant as though they were God.

In the past, she had seen people criticize these high-end outlets’ receptionists, condemning their poor attitude, low professionalism, and arrogance. After all, they acted as though they were ancestors of people who ought to be highly regarded.

She had finally gotten to see that!

“Come and take a look, everyone! A celebrity is refusing to pay after ruining a gown!” The receptionist took a look and realized it was really Ling Sheng. She was the evil newbie who had been criticized recently. Then, she gathered everyone by speaking in a loud voice. “Seems like no one has wronged you. You are indeed someone who looks innocent but is evil in nature. Someone without any sense of quality. You used your identity to bully helpless receptionists like us.”

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