Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: It Was True That He Was Disabled!

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“So what if I bully you? What can you do?” Ling Sheng was so angry that she laughed. There were indeed a lot of eccentricities in this world. “I’ve said that I didn’t ruin the gown. Are you deaf?”

“I’m sick of the attitude shown by receptionists like you. I shall punish you all on behalf of those who have been bullied. You all shall know who’s the god and who’s the d*mn grandson.”

“Yes, I’m not rich, but is that how you should treat your customers? Old Lady[1.’Old Lady’ is a self-referencing term.] didn’t spend money to experience such an attitude. Isn’t the service attitude paid for by part of the money I spent in this shop?”

“One day, I shall buy the entire mall and fire all of you arrogant b*stards.”

The receptionist was so angry that her face turned ashen and her body shook uncontrollably. With a diabolical expression, she mocked her. “You can’t even buy a gown, let alone a mall!”

“If I didn’t ruin it, will you dare kneel before me and say, ‘Ancestor, I was wrong’ thrice?” Ling Sheng let out a cold laugh.

There was a sharp increase in the number of viewers in the makeup influencer’s live video, all of whom were excited as they interacted with the influencer while buzzing about the live-stream commotion. That was the first time she had so many viewers on her live-stream videos, with the number surpassing millions.

Meanwhile, an endless stream of comments rolled in.

[Indeed, she has no quality. So now she’s right even though she ruined the clothes? She can bully others just because she’s a public figure? I support the receptionist, scr*w her!]

[D*mn, she’s really crazy about becoming popular. The last incident on Weibo was not enough. Now, a video of her causing trouble is posted again. I bet with a pack of strips that this is one of the marketing tactics she uses to gain popularity. ]

[Chilies are here to boost your morale and demolish innocent-looking devils. Long live the receptionist! We’re your stable support network. Don’t be scared, just do it!]

[Allow me to butt in before the truth of the incident is revealed. Is it really nice to choose a side? What if Ling Sheng is telling the truth?]

[My god, you’re toxic. Did you fall in d*mn love with that innocent-looking devil? It’s obvious enough. You’re definitely blind!]

[I support the receptionist! A low-quality, innocent-looking b*tch like Ling Sheng should not stay in the entertainment circle to harm others. I strongly oppose her presence in the entertainment world and I curse her to get out of the entertainment industry.]

[There’s too much grief here. I’m off!]

[Who’s Ling Sheng? It’s a sincere question.]

[Red Word, you’re outdated. Go to Weibo to educate yourself and search for ‘Ling Sheng’. You’ll find yourself entering a whole new world and feeling happy about today!]

Under the lead of Luo Xin’s fans, who were called Little Chilies, the comments section was filled with toxicity and grief. Whoever assumed a neutral position would be attacked by the masses, and scolding Ling Sheng had already become the politically-right decision.

The store manager was not in the store, as he/she had to attend a lecture due to the senior executives’ inspection of the mall. Upon receiving this information, he rushed back to see a swarm of people crowding outside the outlet. He had to spend some energy to squeeze through.

Outside the outlet, the gaze of the wheelchair-bound man with a mask made of silver landed on the fuming woman in the outlet. While her small face looked angry, it also contained some degree of cuteness. He asked An Yan, “What’s going on?”

An Yan pushed the wheelchair as he spoke. “It’s Ms. Ling. Do you want to go and take a look, sir?”

Jun Shiyan nodded slightly.

When An Yan pushed the man in, Ling Sheng, who was in the midst of a heated but satisfactory argument, saw the wheelchair-bound man immediately. He had a sophisticated elegance about him, and his black suit made him emit a distant, desire-free, mature and reserved vibe. She let out a low cough, almost choking herself.

Why was he there?

It was true… It was true that he was disabled!

Jun Shiyan could obviously feel her gaze lingering on his legs for a while. His expression became complicated. He seemed regretful, as though it was a pity, yet he also seemed to have confirmed something.

“Hi!” Ling Sheng transformed from a strong, burly woman into a well-behaved fairy, using the strategy of changing one’s expression instantly. She looked adorable as her small hand waved.

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