Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: This Man Is Rather Flirtatious!

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Jun Shiyan’s Adam’s apple moved up and down as he tried to stifle his laughter.

An Yan looked at the store manager. “What’s going on?”

The store manager let the salesgirl explain everything.


Ling Sheng stepped out immediately to interrupt. “I saw a gown that I liked. This is the one. After I tried it on, she suddenly said the gown was damaged and asked me to pay for it. I didn’t damage the gown. She must have damaged it, but I didn’t want to pay for it so I became the scapegoat.”

As An Yan listened to the young lady present this lengthy narration in a serious manner, she puffed up her cheeks like a squirrel. She looked at the store manager coldly and said, “Since this lady says she didn’t damage the dress, let’s bring out the surveillance monitor!”

Although the store manager did not know An Yan and Jun Shiyan, he could tell from the way they were dressed and their remarkable aura that they were not ordinary people. He hastily instructed his staff to bring out the surveillance monitor.

Many people started to crowd around.

The salesgirl’s tone of voice was still acceptable, but she was rolling her eyes and she had an overbearing attitude. How arrogant!

When the salesgirl had retrieved the gown, she seemed to have avoided the surveillance cameras. The back of the dress had not been captured at all, and it could not be determined whether the dress had already been damaged. When Ling Sheng had emerged from the dressing room, the salesgirl had suddenly glared at her and claimed that the dress was damaged.

Based on the surveillance clip alone, there was no way to determine if the dress had been damaged beforehand or if Ling Sheng had damaged it.

“Play it backward. Play the surveillance footage of the whole day,” instructed An Yan.

Suddenly, the expression on the salesgirl’s face changed. She glared hard at Ling Sheng, wishing she could eject sharp, poison-coated blades from her eyes and kill her on the spot.

Jun Shiyan reached out with his hand and lightly tapped the girl’s arm. Then, he asked in a low voice, “Do you have some time later?”

Ling Sheng clearly felt on her arm the cold touch of his fingers, which was similar to the exquisite texture of high-quality jade. The sensation went straight to her heart, and her body buzzed as if she were being electrocuted. Her eyes widened before she quickly recovered her senses. “It’s six o’clock now. How about seven o’clock?”


This man was rather flirtatious.

The staff started to play back the video. An Yan, who clearly sensed that the Master was getting impatient, demanded cooly, “Play it from the beginning.”

The salesgirl’s face was now as pale as ash.

The salesgirl who had opened the door was the one who had recommended the gown to Ling Sheng. After opening the store, she had started to pack some things in preparation for the day’s business.

Three minutes into the video, she accidentally tore the lace border of the gown with her fingernail. She looked up at the surveillance camera nervously and, as if no one was looking, blatantly turned toward the camera from another angle.

Ling Sheng looked over at the salesgirl. “Hey, diva. What are you waiting for? We have hard evidence. You better start praying to your ancestors!”

Jun Shiyan observed Ling Sheng’s triumphant look. She was like a ray of light that shone straight into him and lit up his heart’s chamber. The cold iciness that sealed up his heart started to gently crack open.


The live chat of the beauty and makeup channel was experiencing a rapid change in culture and atmosphere. It had started off with Luo Xin’s fans egging on and leading people in scolding and humiliating Ling Sheng.

Now, the tables had turned and the salesgirl was the culprit. Most of the people causing trouble exited the chatroom sheepishly. Occasionally, some people who were not satisfied would continue to criticize Ling Sheng. However, as a result, the chatroom was harmonious again.

The audience even started to cheer her on, encouraging her to let off steam and leaving comments such as “Great job!” and “You’re the best!”.

The salesgirl, who was not satisfied, clenched her fists so tightly that her nails dug into her palm. Even after getting a warning look from the store manager, she still refused to kneel down. Why should she?


Jun Shiyan’s harsh, penetrating gaze swept past the salesgirl. He was evidently displeased.

An Yan sensed the change in the Master’s mood. “What are you waiting for? Say something!”

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