Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Grandpa Is A Good Man

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Ling Xiao Qi looked at her with some fear and whispered, “Mummy, Grandpa is a good man. He paid for my medical bills, gave you money, found you a job, and even gave us a place to stay.”

Ling Sheng looked at her son before she said through gritted teeth.”That’s his responsibility!”

Ling Xiao Qi thought, “Mummy is angry.”

Ling Sheng bought groceries, daily necessities, shampoo, body wash, and makeup products, those which she frequently used in the past.

While the original owner behaved brazenly and shamelessly used Huo Ci’s products, she was not comfortable with using other people’s items, especially since these products catered to males.

Additionally, she specifically bought toddler-friendly products and pajama for Ling Xiao Qi. The pajama had baby alligators printed on it, looking immensely adorable.

It was only after this shopping spree that Ling Sheng realized how broke she was, and understood why the original owner refused to move out.

She only had less than 500 Yuan left in her bank account.

Huo Ci had given her 20,000 Yuan for her living expenses half a month ago, but the original owner had squandered most of it on people in the film crew in the name of being ‘generous.’

Every day, Ling Sheng treated the whole crew to bubble tea, other beverages, fruits, and even buying gifts for those ‘weighty’ figures, soon running out of money for her own needs.

Ling Sheng just finished cooking and brought the dishes over to the table. Xiao Qi also helped to set up the table.

The door opened, and Huo Ci’s figure walked in. Even when his face was covered with a mask and sunglasses, it could not cover up the air of elegance he exuded. He looked around at the clean apartment and the steaming hot dishes on the table, and was slightly stunned.

Had the cheapo girl changed?

She actually cleaned the house and cooked?

“You’re back.” Ling Xiao Qi was a smart child, he ran up to Huo Ci in a solicitous manner, helping him to get his slippers and took the bag.

The bag was quite heavy, and the little guy had to carry it tediously, his small body swaying side to side like a little penguin.


Huo Ci frowned slightly and felt annoyed.

He was used to living alone. The sudden addition of two so-called relatives put him at great unease. He walked over and took his bag before entering his room.

“Xiao Qi, time for dinner.” Ling Sheng deliberately raised her voice, but her scumbag father never came out after he entered his room.

Xiao Qi ran to knock on Huo Ci’s door in an attempt to please him. He called out in the tender voice of a child, “Time for dinner.”

Since he was not allowed to call him “Grandpa,” the little guy didn’t know how to address him.

Ling Sheng thought her father would not come out for dinner since he disliked seeing the pair of mother and son, but unexpectedly, Huo Ci came out.

Seeing his grandfather walking out, Xiao Qi’s eyes were filled with evident happiness. His small legs running to get a chair for his grandfather, albeit laboriously as the sound of a chair being dragged across the floor could be heard.

Grandpa was his only relative besides Mummy, so he wanted to be good to grandpa, being a filial and respectful child so that Grandpa would not chase them out. He did not want to sleep or beg for food on the streets with his mummy.

Before Ling Sheng transmigrated here, she was actually from a single-parent family, brought up only by her father.

Her father was an internationally-renowned Chinese chef. His ancestors were imperial chefs working in the palace, and their family had a centuries-old private restaurant passed down over generations that was used to host national dignitaries and politicians.

Every time there were foreign guests at a state banquet, her father would be in the position of the ‘Head Chef,’ a well-regarded and glorious role.

Thus, ever since she was young, she had learned how to cook well.

Unfortunately, when she was 15 years old, her father died of stomach cancer.

Since her interest did not lie in the culinary field, the restaurant lost its head chef and finally closed down not long after.

With the help of a few of her father’s old friends, she entered the entertainment circle and earned much praise through her outstanding acting skills. At the age of 17, she had already clinched the ‘Best Actress’ title.


After that, her journey had been incredibly smooth, with a bright, boundless future as she worked slowly and reached the apex of her life. But she did not expect that after reading a novel and falling asleep, she would wake up as the Ling Sheng of this novel.

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