Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Disrespecting Himself By Exhibiting Rude Behaviour

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That was the first time Huo Ci tried Ling Sheng’s cooking. He did not expect his greedy and cheapo daughter to possess such excellent culinary skills.

Huo Ci was a self-proclaimed foodie, and he had tried a large variety of good food and different cuisines these years. Yet, his hunger was aroused by these few simple home-cooked dishes.

Although there was no meat in the stir-fried bamboo shoots, even then, one could not help but want to take a bite and swallow involuntarily.

When he ate the steamed egg with minced meat, it felt like having a spoonful of pudding that had a smooth texture and tasted wonderfully delicious. One could not stop after the first mouthful.

The dongpo meat was bright-red color, with a thin and tender texture, and it had a slightly strong fragrance but was not at all greasy. Huo Ci could devour an extra bowl of rice with just the soup.

As for the bitter gourd stuffed meat, the bitterness of the bitter guard could not be felt at all. Instead, the meat gravy had diffused into it, while retaining a rare taste of crispiness and tenderness, demanding one’s compliments.

There was only half of the steamed egg with minced meat left.

Ling Sheng took away the plate that was in front of him and specifically placed it in front of Xiao Qi. She glanced at Huo Ci and said, “Xiao Qi’s portion.”

Huo Ci swallowed before he reluctantly retracted his drooling gaze. After all, he could not snatch food from a child.

There was silence during the entire time they ate, except for the occasional clank of chopsticks against the plates. No one talked, and the dishes were finished without leaving any leftovers.

Ling Sheng shot Huo Ci a contemptuous gaze. Didn’t he make it clear that he did not want to see her earlier? But now he ended up eating the most, devouring three big bowls of rice.


Huo Ci pretended not to see her look and feelings of regret set in after he finished the meal.

This meal consisted of a few thousand calories, how long did he have to train before he could burn those calories.


The only comfort was his relatively free schedule recently. Since there was also no filming to do, he could allow himself some indulgences occasionally.

Xiao Qi looked at Grandpa silently. His grandpa usually ate only a little bit every day, and mommy said it was because celebrities had to maintain their figure. But why did he eat so much today?

Ling Sheng washed the dishes, wiped the table, and then brought out three cups of yogurt. The toppings were some fresh fruits, tempting one to dig in immediately.

Xiao Qi was sitting cross-legged on the sofa, watching “Peppa Pig.”

Huo Ci walked over and snatched the remote control from him. Then, he plopped himself on the sofa, squeezing Xiao Qi to the far end.

He switched the channel to a sports channel and watched a basketball game, laughing while eating beef jerky.

Xiao Qi stared at the beef jerky in Huo Ci’s hand and licked his lips, but he did not dare to ask. His mommy had said that adults don’t like greedy, ravenous children.

Watching this scene before her, Ling Sheng gritted her teeth in anger.

What an elder! What Grandpa!

Huo Ci, this scumbag, he was disrespectful to himself by exhibiting such rude behavior!

And he bullied a child!!

The yogurt that was initially meant for Huo Ci was immediately flushed down the sink.

While having yogurt…

Ling Sheng and Xiao Qi each had a cup. The duo sat together to watch the television, whispering to each other and laughing, their behavior immensely intimate.

Huo Ci frowned as he felt unexplained sourness in his heart. After having hesitated for a while, he asked Ling Sheng, “Where’s mine?”

Ling Sheng answered casually, “In the kitchen.”

Huo Ci believed her immediately, as he could tell immediately that the yogurt was made by her. Her culinary skills today already left him with high hopes for the yogurt.

Yet, when he reached the kitchen, he realized that the yogurt machine had been cleansed thoroughly with no leftovers.

The Movie King was instantly angered. “Well done, Ling Sheng. I provided you with accommodation and living expenses, but now you are unwilling to even leave me some yogurt as a show of filial piety! Didn’t your mother teach you the value of respecting the old and loving the young!”

“My mother taught me, but my father didn’t.” Ling Sheng smiled brightly before continuing, “Since you mentioned respecting the old and loving the young, I happen to know a grandfather who snatches the sofa seat of his grandson and even enjoys his snacks solitarily without sharing them with the child. Now say, is he respecting himself by exhibiting such rude behavior to the young?”

Huo Ci felt choked with anger, and his handsome face darkened, akin to the bottom of a pot.

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