Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: A D*mn Grandson!

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Huo Ci felt choked with anger, and his handsome face darkened, akin to the bottom of a pot.

Xiao Qi’s bright and tender voice rang out as he sprinted towards Huo Ci with his short legs. “Grandpa, you can have Xiao Qi’s one.”

Huo Ci glared daggers at him and bellowed, “Who’s your Grandpa!”


He is the golden bachelor of the Imperial capital of the country.

A d*mn daughter and a d*mn grandson!

Xiao Qi instantly looked like a deflated balloon as he watched his Grandpa storm into his room and close the door angrily. The child’s brows furrowed as he reflected on himself.

Did Grandpa find the food he ate disgusting?

Ling Sheng waved to her son, holding the remote control smilingly as she said,” Come and watch Peppa Pig.”

A child’s mind won’t stay on any matter for too long.

After watching a few episodes of Peppa Pig, Xiao Qi had practically forgotten about Grandpa’s anger.

Due to Ling Sheng’s accident, she got a one-week medical leave.

During the period, she cleaned the house, cooked meals, picked up and dropped off Xiao Qi, and tried to gain more understanding of the script.

The first half of the script would be filmed in the Imperial Capital while the second half would be shot out of town, at Hengdian World Studios.

However, by then, Ling Sheng’s role in the drama would have ended, so she would only appear for twenty episodes.

Morning, the day Ling Sheng resumed her work…

After breakfast, Huo Ci’s handsome face glared at her, and he warned sternly. “You’d better perform well in the film crew and don’t get any crooked ideas. If I know that you are engaging in some unrighteous practices and are shaming me, don’t expect me to give you any resources in the future.”

Huo Ci had heard about her fall.

Ling Sheng was not on good terms with Luo Xin and had wanted to create trouble for her. Yet, her scheme backfired, and she ended up creating trouble for herself.

How did he give birth to such a brainless person!


Ling Sheng could clearly see the disdain in his eyes, but she didn’t show any temper and laughed as she spoke, “If I perform well, will there be any prizes?”

“Gu Shen’s out-of-bounds. Don’t you know who his uncle is?” As a veteran in the entertainment circle, Huo Ci was well-aware of any intentions the newbies harbored. While he couldn’t care less about the others, he can still manage when it came to his cheapo daughter.


“Who?” Ling Sheng obviously knew Gu Shen’s Uncle. Little Yuan’s favorite supporting character was the male lead’s uncle, who was known for his perverted and ruthless nature.

The man is commonly addressed as “Third Master Jun” by people, and his presence was like Hades. It was given that he had an ugly appearance and a twisted personality. He was also known to be a narrow-minded person who holds grudges and sought revenge for the smallest thing and in the most ruthless and evil ways.

Also, aside from the fact that he was physically disabled and could not engage in any sexual relationship, the most crucial point was that the character of “Third Master Jun” died within two years in the book.

“He is a fake gentleman and a real hypocrite.” When Huo Ci mentioned him, he gritted his teeth in anger before warning Ling Sheng sternly. “If you dare to get involved with Gu Shen, I’ll break your legs.”

“Don’t worry, I swear that I’ll never become entangled with Gu Shen.” After Ling Sheng answered, she thought to herself, “I cannot wait to hide from him!”

As an evil female supporting character, she would not dare to offend the male and female leads who have the halo of lead characters above them.

“If you perform well, you will naturally receive some of the resources.” For the past week, Huo Ci felt that she had performed too well, but he was unsure whether she was just pretending in fear of being chased out by him.

After she got a guarantee from Huo Ci, Ling Sheng felt delighted as she brought her son out.

The assistant and chauffeur were both newly hired by Huo Ci.

He probably felt that he should treat her better, given her good performance in the past week. Even the original owner did not enjoy such treatment. The original owner had to book her own taxi to go to the filming site, as she continued hiding from others in fear of being discovered.

“Xiao Qi, Mummy has to go to work, so I can’t come to fetch you up at night. Instead, Uncle Zhou will come to pick you up, look at his face clearly.” Ling Sheng reluctantly left Xiao Qi and let him remember Zhou Zhou’s look.

Zhou Zhou was now exclusively her private chauffeur and assistant, while her other assistant had yet to arrive.

Zhou Zhou had told Ling Sheng that the other assistant was a fresh graduate and would meet Ling Sheng later at the filming site.

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