Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: No Difference Between Raising A Child And A Pig!

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Ling Xiao Qi had spent the past few days with Mommy, so the thought of not being able to see her tonight saddened him a little.

However, he nodded his head sensibly and said, “Mommy, go ahead and work. I will learn well, obey the teachers, and treat my friends kindly. Don’t worry.”

Ling Sheng gave him a big kiss before watching the little boy walk into the school and wave at her. Then, he continued walking without turning his head back.

Crying internally like an old mother, Ling Sheng thought, “There’s no difference between raising a child and a pig! Why did he just walk off like that?”

Ling Sheng got in the car.

That was when Ling Xiao Qi ran out secretly from the back of the slide. When he saw the departing car, his eyes teared up and he raised his small hand to wave rigorously.

Upon seeing Ling Sheng arrive, the members of the film crew had various reactions. There was no longer any warmth on their faces. Besides not greeting her, some people were even talking about her when she walked past them.

The news of her bad deed had already spread like wildfire among the film crew. The evil woman’s plan to hurt others had backfired and she had ended up hurting herself. She totally deserved it!

When Director Wen Zhi saw her, obvious disdain flashed across his eyes.

He should not comment too much on her poor acting skills, but she actually wanted to harm others now.

If he was not giving face to Movie King Huo, he would have kicked her out of the film crew a long time ago.

She was an outright newbie with no acting skills. However, instead of learning and improving her acting skills humbly, all she could think of was bribing others with her gifts every day.

Indeed, she was an ignorant fool with a shallow worldview.

There were plenty of fools like her in the entertainment industry that would never spiral to fame. He really had no idea what Movie King Huo saw in her!

Upon seeing the attitude of the film crew, Ling Sheng mocked them internally. The bubble tea, beverages, and fruits she had treated them to previously had all been fed to a dog!


The entertainment industry was an arena where people competed for fame and benefits. It was normal for one to lick the boots of the higher-ups and bully or belittle the less successful. One would get used to it in time.

However, she had not experienced any of those things since she had received help the moment she had entered the entertainment industry.

They were belittling her acting skills?

That would be determined when the filming process start later.

Her acting skills were said to be of ‘encyclopedia-standard’, meaning that they were good enough to be accorded a place in an encyclopedia. This was a direct slap to her critics’ faces for belittling her.

When Ling Sheng was done with makeup and dressing, she continued reading the script.

The drama was called “The Legend of Empress Xiao Xian”.

The script was good and had a strong plot. It was one of the rarest high-quality period dramas, and the female lead was the main selling point.

It talked about the magnificent, legendary life of female lead Xiao Wenjun. The drama detailed her tedious efforts to climb up the social ladder, from her initial role as the guilty minister’s daughter who was sent to work as a military prostitute at the border to getting sexually intimate with the Emperor. This allowed her to secure an enormous amount of wealth and eventually the title of Empress.

Emperor Wu of Northern Zhou died, resulting in the young prince’s succession. The new emperor was motivated and worked hard to bring peace and prosperity to the country, ruling for twenty years.

The strength of Big Zhou also increased, as he became the head of three countries, achieving the aim of a unified rule in his lifetime.

Ling Sheng felt that the female lead’s character was dynamic, nuanced, and solid. If it was acted out well, claiming a big award would not be a problem.

Given Luo Xin’s acting skills, it was unknown whether she could play the role well. However, that was a problem she did not have to worry about since she was not the female lead in this book.

Her character in this book was a diabolical female supporting character called Bai Jinfeng, who had been born in a lower-income family. Bai Jinfeng, who used to be a bandit before, saved the female lead.

In the previous episodes, both had been equally pitiful and poor and neither of them had revealed her true nature.

Later, when Xiao Wenjun rose up, she got the emperor to give Bai Jinfeng a title as well. She wanted to imitate the story of Er Huang and Nv Ying and be sisters with her for life. [The term ‘sisters’ may not always refer to biological sisters. In this case, it is used to describe two extremely close friends whose relationship is almost equal to or better than that of biological sisters.]

No matter what the emperor bestowed upon Xiao Wenjun, Bai Jinfeng would also have a share.

However, Bai Jinfeng’s true nature revealed itself gradually. When she saw her sister slowly rising up despite their initial equal status while she could only enjoy what she had due to her sister’s charitable generosity, jealousy eroded her rationality and she started plotting against her.

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