Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Kudos To You, Male Lead!

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She put musk mallow in the sachet, which caused Xiao Wenjun to have two miscarriages and nearly die.

She also killed their loyal brother He Yi, a man with whom they had gone through life-and-death situations and who had later become a eunuch to accompany and protect them in the palace. [Like the term ‘sister’, ‘brother’ here refers to a very close male friend.]


She even killed Xiao Wenjun’s fraternal twins, a boy and a girl, who had been born after a laborious, nearly-fatal labor.

In the end, all her evil deeds were exposed and she was sentenced to death as well as to a punishment that involved tearing off her head and four limbs by attaching them to chariots, thus ending her pathetic life.

On the filming site, Gu Shen, the male lead acting as the emperor, was filming an intimate lovey-dovey scene with Xiao Wenjun, who was the imperial consort.

In the subsequent scene, Bai Jinfeng would be taking the sachet to Xiao Wenjun and the duo would share a close sisterly bond.

When Gu Shen walked past her, his gaze roved over her coldly.

The man, who was wearing a yellow robe, had a flawless face with intricate features. In combination with his domineering and sophisticated vibe, his face beat many young men in the entertainment circle.

Ling Sheng only took one look at him but could already tell that the man was certainly the dream of many fangirls.

No wonder he had been voted the “Most Desired Man to Marry by Young Ladies in China”. Indeed, he qualified to be the male lead.

“Ling Sheng, don’t ever think of hurting Luo Xin as long as I’m here.” Gu Shen’s lips tugged a little coldly, his eyes full of distaste as he threatened her. “Otherwise, I’ll bring about your demise!”

A sweet and innocent smile appeared on the gorgeous face of Ling Sheng, who was not angry. Her beauty could suffocate people. “I wouldn’t dare.”

Kudos to you, male lead!

When he heard this, doubt appeared in Gu Shen’s eyes.

This woman seemed to have changed.

Ever since their first meeting, he had been disgusted with her overwhelmingly infatuated gaze.

However, that day, her gaze was especially clear and there was no sign of her infatuation with him.

Luo Xin loved and hated people clearly. She did not bother concealing her feelings.

Regarding Ling Sheng’s desire to harm her, there were naturally no positive feelings on her part. However, she was still appalled when she saw Ling Sheng’s face.

She had always felt that her face was one of the prettiest ones in the entertainment circle, but it still paled in comparison to Ling Sheng’s beauty.

Although Ling Sheng’s face had been slightly uglified by the makeup artist, she was still very attractive.

Especially that day, when her vibe was different from the past. When she walked over in the embroidered chopine, her vibe was domineering, which made Luo Xin’s heart clench a little. Somehow, she felt an inexplicable annoyance.

All the actors and actresses were prepared.

“Ling Sheng, are you done?” Wen Zhi might scorn her, but she had still been recommended by Huo Ci. Thus, he had to show her some respect.

Even Luo Xin did not say much regarding Ling Sheng’s evil intentions toward her. What could he say?

“Done.” Ling Sheng smiled and nodded her head.

One week’s medical leave had allowed her to thoroughly familiarize herself with the script. She could even say the lines from the back.

Wen Zhi gave Ling Sheng a look before he hit the board and said, “Start!”

The monitor screen, where artists’ every action was captured, was big.

Wen Zhi’s expression became increasingly stranger, his jaw opening wider and wider.

Had his eyes failed him?

Was the person standing opposite him really Ling Sheng?

While she was evil and vicious, she was also adept at concealing her true nature. The character had simply come alive with her performance!

Every single action and expression, both sad and happy, were the ideal state visualized by him!


Ling Sheng was saying the lines.

Ever since she had joined the team, her lines had never been memorized and the conversations had been acted out poorly. Therefore, he could not believe that Ling Sheng was saying the lines.

No word was left out!

Not only was her voice well-modulated, but every single word was also pronounced clearly and accurately, reflecting a foundation equivalent to the standard of a dubbing artist.

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