Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 21: Off the Charts Acting Tough Points

Chapter 21: Off the Charts Acting Tough Points

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Following a series of system reward beeps, the surroundings gradually regained its original silence.

Several elders landed within the Four Desolation realms and were trapped there ‘till death. The rest of the remaining disciples— without any exceptions, were slaughtered by the four legendary beasts, turning all of them into experience points for Xu Que.

"Rustle! Rustle!"

A slight gust blew past Xu Que’s hair strands.

He reached for the amulet and gently spun it. Immediately, the four legendary beasts disappeared with the wind, dissolving into dense Qi and flowed into Pan Shan village.

"I am done, finally."

Xu Que heaved a long sigh of relief, opened the system interface and his character stats appeared in front of him.

Host: Xu Que

Cultivation Stage: Core Bearing Stage Level 5 (Clear Understanding)

Experience progress: 0/200000

Acting Tough Points: 350 points

Skill path: , Intermediate Level

Abilities : Soaring Dragons Nine Transformation (Maximum), Lightning Haste (Maximum)

Essence: Skill Path Essence (330 points)

Occupation: None

Status : Prince Consort of Fire Country

Just one battle moved him from Core Bearing Stage 1 to Core Bearing Stage level 5.

More importantly, it allowed him to acquire a whole 350 points of act tough points.

This 350 act tough points was a very big sum to Xu Que. It was also the most act tough points he had obtained to date.

"Hahahaha! I’ve earned it big this time." Xu Que let out a big laugh momentarily.

However, the experience required for him to level up also increased. From Core Bearing Stage Level 1 to 2, it only required 30000 experience points. But now, to level up from Core Bearing Stage level 5 to 6, it required a whopping whole 200000 experience points. The difficulty has increased substantially.

Still, compared to the other cultivators in this world, who mostly meditate to train and absorb Qi, Xu Que’s speed of advancement is frighteningly fast.

That was the reason Xu Que didn’t really feel the difficulty. Furthermore, acquiring the 350 act tough points made him extremely happy.

With this much act tough points, he could buy many more items, including the Advanced Rank page , which was just a mere 100 act tough points. Time to buy, buy, buy!

What a wonderful feeling to have such happy events happening. Xu Que recalled obtaining a few golden cores after killing those Golden Core Stage elders and quickly opened his system item bag.

A few brightly shining, fist-sized golden colored beads were inside.


Originated from within the bodies of Golden Core Stage cultivators. It contains the cultivator’s accumulated life origin and skill paths. Upon swallowing, it has a 30% chance of obtaining the previous cultivator’s skills path obtained throughout their entire life, but has 30% chance of the swallower going out of control. If sold to the system, 50000 experience points can be obtained!

"Damn it, who knew golden cores have this type of effect." Xu Que shockingly exclaimed.

Previously, the beginner experience gain pill he ate was able to raise his experience points by 10000. But this golden core, on top of being able to sell to the system for 50000 experience points, it could be swallowed to obtain the previous Golden Core Stage owner’s skill path but at a risk of losing control. This core is definitely an upgraded edition of an experience pill!

However, since Xu Que has no lack of skills at the moment, he definitely will not take the risk and swallow the golden core.

Also, he is not in a hurry to level up. He’d rather leave it in his system item bag for times of need.

After reading the golden core’s description, Xu Que switched to the view of the system store. With pockets full and good condition, he immediately centered his focus on the skill book bundle of the store.

A dazzling line-up of many types of skills, Xu Que was in a spoilt for choice situation once again.

According to importance, he should acquire the expert level, but his current Cultivation stage was still a long way more from the Original Infant stage which in other words, also mean that there was no present need to buy the expert page.

Also, after the fight, Xu Que found out a problem.

He realized that his skill books were too one-way. When he fought, he did not have a wide variety of moves to use and he felt that although he was acting tough, he wasn’t enjoying it.

Although the combination of the Soaring Dragon Nine Transformations and the Thunder Haste were very swift and powerful, all he was doing was using his bare fists to engage in combat, far from his imagination of riding on a flying sword and drifting high into the mountains of celestial beings.

How was he supposed to act tough with a tough-appearing sense of style?

Therefore, Xu Que decided to exchange for a few more skills books and at the same time, might as well buy new valuable equipments. It would be even better if he could get hold a set of golden, shiny clothes— shiny enough to blind all those other cultivators.

With the 350 act tough points, he immediately chose to browse through the sky-rank skills.

Originated from one of"Zhu Xian"story novel’s skill book, low level skill of Sky-rank. Unique technique from within Qing Yun Men’s main mountainous region. With power through the Nine Heavens, it turns into godly thunder. Using the sword to draw its power, a brilliant might is unleashed.

Selling price: 50 act tough points.

Originated from one of"Fight Break Spheres"story novel’s battle skill, low level skill of Sky-rank. From the novel, this was Xiao Yan’s personal skill and was created through the fusion of many different types of flames to create a destructive force. The power of the Fiery Lotus itself depends on the number of the various flames combined. Capacity and potential of this skill is unlimited! (Warning: This battle skill requires possession of 2 or more fusion of different flames to execute.)

Selling price: 50 act tough points.


Originated from one of"Zhe Tian"story novel’s skill book, mid-level skill of Sky-rank. Attack and defense is merged into one. With this skill, earth-shaking strength is achieved, breaking through any forms of obstruction. In the story, body physique was merged with the "Emperor" to hone this skill to its pinnacle, able to shatter any Buddha artifact weapons or even better, rip them into nothing!

Selling price: 100 act tough points

(Remaining Volumes):

Originated from one of"Zhe Tian"story novel’s skill book, high-level skill of Sky-rank. Originally the power of the Nine Secrets into one. However, due to the skill defying the natural order, it was forbidden by Buddha. Hence, since ancients ago, it was divided into nine parts, namely, "Arrive", "Troop", "Battle", "People", "All", "Count", "Group", "Forward", "Move"!

Within them, the "Arrive" Secret character and the "Count" Secret character were lost in translation. When exchanging the remaining volumes, there is a chance on obtaining any of the other 7 remaining secret technique. Repeated Secret characters possible with more purchases.

Selling price: 200 act tough points.

Upon reading till this point, Xu Que knelt down on the spot!

So many skill books and all of them were the signature skills from the main characters of various novels. It was absolutely mouth-watering to read the descriptions.

However, this bundle of skill books had very little skills which needed or made use of magical weapons to activate. The only attractive one which fits this description was the . Xu Que wasn’t very keen of it though.

What really perked his desire were the and the .

Buddha’s Fiery Lotus didn’t need much explaining. After fusing the flames, the power unleashed would be enough to wipe out everything in an instant. Also, the more variety of mystical flames fused, the more devastating the effects of the skill. This skill was an absolute bargain.

Obtaining the flame was a problem. Xu Que searched through the store and was shocked at their prices.

For example, the ranked 19th flame, Molten Green Lotus, required an expensive 300 act tough points.

"Looks like the road of acting tough is filled with obstacles. I have no choice but to buy the Nine-Characters Secret first, and wait till I strike it rich to buy all the top ten ranked flames." Xu Que nodded and focused on the Nine-Characters Secret.

This skill, originally from"Zhe Tian"’s as an unsurpassed skill, showed valiant might.

Other than the 2 lost secrets, the remaining 7 all had descriptions.

"Troop" secret character: Weaponry type secret skill. Using it allows the smooth and natural maneuver of weapons and even temporarily seize control of enemies’ weapons, causing friendly fire even before the battle has begun. An absolute nightmare for opponents.

"Battle" secret character: Attack type secret skill. First sacred attack art, being able to copy many moves. Using "Battle" secret character, one can raise their attack power. Also, steal moves for own usage will be available.

"People" secret character: Aid type secret skill. An unsurpassed sacred healing art. Able to heal physical and spiritual injuries. Upon control, bodily injuries regenerate. Upon mastery, able to revive using the dripping of own blood. The user can even be nicknamed "The unkillable cockroach."

"All" secret character: Amplifying type secret skill. Can raise one’s attributes by 10 folds but lowers the hit probabilities.

"Group" secret character: Aid type secret spell. A special type of troop formation line tactic which created the Ling Bao Deity.

"Forward" secret character: Aid type secret skill, can be used to assist cultivation, heightens the sixth sense. As a result, user will be able to anticipate attacks. Therefore, always maintaining the combat lead.

"Move" secret character: Speed type secret skill. Once under control, speed is unmatched and nobody will be able to catch or block the user. It will be akin to strolling amongst the ranks of enemies. When trained to the limit, user will be able to bend time with extreme speed.


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