Unbridled Medical Expert Consort: Demon Prince, Be Good

Chapter 112a - Rare sight

Chapter 112a: Rare sight

Looking at the alluring group of Heavenly Dream Tower’s dancers dancing elegantly, the luxuriously dressed pale moon coloured man who originally should be filled with a dazed and bewitched look only gave a slight smile. His profound pupils glistered with a wise glint as his nose stood out like a hill while his complexion was fair with handsome looks with outstanding temperament.

“Heavenly Dream Tower is indeed Western Chu’s largest courtesan house, even the dancing is so special.” Raising the wine pot, he casually poured half a cup and sipped a little while smiling towards the young blue robed youngster beside him, with an extremely gentle expression.

Fiercely staring at the dancing ladies on stage, Xiao Ningyu took an angry look at the elegantly dressed man, “Brother, you are East Wan’s Crown Prince, how could these lowly courtesans even enter your eyes?”

“Yu’er, look at what you’re saying, since when have I taken interest in them?” Xiao Yuqi gulped down the cup of wine in his hands and put down the wine cup as he smiled, “Wasn’t it you who kept pestering me to come out and take a look, otherwise would we even be here? You also disregarded your princess’ dignity and dressed up as a man.”

Wrinkling her nose, Xiao Ningyu’s mind popped out a handsome looking male figure.

This time round, she and her Crown Prince Brother had arrived earlier in Western Chu State, although the main reason was for the Four Kingdoms Congress while the other was to send their well wishes to Western Chu’s Emperor for his fiftieth birthday, but there was only one reason in her mind, which was to meet a particular someone of her dreams.

A few years ago, that man had visited East Wan Country as Western Chu’s emissary and he spoke frankly with assurance in a neither servile nor overbearing manner stating his requests which left everyone dumbstruck. It was an obvious request towards East Wan but he spoke with such incisiveness until the entire cabinet of ministers of East Wan didn’t dare to continue on the topic with him. In the end because of his individual imposing manner and glamour, they finally agreed to the conditions which seemed impossible.

After that, Xiao Ningyu heard from her Imperial Father about this and under great curiosity, she secretly left to steal a glance at him. Just this one look left the undying impression of his glamour and perfected suave looks deeply etched in her mind.

But unfortunately, Xiao Ningyu had arrived earlier in secret because according to the schedule which was submitted to Western Chu’s Honglu Temple, she and her Crown Prince Brother should have just set off. Otherwise she would have used the reputation of emissary to look for that man to accompany her sightseeing.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that I can’t appear publicly, Brother did you think I care to come here?” As they heard everyone discussing about Heavenly Dream Tower’s newly launched program on the streets, it piqued Xiao Ningyu’s curiosity. In the end it was a seductive dance with so many indecently exposed ladies, which was something which she couldn’t bear to even look at! Looking at those men with their lustful gazes, she was afraid that it would affect her wise and brilliant Crown Prince Brother.

Just at this moment, the platform’s dance was finally done and ten over ladies made their freeze frame movements, surrounding Yan’er in the middle. As though a slender and elegant peony, Yan’er’s face was flushed with a slight pink tinge as her roving eyes moved around and her ruby red lips curled up slightly, inciting innumerable wolf cries from the surroundings.

Mama Du appeared and raised her hand to indicate for the audience to quieten down, “Customers, this is Heavenly Dream Tower’s newly launched program, I wonder if it had satisfied you?”

“It’s really too amazing, every frown and every smile cannot stop me from loving her!” The audience started to shout out immediately.

“Mama Du, stop talking at length. This Master wants to know what’ the name of this young beauty?” Another middle aged man who bore a wealthy look couldn’t wait as he stood up with a huge pile of bank notes in his hands, “I’ll big five thousand taels, how about letting this young beauty to accompany me later?”

Mama Du’s mouth was beaming from side to side, “Oh my, Young Master Lee, you’re talking about our Young Miss Yan’er, she’s tonight’s main dancer.”

“Right, right, it’s Young Miss Yan’er. It’s love at first sight for this Master here and I’m willing to send this item up, just to request for some time alone to speak with Young Miss Yan’er.” Immediately, another young man dressed in luxurious clothing holding in a folding fan voiced out with a slightly conceited expression, but the passion in his eyes was fixated on Yan’er without moving at all.

The audience turned and saw him retrieve a small box from his side as he opened it up and showed it towards Mama Du. It was actually a luxurious strand of pearl necklace. Each pearl was around the size of a thumb and the crucial point was that each pearl was exactly the same size, under the lights it gave off a rainbow lustre around the beads, radiating the brilliance of iridescence. On one look, one could tell that it’s value was a considerable amount.

That young man saw the audience being captivated and gave a complacent smile, “As long as Young Miss Yan’er is willing, this Master has other rewards for her, Mama Du what do you say?”

Yan’er gave a slight smile and curtsied at him as her melodious voice like oriole sounded, “Thank you Master for your bountiful love.”

“Wait!” Someone from the audience recollected his senses and another voice rang out, “It’s just a mere string of Eastern Ocean’s pearls, what’s a mere ten thousand taels? This beauty belongs to Heaven, rarely seen elsewhere by humans. Men, send over the gift which This Prince has prepared.”

Such heroic spirit made everyone turn around one after another.

On the other corner of the lobby was a man dressed in a dark patterned embroidered robe with a jade crest on his head as he gave a slight smile and raised his wine cup towards Yan’er on stage while saying, “Young Miss Yan’er is too courteous, this Prince is from Second Prince from South Yue Country, Lin Xiaocheng.”

“You’re South Yue’s Second Prince?” This time round, even Yan’er was slightly shocked but readjusting her condition, she smiled as she gave her respects and sent her greeting over. The entire lobby’s audience were shocked at his name. They had never imagined that a small little Heavenly Dream Tower had actually attracted South Yue’s Second Prince, as they all started to whisper secretively.

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