Unbridled Medical Expert Consort: Demon Prince, Be Good

Chapter 112b - Rare sight

Chapter 112b: Rare sight

“Look there quickly, that man over there is South Yue’s Second Prince Lin Xiaocheng, he actually came to Western Chu?”

“I think the Four Kingdoms Congress which is held once every three years is about to start and this year it’s held in Western Chu. So I’m guessing that this is the reason why South Yue’s Second Prince came?”

“I’d not expected that tonight Heavenly Dream Tower actually attracted the visit of South Yue’s royal family! I heard that Lin Xiaocheng is pampered dearly by South Yue’s Emperor and if it wasn’t for the fact that he wasn’t born by the Empress, he would have become the Crown Prince long ago.”

Lin Xiaocheng totally ignored the discussions around him as he waved his hand and immediately the men standing beside him took a palm sized wooden box over to Mama Du. He first gave Mama Du a stack of bank notes and when the latter took a look, she was instantly filled with shock and delight, “Oh my, ten thousand taels! And it’s all gold notes! Heavens, thank you Second Prince for the reward, thank you so much!”

This had not ended there. His subordinated handed Yan’er the wooden box and when the latter opened it, it was a pair of crystal clear jade bracelets. The lustre was a sleek emerald green colour with intense inseparable lush green, as though it would suck in one’s gazes. Such a valuable bracelet was hard to come by, not to mention that this appeared in a pair today and definitely came at a price but with no buyers.

Those people who recognised the good stuff started screaming, “Heavens, that’s Regent Jade, the highest quality jade among all jades, this pair of bracelets are absolutely worth a huge amount!”

“One bracelet is worth an estimate of twenty thousand taels. This pair is absolutely no less than fifty thousand taels!”

Numerous people’s eyes started to heat up as they took a look at the composed Lin Xiaocheng and took another look at the delighted Yan’er, as all of them were feeling envious and jealous. He was no doubt South Yue’s Second Prince, with an extraordinary deal which was the exact symbol of power, authority and wealth.

While no one was checking, Xiao Ningyu looked upon Yan’er disdainfully then turning her gaze to Lin Xiaocheng with an even more despicable expression as she said, “Simply shameless, a Second Prince of the South Yue Country yet coming to this place and giving such a hand to a courtesan. Just the mere thought of that tells us that the quality of their Crown Prince is almost the same, how could they even be compared to you, my brother!”

“Yu’er don’t you belittle Lin Yixuan. Lin Xiaocheng is Lin Xiaocheng so he naturally cannot be compared to his elder brother and the two cannot be compared on the same level.” Xiao Yuqi smiled slightly as he teased, “Moreover speaking, both you and I are also part of royalty, aren’t we also visiting this courtesan house?”

Xiao Ningyu pouted as her female demeanour was revealed totally as she feigned displeasure, “Brother~ I’m helping you speak up, how could you say that about me? We’re just here to take a casual look, unlike those shameless men who are chasing after those beauties, they cannot be compared to us at all.”

Saying that, her eyes went back to the platform as the gaze she threw onto Yan’er became more and more disdainful.

Wasn’t she just a courtesan, intentionally wearing such revealing clothing to attract everyone’s gazes, she was simply shameless. Unlike her who was truly an incomparable remarkable beauty, the publicly acknowledged Four Kingdoms number one beauty! If it wasn’t for the fact that she had disguised as a man, she would probably be stopped by the impenetrable traffic.

“Brother, looks like Lin Xiaocheng will be getting that woman tonight.” Xiao Ningyu suddenly gave a crafty smile as she turned around to take a look at Xiao Yuqi, “I despise that lustful look of his, just see me play a trick on him!”

His forehead creased and before Xiao Yuqi could even voice out to stop her, Xiao Ningyu already stood up.

“Wait!” A slightly tender voice rang which alarmed the audience at the last minute. No one had expected anyone else to even dare to fight over a beauty with South Yue’s Second Prince, moreover it was a refined and graceful beautiful young lad! When the audience saw that, their interests were instantly piqued as the lobby entered a state of uproar again.

Xiao Ningyu stood up and gave a conceited smile as she said to Mama Du, “What’s a pair of jade bracelets, This Pri… Master offers a hundred thousand taels, just to speak with Young Miss Yan’er.” Saying that, she casted a look at Lin Xiaocheng, with a total look of disdain in her eyes.

Originally standing elegantly totally ignoring the audience, Lin Xiaocheng’s expression changed slightly as a competitor popped out from nowhere who suddenly called out a high bid of a hundred thousand taels, instantly killing off his pair of bracelets.

He had not even opened his mouth when his subordinates cried out in a sullen voice, “Who’s that, how dare you fight with our Second Prince?”

“Why would you care who I am? Hadn’t Mama Du already explained the rules earlier, the highest bidder wins. This Master is willing to fork out a hundred thousand taels so if you are unconvinced, then bid again!” Xiao Ningyu put on a smile which didn’t look like a smile. Just from her appearance alone, she was merely a fifteen to sixteen year old young master with a tinge of childishness on his face. With a polished face and ruby red lips told the others that he should have a huge backing behind him. Moreover from his aggressive stance, he was probably some royal descendant of some other country.

With South Yue’s Second Prince around as a precedent, the crowd didn’t find it strange any longer so even if a Crown Prince popped out, it was just natural. After all the Four Kingdoms Congress was about to start so if the other three countries royalties had arrived, it wasn’t an impossible feat.

Seeing Xiao Ningyu and Lin Xiaocheng start bickering and even raising the big to a hundred thousand taels, Luo Qing Luan who had been watching the entire thing from the fourth floor had her interest piqued to even higher heights.

She touched Nalan Ye’s arm and smiled, “Tonight is even more interesting than the last round. The Princess from East Wan actually fighting over with South Yue’s Second Prince over a woman on Western Chu’s turf, this is indeed a rare sight!”

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