Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 12 Bully!

The next day, Misae was surprised that the number of students reduced significantly. Nearly half of the student was absent.

"They are really lazy to not come to school," Misae remarked.

"They didn't come because of the attack yesterday," Kanae explained. "Some of their parents must be afraid."

Misae nodded her head. She recalled the scene yesterday and turned her head towards her best friend. "By the way, do you have any guess why they attack the school? They're not searching for money, right?"

Kanae nodded her head. There was no way those gangsters would try to search for money in school, especially a not-so-expensive school like this. She did have some guess, but she couldn't say that in front of Misae.

Her gaze swept the class and stopped on the door. "Have you seen Alice today?"

Misae was startled. She knew what Kanae meant from that. She hurriedly stood up. "I'll try to search for her. You just wait here."

'There's no way I can just wait here,' Kanae thought to herself and stood up.

Walking around the corridor, Misae hoped that she could see Alice. It didn't take long before she noticed the girl near the stairs. In front of Alice was the group of girls who previously hit her.

"Stay away from Alice," Misae barged into them. Her eyes were looking towards the group ferociously.

"Move back," the leader said resentfully. "This is not your business. We're just teaching someone the price for leaving our group."

"She's not part of your group," Misae said again. She felt annoyed, since when there was the division between students like this? Do they think they were people who live on the street?

"She was," another girl chirped in. "So back off."

"And let you take her away? I believe there's no such rule before you see her getting close with other students," Misae sneered.

The leader frowned. It was indeed true that they didn't do anything to Alice after the latter had left them because there was no such rule. They just liked to see the poor girl getting bullied, so they kept on doing that. When Alice was being left alone, there was no reason to continue, but when Alice started to get close with other students, they tried to bother her again.

Alice clutched the corner of Misae's clothes. She was worried that things might escalate further than this. She did not hope to see her genuine friends got hurt because of her.

"Stay away, you're just an outsider," the girl said again. She was annoyed when she saw how Alice acted. This girl was beautiful and at the same times an eyesore.

She was definitely envious of the girl. After all, there was no way one wouldn't be after seeing someone as pretty as her. The number of pretty girls in this city was very limited. Without a suitable background, they wouldn't be able to survive from the people on the street.

"She's my friend. I won't let you bully her," Misae hissed.

The leader was clearly annoyed at the way Misae treated her. She was born from a wealthy family, and she was used being treated as someone who was very important. She was above them all, so there was no reason she has to listen to their rambling.

"Do you even know that my family is big? I can easily make you drop off from the school," the girl threatened again.

Using family background was something that Misae detested the most. Her eyes grew cold and she was about to lash out when a teacher came forward.

"No fight is allowed in the school."

The girls turned their head to see the teacher. They frowned but chose to not continue. There was indeed punishment awaited them if they forced their way to make trouble. None of them wanted to get punished, so the only option was retreating.

"We're not fighting," the leader said nonchalantly. The teacher wouldn't make a move recklessly towards wealthy students, but she knew that if she bypassed the rules, they were not going to be lenient to her.

"Miss Amanda, please don't make any trouble," the teacher reminded her again.

The leader of the group, Amanda, grunted. She waved her hand and led the girls to go. They didn't want to clash head on with the teacher.

"Thank you teacher," Misae said happily. She secretly heaved a sigh of relief. If the teacher didn't come, she might have engaged in a fight and got suspended from school.

Behind the teacher, Alice saw Kanae was standing. Her heart grew warm for she understood that it was her two new friends who helped her. Rather than making use of her, they genuinely treated her as one of their own. She felt that she had made the right choice in that mini game selection.

"Are you alright?" Misae turned her head.

Alice nodded. "They don't do anything. There's nothing to worry about."

Misae frowned. From her opinion, those girls were not going to leave things as they were. Although they might not move when there was teacher, no one could be sure when there was no one.

"Don't get close with them again. They're just trying to make use of you."

Alice knew that, so she nodded her head. It was stupid of her to try being friend with whoever she saw. However, she was indeed wanted to have friends so much at that time to the point she didn't care about who they were anymore. The result was not pretty, so she didn't try anymore until these two approached her.

The teacher reminded them to be careful before retreating back to his room. Although the teacher looked brave, he was actually sweating on his back. That girl's background family was enough to make him lost his job!

Kanae waved her had towards the two of them when the teacher has gone back. "Are you to alright?"

"That's good that you call the teacher," Misae pointed her finger to the departing back of the teacher. "I almost get into a fight with the girls."

"With your ability to fight, you shouldn't barge into trouble head on," Kanae rolled her eyes. Misae was never the kind to think too much. Her motto was action first before thinking, so she would not feel strange if she heard that Misae got into trouble.

Misae scratched her head in embarrassment. "I'll train harder. I'll surely become better in the future."

"When it's time for vacation, I'm sure you'll forget about everything in an instant."

"Don't remind me about that!"

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