Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 18 So He’s the Student Council Presiden

Kanae looked towards the group of excited girls in front of her helplessly. Even Misae was among them because they were adamant to get closer to the senior. Compared to them, Kanae and Alice were not interested in the slightest, so they were staying at the back.

"It seems like we won't be able to play," the court was full with the students who wanted to play. In addition, the side of the field was filled with girls who were lazy to play or just wanted to watch. They completely blocked the court, making them unable to play.

Kanae smiled wryly. "Let's just find a place to warm up."

They chose to ignore the still excited Misae and circled the students. There were too many students in front of them, making them unable to find an empty place.

Turning towards the side, Kanae suddenly stopped. In front of her was a beautiful girl. From a glance, it was clear that she was some kind of rich girl given that she came to school wearing some expensive accessories. Other than that, her appearance was stunning with heavy makeup and stylish hairstyle.

Although the rule of the school would not allow their students to wear heavy makeup, there were some exceptions. If the students came from rich family and they were willing to pay more to allow their daughter come to school wearing makeup and other, why would the school rejects them? After all, this school was not that strict too.

The girl's appearance was really outstanding, 180 degrees the opposite of Kanae who looked extremely plain with her ponytail hair and glasses. Besides, their height was really different since that girl was taller by around 10 centimeters from Kanae, which was the result of the high heels.

Alice was stunned to see the girl's appearance. This was the very first time she felt that there were indeed those weird kinds of students. Who in their right mind would wear makeup during PE?

Staring at the girl before her, Kanae's fist was clenched tightly. However, her face was still calm as she flashed a smile mirthlessly.

The flashy girl looked towards Kanae and greeted, "Long time no see, little cousin."

"It has been some time," Kanae nodded her head. "How are you, Sakura?"

"As usual," Sakura answered lightly.

"I see," Kanae was about to leave when Sakura started to speak again, this time the tone was sharp.

"You're really a disgrace of the Nali Family. How can you wear such unstylish glasses and overuse uniform? No wonder you're still unattractive as ever.

Hearing that insult, Alice's mouth was opened wide. Did she just blatantly say that her friend's appearance was bad? She had never met anyone who dared to confront Kanae like that. After all, most of the students treated Kanae very well because of her ability.

There were some of them who badmouth Kanae, but they were not too excessive. They knew very well that the teacher didn't mind with Kanae's attitude, and they were not going to search for trouble by themselves.

Kanae's smile deepened. "Indeed, compared with someone like you, a commoner like me is nothing."

Sakura snorted. "Commoner bearing the name of Nali, if it's possible I want to have you being kicked out. I don't like being related to someone like you."

Hearing the insult from her cousin, Kanae merely smiled. If it was possible, she would be the first one who wanted to get away from Nali Family. The family was big and all, but she was treated as an outsider. Her last name was merely hanging there for show as she didn't have any power at all.

Besides, who wanted to be related with someone like her cousin?

"When you find the way, you can tell me," Kanae smiled. "I want to play, so please excuse me, Sakura."

"I will definitely tell you the very first," Sakura snorted.

With that, Kanae walked away. On her back, Alice was tailing after her friend with her mind churned out. In this city, there was simply no one who didn't know about the Nali Family. After all, they were one of the biggest families except those from the clans.

Among the citizen, they were certainly people who were born rich and those who were not. Nali Family was one of the business oriented family as they have countless business in this city. They were one of the biggest and richest families in this city.

Alice knew that they had several branches, and only those from the very first branch would continue the main company. However, every branch was supposed to be very rich even if they only got small companies or stores. After all, the wealth of Nali Family was too monstrous.

This was made it strange. From what she knew, her best friend was working in a simple noodle store. She never heard about Kanae's condition, but she could guess that they must be not ordinary. Born in a wealthy family, but she has to work just to be able to eat?

"She's really daring and arrogant," Alice tried to talk.

Kanae turned her head. Her expression has turned to normal. "Yeah, she has a lot of people backing her from behind, so she can do that."

"You two don't look alike."

"We come from two distant families, and I'm not really close with her."

Kanae's answer was vague, so Alice knew that her friend didn't want to tell, so she didn't try to pry deeper. Her gaze turned to the field as she nudged her friend's arm.

"That one is quite empty, and they're mostly girls."

"Do you also want to play?"

"No, I'll cheer for you."

Alice watched as Kanae joined the game. Before long, Misae came over with disheveled clothes. After wrestled with those girls, it was to be expected that she didn't look too good.

Her eyes immediately landed on Kanae who stole the ball and passed swiftly. The ball moved to her teammates and then bounced back to her as she passed the opponent. Using the chances, she shot the ball towards the ring, scoring three- pointers again.

Misae sighed. "It's fixed. If she's a man, I'll chase after her."

Alice nearly laughed out loud when she heard that. She silently prayed for Kanae because she knew just how hard it was for her if she was being chased around by Misae. That would be hell.

The game was soon over with Kanae's team overwhelming win. Feeling satisfied after playing, Kanae joined the two girls again. Misae gave another remark, which resulted in a ball flying over to her back once again.

"Stop dreaming that I'm a man," Kanae scolded.

"I can't help it when you're that amazing."

"Why don't you watch the boys?"

"I do," Misae pointed to the most crowded court where a handsome boy was scoring to the ring. "The one who shoots is the student council president. He's really popular among the girls, so I can't get closer."

They were not really far, so Kanae still could see his face. Her mind blanked for a moment. She recalled the meeting that boy in the basketball court before. It was truly an unexpected surprise.

'So that senior that day is the student council president.'

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