Under The Veil of Night

Chapter 30 Retaliation

Nolen School C

Kanae looked towards her best friend with a confused gaze. "Is there anything in my face?"

"Come on," Misae said in annoyance. "I want to hear what you experienced in the Student Council yesterday."

Yesterday she was only doing her work as Neo instructed her. Before that, they have a short introduction. She knew that her friend wouldn't want to hear about that, but there was simply nothing interesting happened. In the end, she could only narrate her experience like reporting news.

"I don't think you're going to get anything from her," Alice shook her head.

Misae sighed. "I'll come to visit you after school."

Kanae was not sure that Kevin would allow her friends to visit her and made a ruckus, but she didn't voice it out. The first lesson soon finished and they made their way towards the bathroom to change the uniform.

"Will you play the ball today, Kanae?"

"No," Kanae pointed to her feet. If she played in this condition, people might suspect that she was not hurt. Besides, if the wound reopened, that would cause her trouble.

Alice looked towards Kanae's feet with concern, but Kanae simply smiled. She was only skipping one lesson, there was nothing bad. At the very least, she has a suitable reason again and she was not skipping on a whim.

When the other students were stretching, she picked a spot on the side to sit. She leaned to the wall and sleeping calmly on her place.

"Today is basketball again," Alice picked up the ball. She was about to practice training when she saw that the group of girls wanted to throw a ball towards the sleeping Kanae. Without thinking much, she blocked the way and got hit as the result.


"Alice!" Misae was stunned. She turned her head towards that group of girls. "What are you doing?"

Amanda scoffed. "She's the one standing on the way."


Misae's arm was held by Alice. "Let's just play a game. This is the physical education lesson."

The group of girls nodded their head. Alice turned her head towards Misae with a wry smile. Without Kanae, they were not going to win, but it was far better rather than making a scene. The other girls passed them a pitied glance, but they didn't want to get involved. The family background of the leader girl was quite powerful.

Unwillingly, Misae played the ball with the other girls. It didn't take long before they lost terribly. Even if the other girls were not good at sports, they were far better compared with Misae and Alice. These two were the worst when it came to sport.

"Have enough?" Amanda watched them panting in satisfaction.

Her friends picked another ball. "Maybe they want to have another taste of the ball hitting them."

Before she could throw the ball, another ball hit her, causing her to fall to the floor while screaming loudly. Amanda was startled. She exclaimed, "Who throws the ball?"

"It's me," Kanae had woken up. She stood on the edge with her hand holding another ball. "I'm still injured, so my aim is not that good."

That was a blatant lie. The hurt part was her feet, not her hand. That shouldn't affect the girl's ability to throw the ball.

"You're lying! Your hand is not injured."

"Throwing ball needs a stable footing," Kanae immediately answered. At first, she didn't want to create trouble, but seeing them messing around with her friends, she chose to step up.

Amanda's face turned dark. "Stay away from this, you b*tch."

Kanae's eyes turned colder. If the one who insulted her was her cousin, she would hold back because she knew that the annoying girl still has a relation with her and she couldn't move against the Nali Family. On the other hand, this girl was simply a complete outsider. She already tried to act kind all these times, but if the other party didn't appreciate it, she would be glad to retaliate.

Her hand played with the ball. "Miss Amanda, do you know that the rules of this school don't allow students to bully each other?"

Most of the students already knew that, but they usually didn't really care. After all, there were various incidents happened in this school and one or two students acted arrogant were very common. If they have a good background, they will surely try to make their name known throughout the school.

Amanda was only trying to pick on Alice, but then she faced with Kanae and her group. Because Kanae never tried to fight back and left the matter for the teacher, Amanda thought that Kanae was easy to handle.

"We're not bullying, we're just sparing," Amanda defended herself.

Kanae smiled coldly. "I see. Then what about the insult you throw? Don't you know that insulting someone from the Student Council means that you're making the entire Student Council as your enemy?"

"Don't make use of your position!"

"At least, this is my position and not someone from my family," Kanae continued. "Do you know the blacklist of Student Council?"

The other students gasped when they heard that. There was no one among them who didn't know about the list. The blacklist was popular because anyone who was placed in that list would be excluded from all the events that the Student Council hosted. Not to mention, the Student Council guards would not protect them if there was an attack in this school.

Amanda's face paled considerably when she heard that. The only people who could change the list were only Student Council President and Vice President. Unfortunately, the one standing before her was the very Vice President that could change the list as she wanted.

Knowing that it was a bad move trying to go against Kanae, she bit her lower lip. She could not accept this loss. Her family was powerful, so she thought that she could do anything she wanted and bullied everyone around her. Unfortunately, reality proved otherwise.

"I won't disturb you anymore," she threw the ball to the side.

Her followers were stunned. Some of them understood the consequences while the others were still confused. Still, they would not do anything without their leader's consent. They threw a glare towards Kanae before walking away.

Kanae sighed. With this incident, there was simply no way for her to get out of the position anymore. The moment she didn't hold the position as Vice President, they were going to start making trouble again.

"Are you alright?"

Alice and Misae nodded their head. Alice looked towards the ball that Kanae threw, her eyes grew wet.

"I'm sorry, it's all my faults."

Looking towards the crying girl, now Kanae was stumped on her place. Why were you crying? Ahhh, someone please help me calm her down.

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