Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 10 Have no fiancé


Outside, even though gray clouds still cover the sky, the rain had long subdued for Imperial.

Yue Ling and Liu Shan sat in a booth inside a small restaurant called Miora's. It was chinese restaurant for many locals and commoners to dine.

"Now I really don't get you at all. You have so much money, but here you are, eating at a local restaurant. I have not met a single rich person who spends money like you." Liu Shan said while he looks around the restaurant.

He frown as he realize, all the men in the restaurant were staring at Yue Ling with flushed faces but glaring at him as if he was some kind of pest.

Ignoring all the angry stares, he looks back at Yue Ling who was calmly sipping her warm coffee.

"Plus, why do you dress like that? I thought billionaires like to flaunt their wealth around."

Placing the cup in her hand down, Yue Ling looks at Liu Shan.

He was a handsome young man at the age of 27 and he knew his fashion professionally well. He wore grey slacks with a white dress shirt and an oversized black mid length blazer, paired with some tan loafers. His hair was nice combed too.

"Liu Shan, am I not paying you enough so you're now a busy body?"

Startled, Liu Shan's face flushed red before he shrug his shoulders. "I'm just saying. I mean, look at you. You're the most beautiful woman I've seen seen in my entire life and yet, you don't ever brag about it at all like other women."

"Plus you have money, but you don't flash it everywhere you go. Others may think your clothes are inexpensive, but I know that one clothing item of yours is half of what you pay me."

"You just like really simple things, right?"

"You're correct, but I prefer to enjoy my own needs, rather than worry about others opinions about myself." Yue Ling said before drinking her coffee.

"Besides, what's the point of flaunting my worth? I'll just end up attracting hungry flies and scheming vixens only.

Minutes later, a waiter arrives at their booth with their food.

Yue Ling ordered spicy fish and a side of rice, while Liu Shan ordered honey walnut shrimp and fried rice. Both were also served warm egg drop soup on the side.


After eating, Liu Shan paid for their mean. Since he was a gentleman and he didn't want Yue Ling, who is his boss and gifts him a big cheque to pay for their small meal.

Liu Shan looks down at his gold watch, '6:35pm'.

"We should get going, the party starts at 8pm. You still need to change and get your make up and hair done."

Walking to Liu Shan's black BMW, Liu Shan opened the door for Yue Ling as she got in. He then walks around the car to the driver seat and drove away,

What they didn't see was two young teenage girls in school uniforms dying of happiness inside Miora's.

"I can't believe I just saw Han Yue Ling! I never thought I'd get to meet her in my entire life!"

"I know! She's so different from other artists! I should have asked for her autograph!! BooHoo!!"

- - - - -

Inside Imperial Hotel, in a private room, a social gathering was taking place.

This gathering consisted of all the well known bachelors in Imperial and highly wealthy businessmen.

Women were ordered to services all the men and keep them entertained for the night.

Every men inside was handsome and super attractive and all the women present were different types of beauties.

Yet, in a dark corner, a man around thirty years old was extremely nervous. He was sitting next to another man, but this man held an aloof and cold aura with an indifferent expression.

"CEO Lu, I'd like to know why you want to terminate our business contract. We've been doing so good, did something go wrong?" Ning Xinyu asked nervously.

He is the charming Chairman of TB Corps, but when it came to Lu Tian, the CEO of Lu Corps, he pales in comparison by far.

Ning Xingyu and Lu Tian have been business partners for 3 years. There's not a single businessman or industry in the world who doesn't want to be business partners with China's wealthiest man.

And his business has been running good, but, he doesn't understand why Lu Tian would suddenly want to terminate their contract.

He requested for a meeting today at 3pm, but Lu Corps never confirmed it. So, his only chance was to come to this social gathering and meet the man.

Getting no response, Ning Xingyu became even more anxious. He quickly gestures for a pretty girl in a tight red body con dress to come over. He glance at Lu Tian and smile, "CEO Lu, please enjoy this gift from me. I made sure to save the best for you."

The girl in the red dress was exceptionally pretty, but it was thanks to her thick makeup with bright red lipstick. The red body con dress outlined her body perfectly showing her curvy hips and big breasts. Her brown hair was tightly curled.

Any man who sees her would definitely allow her to service them, but Lu Tian didn't even look at her, he just frown in disgust when he heard Ning Xingyu.

"No need." His deep voice sounded before the girl neared him.

The girl froze in place hearing Lu Tian's words. She forced herself to keep smiling and stood by Ning Xingyu.

With a tone so indifferently, he said, "Chairman Ning, I terminated our contract because your younger sister thought it was wise enough for her to go around pretending to be my fiancé." He swivel the glass of red wine in his hand. "I have no fiancé and neither have I ever met your sister or plan to. If you can't clear that mind of hers then consider our contract being terminated as a gift."

"I... I.. I didn't know Ning Mei did such a thing." Ning Xingyu was dumbfounded. Of all reasons, it was his damn little sister's fault! He'll need to have a talk with her when he gets home. "Don't worry CEO Lu, I'll definitely talk to my sister."

Lu Tian nod his head and stands up, "I hope you do bid by it. Now, if you'll excuse me."

He walks away from Ning Xingyu and heads toward the men's restroom.

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