Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 9 I’m most relaxed like this!


Back at Jade Condo, Yue Ling who was oblivious to the commotion at Ji Mansion, awoke from her long nap by a sneeze and her doorbell.

*Ding dong*ding dong*

She yawn while stretching her arms and legs on the soft king size bed before slowly sitting up. Yue Ling got up from the bed and made her way to the front door.

Instead of going to the door, she stopped in the hallway, where a security camera system was, she pressed on a button which allows her to see whoever was outside her door.

[Boss! It's me! Hurry I have all your things!"]

Liu Shan's voice sounded from the speakers of the Security screen along with his face.

Without hesitation, Yue Ling pressed a larger button with the unlock icon.

*Click* her front door was automatically unlocked.

Liu Shan opened the door and walks in, he took off his shoes and in his hand were a briefcase and several shopping bags and a garment bag.

"Ahh, would it kill you to help me?"

"I pay you for a reason."

Yue Ling shrug nonchalantly, but she still helped Liu Shan with some of the things in his hand.

"I have no slippers at the moment so don't mind. Later, I'll send you an email a list of some things I need."

"Haha, no worries boss!" Liu Shan puts down the garment and shopping bags on the couch.

Yue Ling sat down on the other couch lazily.

"Sit anywhere."

Liu Shan looked around the place as if constipating Something, then coming to a decision, he place the briefcase on the marble coffee table and sits down.

Seeing his choice of seat, Yue Ling arched a brow, "Of all the seats, you choose to sit on the ground? Am I really that evil?"

Waving his hands, Liu Shan laughs, "Haha! No boss! I'm most relaxed like this. You know that by now. I don't care where I sit at all."

Yue Ling sighed and leans back on the couch. She really doesn't get Liu Shan sometimes, but who is she to question the way he is.

"Were you able to get my things back from the airport?"

Liu Shan scratch the back of his head and chuckle sarcastically, "Haha, uhh.. boss, about your things at the airport, the security said they didn't see it." He then opens the briefcase. "But I was able to get you a new copy of your ID, drivers license, passport and bank cards. Also some RMB notes and a new phone in replacement of your missing one. It's the latest phone in rose gold."

"Mm." Yue Ling nodded in satisfaction, looking at her ID's and the three bank cards, one gold and two black. She didn't bother about the RMB notes and phone.

"And because your luggage is missing, I went out and bought you some things." Liu Shan stood up and grab the shopping bags.

Each shopping bag was marked with high end brand names, but most of them were from a brand called DeLamour.

"I purchased the same Louis Vuitton tote you love, only not the same color, as well as a matching wallet."

He unwraps the tissue papers in the LV bag, and takes out a large black box with the LV logo on it, and handed the box to Yue Ling.

Yue Ling took the box and unboxed it.

The smell of fresh new product entered her nose. She smiled a faint smile while looking at the tote.

"It would be great if I could get my old bag back."

"Don't worry boss, I'll do everything I can to locate your bags." Liu Shan said with determination in his eyes.

Seeing his determination, Yue Ling chuckled. "I'm counting on you then. Also, stop calling me boss outside of work."

Liu Shan chuckles as he scratch the back of his head again, "It's a habit, I guess."

He reach for the other bags and scoot them to Yue Ling for her to open. He looked like a pet who was waiting for his owner to praise him.

Yue Ling was greeted with tops, bottoms, cardigans, coats, heels, sneakers, boots, bags, makeup, skin care, socks, sleepwear and even bras and panties. Plus a few sets of black velvet hangers.

Liu Shan also did not forget to purchase some white towels and bathroom essentials.

The both of them enter Yue Ling's closet room and put the things away.

"Hey Mami, why don't you just stay here permanently, it's really not a bad place. Plus, the security here is also good." Liu Shan said while hanging up Yue Ling's new clothes in the closet. "Do you know how many people in Imperial would die to live in Jade Condo?"

He turned and looks at Yue Ling, "I mean, I don't get you sometimes. You're a billionaire, yet you don't want to stay here. I also know I went a little overboard by choosing this place for you, but still, it matches your life career."

Putting her new shoes nicely and neatly in a row against the floor to ceiling windows, Yue Ling stopped and looked out the window.

The heavy rain from before was now sprinkling.

She gaze out to the busy city.

"I love my busy life but I want to live in a quiet place to calm my soul. And from your time working under me, you should know I also want to lead a normal life too. Oh and I don't go by Mami anymore, it's Han Yue Ling now."


After 2 hours of sorting her things in her closet room, Yue Ling was finally able to shower. For some reason, she felt as if her first shower in Imperial felt amazing.

Coming out of the shower, Yue Ling revealed her bare face. Even without make up she was naturally pretty. Her skin was pale and flawless, neat brows and a rosy peach full lips. Her dark black hair was tied in a high messy bun with loose strands of hair to frame her perfect face shape.

Still, her bluish green eyes stood out the most.

She wore an oversized tan knitted sweater, it's front was lightly tucked in front of her black denims. She paired her outfit with some chrome bangles and black espradrilles wedges.

Seeing her, Liu Shan was in a daze. His mouth literally opening. He don't think he'll ever get tired of looking at his beautiful boss.

"Do I need to invest in a mop so I can clean your drools?"

Yue Ling ignores his stare and reach for her new LV tote and house keys on the coffee table. Without waiting for Liu Shan to come back from his little mind, she walks to the front door.

"Come, lets go grab some food, I'm starving!"

Liu Shan coming back from lalaland, quickly follows Yue Ling out the door, but before heading out, he did not forget to grab the garment bag on the couch.


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