Unexpected Second Chance at Love

Chapter 11 Han Yue Ling’s Farewell Party

[WARNING: Some scenes might be inappropriate for younger readers!!]

Knowing he still had a chance since Lu Tian hasn't completely terminated their contract, Ning Xingyu was relieved. He wipes away the sweat that had formed on his forehead.

"Xingyu! You said if I dolled up, CEO Lu would definitely court me!"

The girl in red spoke angrily as she sits down next to Ning Xingyu and clutch his arm.

"Guyao, I already have a plan. Besides, no man can ever withstand your charm and skills." Ning Xingyu whispers as he leans forward and kisses Guyao's cheek.

Blushing in embarrassment, Guyao softly hits Ning Xingyu's chest, "Oh stop it, there's too many people here. What if someone sees us?"

"I'm doing this because I'm a gentleman, it's only likely that you return the favor."

Knowing that they were at a dark corner and hard for others to see, Ning Xingyu's hand gently caress Guyao's exposed leg, slowly making its way under her dress, until his hand stops at her panties and he strokes the sweet spot between her legs.

Guyao blushed and quivered feeling Ning Xingyu's hand between her legs. She didn't stop him and just let him continue, making her become wet.


Just when she let out a soft moan, Lu Tian had returned from the restroom.

Guyao reluctantly stops Ning Xingyu's hand from sliding through her panties. "Xingyu, stop it, CEO Lu just came back. I'll definitely return the favor later."

Seeing that Lu Tian didn't return to the seat next to Ning Xingyu, Guyao pout her lips, then she lowers her voice, "What is your plan to get me together with CEO Lu?"

Being stopped, Ning Xingyu was annoyed, but hearing Guyao's question, he smirked, "From the information that I gathered, CEO Lu will be spending the night here, later, I'll drug his drink with two doses of aphrodisiac. Once the gathering ends, you can just go up and seduce him as much as you want. He won't be able to say no at all."

Hearing Ning Xingyu's plan, Guyao grinned from ear to ear.

She was from a normal family and she had long set her eyes on Lu Tian, China's most eligible bachelor and multi-billionaire. With her beauty, she was sure no man can resist her. The only thing now, was to wait.

The both of them continue to talk about Ning Xingyu's plan for tonight.

However, they didn't stop to think of the consequences.

Who was Lu Tian? He wasn't just the CEO of Lu Corps, he was the ruthless man the government sent to handle the underworld. No one plans against him and ever gets away with it. Those who did are no longer living.


In another private room inside Imperial Hotel, artists from CNJ Entertainment gathered to celebrate and bid farewell to A-list model, Han Yue Ling.

Although she came from the headquarters in Korea, many from China have met her and are on friendly terms with her. Many have respect for her.

Yue Ling's long hair was tied into a pony tail with loose curls at the ends.

Her make up was light but on her lip was a deep red lip color that made her look like an enchantress, especially her bluish green eyes that makes one drown in them.

Liu Shan had picked out a dress from De Lamour. It was a tight black long sleeve dress with a low cut back, revealing Yue Ling's slim and flawless back. The dress came down below the knees with a side slit on the left, allowing her long left leg to be exposed. On her feet was a pair of black 4" heels, which strap at the toes and ankles only.

Her dress completely outlined her perfect slim figure and especially with her height at 178cm, she looked like the perfect model.

Looking at Yue Ling amongst the many artists, Liu Shan was very happy. He stared at her like a proud father, ignoring the fact that she's his boss and older than him (by a year only).

Many Asian artists envy Yue Ling for her tall height. She was a model on pare with westerners' and other countries' models. And she had the perfect modeling body and looks.

"Senior Han! I'll definitely remember you!" A female artist cried as she raise the glass of wine in her hand.

Yue Ling smiled and also raise her glass of wine. "Thank you, Junior Zu."

"Senior Han, you must definitely come visit us! CNJ will always welcome you anytime!" A male artist said with the glass in his hand raised.

Everyone cheered, laughed and cried while making their toast and drank to their hearts consent.

While everyone was busy with their happy conversations and drinking, no one seemed to notice a young female artist at the far end corner of the room.

She was 24 years old with short blonde hair in an a-line style, her face was covered in thick makeup and she wore a loose green T-shirt dress with studs on the shoulders.

Although she was pretty, on her face was a sinister smirk, full of malicious intentions and jealousy.

"Junior Ning, I hope you are enjoying yourself."

Yue Ling spoke as she sits down next to Ning Mei.

Ning Mei quickly removes her malicious aura and changes into a sweet and innocent girl, she smiles, "Senior Han, don't mind me. I'm definitely enjoying my time. I'm just sad knowing today is your last time with us at CNJ Entertainment."

Yue Ling smiles cheerfully revealing her straight white teeth, "It's not forever. I'll still be around, plus if you need any help, you can always contact me."

"Mm. Thank you, Senior Han." Ning Mei said innocently as she looks down at her hand like a shy high school girl.

With the sudden urge to use the restroom, Yue Ling excused herself.

The moment she walks away, Ning Mei glare maliciously at Yue Ling with an evil smirk.

'Hmph, we'll see just how you'll live after tonight, Han. Yue. Ling.'

She reach into her clutch and pulls out a small bag with powder. Checking her surrounding first, she quickly pours the white powder into Yue Ling's wine glass as no one watched. Seeing the drug dissolving quickly, Ning Mei was even more happy.

A short while, Yue Ling returns from the ladies restroom and sits next to Ning Mei again.

"Sorry about that. Drinking always messes with my bladder. Haha."

Ning Mei grabs her glass of wine, "Senior Han, a toast to you for being a great senior to me during our times together in the modeling industry."

Seeing no harm, Yue Ling grab her glass of wine and clink it with Ning Mei's.

"Thank you for your toast, Junior Ning."

Because she already had a few too many drinks from her other colleagues, she down her wine without hesitation.

Ning Mei on the other hand, drank her wine while her eyes made sure not to leave Yue Ling.

Watching the last drop of wine in Yue Ling's glass disappear, Ning Mei sneered inwardly.

'Han Yue Ling, don't blame me for doing this. Blame yourself for always being in the spotlight of me! In two hours, the drug will take its effect, lets see who you'll 'thank' in the end!'

Yue Ling, who was oblivious to Ning Mei's cruelty continued to drink with the rest of her colleagues.


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